Stumbled but not fallen

April 30, 2009 at 2:54 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Okay – bandwagon talk today. I’m at the office so I need to make this snappy. But I’m feeling it and I want to write it down right away. Came into work, knew I didn’t have a lunch planned and that there would be a meal provided at the lunch-time meeting. I decided I’d take a reasonable proportion of whatever was offered. If it was subs, I’d take a sandwich but skip any soda or chips and cookies. If it was Mexican, I’d take meat and some beans and pass on a tortilla. But this just goes to show that if I’d thought to ask the person organizing the lunch via email what it was, I could have planned better. It turned out to be Mexican. I took a reasonable proportion of chicken, a small portion of beans and rice and some lettuce. I easily skipped the tortilla BECAUSE I’D DECIDED BEFOREHAND. BUT, I hadn’t thought about or prepared in advance for….. the CHURROS. They were the biggest churros I’d ever seen, three times the size of a hot dog and covered in sugar. I capsized faster than a leaky boat. Now, to my credit I didn’t eat the whole thing. I ate about 2/3rds and started to slow down – it was caky and dry…. and …why am I eating this again? So I left the rest.

Well, then it happened. We got out of the meeting and I walked past a candy jar that I had previously resisted with ease while in the office. Or allowed myself a piece out of with constraint – working it into my daily plan. Today, the candy jar was broken into without thought like in times past pre-weight loss. Before I’d even really thought it through, I’d eaten two fun-size Twix bars and a bite-size Snickers. Down the hall I went, where I saw another freshly filled candy jar with … duhduhduuuuhn… Smarties! I love Smarties! So I grabbed one for me and one to take home to P. And down the hall. Saw another jar that usually (for the last year or so) has had dark chocolate in it, that I can easily pass up. But do I see a glint of a different colored wrapper than usual? So I step into the office in question, and sure enough, milk chocolate almond/toffee nuggets and Dove bite-size milk choc almond or peanut butter flavored!! And before I’d made it back to my desk I’d eaten 3 more pieces of chocolate and the Smarties.

I sat back down here at my desk (a hotelling cube) and thought “what just happened?” But I already know. I hadn’t decided in advance to ignore all jars!! Not part of the plan! The churro threw me off and I fell right back into my old habits of literally foraging the office for sugar (though I obviously have never had to forage hard!). I could feel that even in my state of disbelief that I was secretly from myself (is that possible) planning to go around again. That chocolate was so good! So to try and give myself a reality check, I quickly got a piece of paper and wrote it all down. Guesstimating very roughly at the caloric content of each piece of candy or chocolate (I figure I’m pretty close, if guessing a few calories high) I had just eaten about 235 calories worth of candy, not including the churro with lunch. I could have had almost a whole candy bar for that! I HAD had almost a whole candy bar.

That was the gut check that I needed. No more. So I’m steering clear of the jars for the rest of the afternoon and will come in next week with a bolstered resolve to leave them completely alone. My treats are planned for, enjoyed, and don’t instill guilt because of the fact that they are all part of the plan. I will also not make the mistake of 1) coming to any more lunch meetings (after all I’m flex and really don’t need to be there), or 2) not packing my own lunch and snack. I do have an apple in my purse, which I will eat if I get really hungry. But I should have brought my own lunch and I only have poor planning on my part to blame.

I’ve heard myself say multiple times within the last hour since this happened “oh, you’ve blown it for today. just go have more! one day’s gluttony is not going to hurt!” But NO! I’ve told my inner childlike glutton. I really want to wake up tomorrow and still weigh 202! I’m 3 pounds away from onederland for the first time in 3.5 years! And even then I was only in onederland for about 6 months and before that it had been another year. So I’m not going to throw that away for more little pieces of chocolate that are only going to last a few seconds (at best, I eat fast) and aren’t going to make my any happier or excited to be here in the long run. And they’re not going to help me be 202 in the morning, or 199 next week. They’re not going to help my digestion (right now I’m suffering from painful gut gas – not stinky, just hurts me). Etc. I don’t need it, and with all this said, I don’t want it.

