So Much has happened, there’s not way to record it all

August 14, 2013 at 6:17 pm (General Life Updates)

But I’m going to do one of those bullet lists to try and at least preserve some dates in my memory, hopefully for further recording of details later.

1) This summer has gone by crazy fast. 3 almost-week-long trips to Colorado Springs for niece’s baptism, then birthday party, then K’s family reunion. All three trips fraught with drama and fun. The last trip, I managed to stick to my dietary guns and actually lost 5 pounds while I was there. That was in mid-July and I haven’t managed to lose any weight that I’ve kept off since then. More about that later.

2) Had another miscarriage in June. June 12, 2013 to be precise. I started bleeding on Tuesday, went to the doctor, found the bad news confirmed on the ultrasound. Went back to doctor Wednesday (12th) to check some other things, and continued to bleed on and off during the interim. Wednesday night, I passed what I believe was the baby, and kinda freaked out. Sobbing uncontrollably and what-not. Sobbed into Keith’s arms for a while. Then went down to the Springs again for one of those trips and had to pass on the 5K I was signed up for (though I went and picked up my shirt with my mom, who offered to walk it with me and I opted out). It was a bad time mentally and emotionally for me, obviously. But for once, my body handled the crisis by bleeding and passing the fetus and I was relieved to not have to have surgery.

3) Our church calling was changed a few months ago, and K and I now team-teach the 12-13 year old Sunday School class. A mixture of boys and girls, about 9-11 total on any given Sunday. I usually teach when K is working, and he teaches when he’s not working, which works out 50/50.

4) K got a new job with Xtreme Drilling in April. He works on a rig as a floorhand now. He has a set schedule of twelve 7-hour shifts, then a week off. Then his schedule flips (if he worked days, he then works nights) for 7 more shifts. Then a week off. So in any given month, he works 2 weeks out of 4, one week of nights and one week of days, and has 2 weeks off. This gives him 2 Sundays a month, hence the teaching schedule. He really likes it, and we both really appreciate the schedule, unlike his last job that was on-call, and not consistent with the hours.

5) I’m, as always, striving to lose weight amidst all this. At the end of last year, I lost my way with this a little bit. And from October to March of this year I gained back about 35-40 of the 55 pounds I had lost. With the other miscarriage derailing me again, I’ve managed to get off about 5 or so pounds of that. I teach Toning Tuesdays at the church in Johnstown, a class that anyone is welcome to come to. Just some women working out together in the gym, each at their own level. Good times. This morning, about 4 of us started a running group on Wednesday mornings at 6:00 AM (SO NOT MY STYLE SO EARLY). We started here in Platteville and will rotate around the 3 towns where we all live. It was fun! I hope we can continue to be consistent with it, and hopefully others will be able to join us sometimes. I’m eating a lot of whole foods and produce, and trying to avoid sugary foods or foods with little nutritional value. I had been snacking way too much at night and decided it was partially my sleeping/waking up schedule over the summer that was affecting my control, and also not eating enough early enough in the day such that I lost control in the late afternoons/evenings and pigged out to compensate. I hit my workouts pretty hard, but I also decided I need to up my cardio, so I’m working on that this week.

6) The kids are great. D is 3 now and just as sassy as can be. P is almost 9 starting 4th grade, and K2 will be 6 in October and is starting kindergarten tomorrow (he’s so excited!). Now that K2 will be in full-day school with P, I’ll be taking D to the library for as many story-time, craft days as I can, which should be about 2-3 times a week. She’s recently been potty-trained and is doing really well. Her 4th week of being potty-trained was rough. She’d basically had it down with almost no accidents in the first 3 weeks, even at night. And then the 4th week she had quite a few accidents