So, stumbled but not fallen. Carry on. In the past this would have led to a whole day, week, month of stuffing my face with unhealthy foods. But I’m learning, I’m growing, and I’m believing in myself more and more. I’m not a different person, but I am becoming a better person. Not because I’m getting smaller – that has nothing to do with how good of a person I am, but because I’m learning self-control. Self control affects so much of my life. It affects my temper, my eating habits, my cleaning habits, my activity habits, my love life. Everything. I am the soul in charge of this body, this body is not in control of my soul. I’m not sure I’ve articulated myself as well as I’d like, but there you have it. Carry on, moving forward, improving but still not perfect.


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April 28, 2009 at 1:42 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

I don’t know if I’m pms’ing or not, but I’ve been hungry the last few days. I’ve been trying to keep it in check, thinking maybe it was the huge influx of sugar Saturday night that has reawakened my cravings, but I’m not sure that’s it. It hasn’t helped that on Friday night I bought a box of peanut butter & oats Fiber One bars and they’ve been calling my name. I’d had one on Sunday as a snack, but then around 10:30 PM Sunday night I got hungry and had another. And then another. Sunday nights are dangerous because I don’t work out, the kids go to bed, and I’m left during my old kitchen-stomping time without anything to do but read, watch TV, or eat. This Sunday was the first in a while where it was a problem; often we go to my parents’ house for dinner and don’t get back until a little later.

Anyway, Sunday I didn’t post a gain after the huge cake on Sat night. It was a low-key day, with K gone most of the day working and the kids doing their usual thing. I made a big dinner, one course of which didn’t even get touched because everyone was full. But it was okay, we had that with dinner the next night (mashed potatoes). I had too many Fiber One bars, but other than that the day was on-plan and relaxing.

Monday night, though, I fell victim to the last two Fiber One bars. Well, I shouldn’t put it like that. I CHOSE to eat them both – they are so good. And I’ve resolved that I can’t bring Fiber One bars into my house in the near future unless I have K hide them and ration them to me as reasonable snacks: at snack time, one per day. They are just too tempting and delicious. I had a good workout Monday night, driven by my guilt with losing my temper with the kids. Suffice it to say that I’m going to be feeling this one for a while and it has renewed my determination to perfect my personality and learn better control.

During the day yesterday was another low-key day. P had school and in the afternoon I did some chores and read a book. K made most of dinner, I just steamed some veggies and warmed up the mashed potatoes while he made some yummy beef tips w/ carrots and gravy. He hadn’t made beef tips in quite a while, and it is always kind of sad reminder to me of how much better of a cook he is than me. But I’m grateful at the same time. A husband who is a good cook and enjoys doing it when he has the time! What a blessing!

Today I’ve done a few more chores, P had school, and now P and K are in the garage getting ready for the Matco guy to come repossess some of K’s tools and toolbox. One more thing gone that needs to go, one more open end resolved. After I get done writing this, I’ll probably read for a while before I have to start making dinner, though I’m not sure what I’m going to make since I didn’t get out the meat in time to thaw it. I might end up making a rice, cream of soup, and canned chicken dinner for the family while I have a simple salad w/ leftover chicken or something like that. I have one more chore to do today besides laundry and the ever present dishes, but it will have to wait until K2 wakes up from his nap; the bathtub I have to clean is too close to his room and too noisy to turn on while he’s trying to sleep.

Now that the Fiber One bars are gone, I hope to have a very clean day of eating. I subscribed to Clean Eating magazine yesterday – I get a free one and then if I like it I pay the invoice. I hope it will give me lots of healthy eating ideas for when I get bored of making the stuff I eat almost every day. Also ideas for making healthy dinners for not only me, but the family.

What with the Fiber One fiasco, I’ve been at 204 since last week, and this morning it was 204.5. So I definitely need some on-plan days to start my weight nudging down again. It doesn’t help that I’m hungrier than normal, but I also hope a couple of on-plan days will help with that as well. I also hope to stay on-plan for chores this week to get the house feeling a little cleaner since I’ve been kind of slacking the last couple weeks on that.

Friday night I might be going out to dinner and a movie with some girlfriends, so I hope to have lost another couple pounds by then. I will contain myself to a yummy (restaurant salads are always yummier than homemade – but also have more calories) salad wherever we go with no dessert, but I might let myself have some kind of chocolate bar for the movie as a treat. Tomorrow P doesn’t have school, but there is church playgroup at the park if it is nice out, and then we’ll go to have lunch at a friend’s house that has little kids afterwards. Thursday I go to the office. yay.

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Nothing like indulging in style

April 25, 2009 at 9:43 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Today I had a nice morning with the kids, saw my mom when she brought the bags for the stuff in the backyard. But we didn’t work on it since it was quite chilly this morning. Then I got ready to go to the baby shower, picked out some clothes that K2 wore maybe one time before he outgrew them to give. Went to the post office to mail some MK stuff, and realized when I was getting ready to pack it up at the PO that I’d forgotten to bring the addresses! Duh! So I went home and dropped off the MK stuff for another day and headed off to the baby shower.

The shower was enjoyable. Got to see some of my friends and spend a little time. There was lots of good food, but I contained myself to brocolli, carrots, and some of the dips. One of which was a disgustingly decadent artichoke dip. But I probably only had about 4 tablespoons – nothing compared to what I would have had pre-diet. I also had water from the drinking fountain in my cup instead of lemonade. Then my friend and I headed off to have our birthday dessert together – something we’d been trying to do since her b-day in Jan and mine in Feb. It was decided that since I’d never tried the Molten Chocolate Cake at Chili’s that we would go there and get that. Holy crap. It was so good! I inhaled mine – I mean I was done with mine when my friend had about 1/2 yet to go. SO TASTY. And I just went into sparkpeople about 3.5 hours later and tracked it, and it was apparently over 1200 calories. Oh, well. I ate it, I loved it, and I’ll work it off if I have to. I did work out hard tonight, and didn’t have dinner other than the cake and a couple more bites of dip this evening, along with one sandwich roll from the shower. So today was definitely a high-calorie day but I’m hoping the workout and all the activity over the last couple of days will off-set it and it won’t affect my weight for more than a day or two. I weighed in at 204 this morning, which is amazingly close to 200 and onederland, so I hope a high calorie day just tells my body that its okay to drop it, because we’re not going to starve! 🙂

Since it is 9:45 already, I should go shower and go to bed but I know I wouldn’t be sleepy. Got to get up early tomorrow to get myself and the kids ready for church, so hopefully that will break this cycle of sleeping in and then not being able to get to sleep at night, and then needing to sleep in again. I don’t have to teach tomorrow, and K2 will be in nursery after sacrament meeting, so I’ll be able to pay attention in classes! What a novelty!

Over and out.

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Keeping Active, unintentionally

April 24, 2009 at 7:19 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

The last two days have been quite busy. Late Wednesday night, my SIL called and invited the kids and I to go with them (my two SILs and their two kids) to Pump It Up, a local business full of bouncy castles, slides, and obstacle courses. It is for little kids, but the adults can go on everything. Once a week they have a 10:00 to 11:30 time frame when it is only $6 per child over 2 and the adults are free. So I only had to pay for P, K2 was de graca just like me. We had an hour and a half of pure, unadulterated fun. Once P got over the semi-loud music playing over the sound system, and K2 figured out that all these small doors led to fun, bouncy places and … SLIDES, they got into it. By the time we were done, K2 was almost able to do the obstacle courses by himself, if not for the steep climbs and not being tall enough to get over some of the hills. He was having a blast. Since I had to carry him through lots of parts, I got a mega-workout and was sweating almost as much as I sweat when I run. We had a grand ol’ time, and I’d love to go back now that I know about it and how inexpensive it is. P got a little tired toward the end and stuff that wasn’t bothering her before started freaking her out. But all in all, we enjoyed ourselves almost the whole time.

After time was up, we decided to all go to Chili’s for lunch. I got a yummy salad and the kids split a burger, fries, and some mandarin orange slices. I had a gift card that had been partially used, but I figured it would help. Well, as I was getting to the bottom of my salad all the sudden I saw a little black, leggy, winged, bean. Wait, that’s not a black bean. That’s a fly!! Needless to say, I didn’t eat anymore, and we called the manager over and discreetly showed her the problem. She apologized profusely and asked if she could get me anything else, but I was so unprepared for the whole episode that I didn’t want anything. After all, I’d eaten most of the salad and was quite full. 🙂 It ended up that I took a dessert (free) home to K (which he didn’t like) and my meal was free. So my gift card easily covered the kids’ meal and the tip! Yay! Basically, a free lunch. And at least I didn’t EAT the fly, right? Unless there was another fly in there somewhere, like they were invading my salad by the colony. Do flies live in colonies?

The rest of the day was unremarkable. I went to the store quickly for a couple of things, but I still need to go shopping for real for more vegetables and fruit. Last night I worked out not quite as hard as normal, since I’d worked so hard climbing and carrying K2 around at the bouncy place. I ran for 25 minutes straight at a good comfortable pace, and walked for 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after. Then I did some arm weights.

Today, I had planned to work on the yard. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it helped that a friend was going to come help me and keep me company. Well, turned out she wasn’t able to come. I’d been working out there for about 2 hours when I finally checked my phone and I had a message from her saying she wasn’t coming. It wasn’t her fault, but it would have been nice to have her here. Regardless, I worked for a couple hours before K2’s nap, and about an hour after he went down to get one side of the yard well-raked up into piles. I shoveled as much as I could fit into a trash can and wheelbarrow, but since K decided to trade the truck in today, I didn’t have anywhere to dump it so I had to settle for making piles after those two receptacles were full. It was a hard workout for my back, arms, and hands, and some for my legs while picking up and bagging the 6-8 bags worth (I didn’t count) of plastic bottles and caps that were piled on the side of the house and scattered over the yard.

I’m dirty and dusty, but I don’t want to shower until after I work out. Lazy, I know. Hopefully it won’t make my current acne breakout too much worse to wait. Well, duh, I guess I could wash my face now and shower later after I run. Duh. Sometimes I surprise myself at how thick I can be.

Down to 205 this morning – that’s 25 pounds lost!! I’ve been pretty on-point the last couple of days with the eats, though I’m worried that today is a little low in calories. Tomorrow I have another busy day, although not so physical.

In the morning, I will either be working on bagging and loading up the piles in the backyard, or grocery shopping. At 2, I have a baby shower to go to – oh and I have to go through all my baby stuff and figure out what I can give as a gift since I can’t afford to buy anything right now.

Just spoke to my mom and it looks like I’ll be bagging up mulchy, poopy, dirt piles in the morning, so now I’ve revised my schedule to include that. But since I really need to get some groceries and if I can’t get them tomorrow I’ll have to wait until Monday (I don’t shop on Sundays), so I think if K gets home early enough tonight that after I work out I’ll take an hour and go to one of these open 24-hour joints like King Soopers or Walmart and do some night-time grocery shopping. Something I used to do EVERY time I shopped, and now with 2 kids I never do.

Well, better go dig out a present for the baby shower. I’m hoping I have some still-nice blankets or tiny clothes that I can give.

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April 22, 2009 at 9:58 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Wagging his finger seriously, “P, didn’t you get in trouble earlier today for doing what we told you to do …. aaand you didn’t do it?” He stopped at that because he realized he hadn’t made any sense at all. Thankfully, P knew exactly what incident he was referring to. That was last night at dinner when P was getting dramatic about something she was being told to do, again.

207 today. Going out to lunch with co-workers, I assume for Administrative Professionals’ Day, although I wasn’t told that when I got the invite. But I see it on my calendar, so I figure that’s the reason. Going to get a salad with some kind of meat on it, dressing on the side, no bread.

Worked out hard last night. Dad dropped off his wheelbarrow for us to borrow for yard work, which I’ll hopefully be starting on Friday.

Going to try and lubricate my treadmill tonight or tomorrow – it is making too much noise when I run on it. I hope the lubricating helps because I don’t know what else I’d do.

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Batten down the hatches

April 21, 2009 at 10:19 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Up another half pound to 208.5, which confuses me a little since I ate almost completely on plan yesterday and exercised really hard last night for the first time since last Thursday. Well, okay, I guess I’m not confused. The workout could have done it. I could be retaining water. Or it could be that my only big meal yesterday had a few too many carbs in it last night at Zio’s. Bread with my salad. And since I didn’t have lunch I just had a big afternoon snack before dinner. Schedules are important to keep the body knowing there isn’t a famine on, nor a feast.

Anyway, today is batten down the hatches day. Back to no processed stuff for all meals, nor for my main snack. No starch with dinner tonight. And only two snacks even if I have calories “left over”. I’ve been becoming complacent, and that stops today.

Had a fruit smoothie for breakfast with frozen fruit and nonfat plain yogurt. Going to have a conventional LIFE diet lunch and a fruit or veggie for a snack this afternoon since I had yogurt with breakfast. Dinner is chicken, probably with steamed veggies and salad. Night-time snack will be either another veggie or fruit, or a pudding. I refuse to stall out now after working so hard.

I have found that the more I protest, proclaim, etc., on my blog, the less likely I am to act accordingly in real life. Each time I fail to follow through with a plan, I come here and I write up a new plan. And then I don’t follow that either. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t written here a lot about what I’m doing to lose weight. I’m just doing what I’ve proclaimed, professed, exclaimed here dozens of times. Only I’m actually DOING it instead of writing about it.

Last week I got sick and felt awful for a few days. I kept eating correctly, though, until K’s birthday on Friday. And then I think I let too many carbs with the weekend start up my cravings and munchies again. That is at an end. I feel great (just a little remaining congestion that I cough up occasionally) so there is no reason to not return to how I was eating on the second or third week of this thing. Which is how I described today’s menu to be. Mostly fresh, unprocessed food, and exercise. Last night’s workout was hard, but it felt great. I sweated more than normal, and I like to imagine (even if falsely) that it was because I had a few more toxins than normal to get out. The rest of the cold, the tiny overindulgences this weekend, the lack of exercise for the last week. And I’ll work hard again tonight, only tonight will be squats and abs instead of upper body.

I am only a few pounds away from another reward. I’m debating between new weights, a new ring, or new workout clothes. Probably not the workout clothes since I can continue to wear my scrubby, stained clothes to workout in the privacy of my own living room. So then it is between the new weights and the new ring. All my other rewards thus far have been geared toward my entertainment (books) or my looks (jewelry, shoes, bags). So I think I’m going to go with new weights. Yup, 205’s reward is new weights – depending on prices and what I can find, perhaps I’ll get two different weights – maybe 10 lb and 15 lb weights. Then 200 will be a new ring.

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Holding steady – off routine

April 20, 2009 at 6:49 pm (Uncategorized)

So I’ve been at 208 since Saturday morning after our dinner out on Friday night. Didn’t work out Saturday – mostly laziness and the fact that K was here unexpectedly. I also had to prepare my lesson for church on Sunday. But none of those are really good excuses. Saturday night I also had the munchies really bad and I had some candy and Nilla Wafers that I shouldn’t have indulged in. Then, Sunday I went without breakfast, had a good lunch and snack, and then had potatoes with my dinner at my parents’ house Sunday night. And two chocolate chip cookies. And some fruit snacks. You see why I haven’t continued to lose.

Today was supposed to be back to regular routine, but I was out running errands over lunchtime so didn’t get back until about snack time. So I had a snack/lunch before we went out for an early dinner with my parents for them to celebrate K’s birthday with us. I had a salad, but I also had bread. And the salad had feta and a scrumptious strawberry vinaigrette. So I plan on not having anything else tonight, and tonight is back to 45 minute run and starting with upper body weights. Tomorrow there are no off-routine events going on, thank goodness. Routine is imperative when it comes to weight loss, I think.

Lesson went well on Sunday. This week is supposed to be gorgeous weather, so I’m hoping to schedule for a friend to come help me clean up the backyard on Friday.

K2 has more and more words in his arsenal. Some of them are hard to recognize, but he tries more and more words each day and gets more and more right. Its fun to watch him learn to communicate.

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Little Gain –

April 18, 2009 at 10:09 am (Uncategorized)

Weighed in at 208 today, after being back down to 206.5 yesterday. Yesterday was a low-key day. It snowed almost all day and we stayed inside. After K2 went down for his nap, I went upstairs and read a book on the bed while K and P were downstairs. Around 4 I started getting showered and ready for K’s birthday dinner date out to Outback. We took the kids to my SIL’s house and went to dinner. I had planned to get a sensible salad, but I ended up getting pasta and dessert. And having some of the bread. So it was definitely a high calorie night. I’m not surprised I’m up to 208, but I hope it comes back off quickly. I haven’t been able to break 206.5 yet, so I’m hoping that happens this coming week. Back on normal eating today, but I think I’m running out of some of my necessaries. I have about 2 days worth of lettuce, about 3 days worth of yogurt. I’m out of tortilla shells for my yummy veggie “pizzas”, and also out of low-fat cream cheese. Still sitting okay in the veggie department, but never hurts to have more. Also low on cottage cheese and oatmeal. Anyway, to sum up, I need to go grocery shopping but I’m not sure I have the money.

In other news…. well there was something else I was going to write about but I can’t remember what it was. Over and out.

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Long Day, Short Day

April 16, 2009 at 7:03 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Today was both.

Weighed in at 207.5 this morning. An hour later after breakfast and a little house work, weighed in at 206.5. I’m recording the 207.5, but I’m not worried about it because of the 206.5. 🙂 Tidied up and vacuumed this morning – and it needed it bad. Did a little more laundry and then got ready for work. Picked P up from school and brought them both home to leave with K, who got home while K2 and I were getting P. Then I went to the office, where I ate lunch while I conferred with some co-workers. After about an hour of that, I spent the rest of the afternoon at the walk-up computer working on the markups from last week and testing the process I’m documenting. Found a couple of hitches and tried to iron them out and get the differences documented.

Came home, made a quick dinner of steamed brocolli, sauteed chicken, butter noodles (that I didn’t partake in), and for me, a small side salad (basically some lettuce). I was happy that I got it done just in time for K to have some before he left; he’d slept all afternoon while K2 slept and P entertained herself and needed some good fuel to go to work on besides 2 applesauces and a banana which is what he snacked on while I was preparing it since neither of us thought it’d be ready in time.

Now, the kids are playing with their little keyboard and generally being noisy. The TV is off, which is unusual but nice. About an hour until their bedtime and then I’m going to work out again, though probably still not full force. Last night’s 40 minute walk was interesting trying to make sure I breathed mildly the whole time so as not to have a coughing fit that I couldn’t stop once it started. But I’m definitely on the road to recovery. A little worried about how boogery K2 still is and I hope he starts to show signs of it being gone soon so that I can be sure he doesn’t have ear infections or any other complications.

I tried on all those pants in my closet last night. The 24’s are WAY too big, the 18s all fit (that’s a big jump, but I think I wore the 24’s when I was pregnant), the 22’s are too big. A couple of the 16’s fit, a couple don’t. And one of the 14’s ALMOST fit, which is pretty cool. These pants were all bought at different years/times/stores, so the sizing isn’t really consistent. And if I were to buy a 14 today, it would probably be smaller than the 14’s I have. Its been a LONG time since I could wear a 14.

I’m feeling great (aside from the cold). I feel successful, in control, motivated, and excited about the process. I also feel like it almost doesn’t matter. I need to remember this down the line – that all the people that know and care about me are happy for me simply because they’re happy I’m happy. But other than that, they don’t care! In a good way! Because they know and love ME, NOT the way I look. And this is something that I forget and dismiss – that I’m not my looks. I’m so much more. My soul, my heart and brain, my personality – the people who are important judge me on these things. They don’t judge me on if I’m trendy, or pretty, or wearing a certain size, or on how many chins I have. And finally realizing this as I lose weight is an interesting process. Almost like I think people ought to like or love me MORE because I’m getting smaller. How dumb is that? So its a great reminder that getting healthy and hence smaller is only one small fraction of my life. My life is so much bigger than just that. My husband, my kids, my beliefs, my personality, my projects, my other struggles, my job, my hobbies (still trying to develop some besides reading), etc. So when people don’t notice that I’m shrinking (especially people that are kind of close to me), I tell myself its because they see ME, not my fat, so as I lose it they just don’t notice. And that helps. Plus, reminding myself that I’m not doing this for them helps me to not get my feelings hurt.

That was all kind of disjointed and rambling. I hope it makes sense to me when I come back and read it in a few years.

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Free clothes

April 15, 2009 at 6:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Today I went shopping and got a whole bunch of free clothes. Because I went shopping in my closet. Yay!

I spent a little while this morning trying on a couple things that I was pretty sure would fit now – and I was right. I even discovered a couple things I didn’t remember I had and that already are too big. I have more trying on to do, as well, which is very exciting. I’ve been living off the very top layer of my wardrobe for so long with the few things that fit me, that is is strange and wonderful to delve a little deeper and see clothes I didn’t remember were there and know that I have more choices now. Choices I’m not sick of yet. Hallelujah! Eventually I need to take an afternoon and get rid of the things that are way too big that I never intend to wear again. And I imagine I’ll have to do that a few times. I intend to buy cute maternity clothes next I’m pregnant, so I’ll probably get rid of most of those, too, eventually.

Another great development is that I’ve been wearing my wedding band all day. It is still a little snug, but hey, I haven’t worn it in about 2 years, so this is great. I might not wear it every day yet, I want it to not be uncomfortable if my hands get hot or whatever. But still, double, triple, YAY!

I went to the used bookstores today to reward myself for reaching 210 a few days ago. I got 4 books, but I still need to read the ones I already have and 2 of the books are numbers 2 and 3 in a series of which I haven’t read number 1 yet. 🙂 But they were hard back and excellent prices and I couldn’t pass them up. I love buying books. I also did some more looking at one of the series that was on the top of my list, and decided it has to be crossed off. It is about teenager vampires and is a young adult series so I thought it would be safe. But there are a lot of swear words in it, just from skimming, and I think it is a little too s3xual for me to like I’m reading enriching material. So I crossed it off the list. No neutral gound (explanation of that would be long, and probably boring, and I don’t think I’ll forget). Anyway, that leaves one more series that I haven’t been able to find in stores that I really want to read (besides the series’ I’ve already started). I can order it at the used book store and they’ll discount 20%, so I might end up doing that just so I don’t have to pay full price. I also might try the library one more time first.

206.5 this morning. Going to start walking again tonight. Still coughing, but feeling much better so gotta get moving again before I get too complacent with the no exercise since Friday.

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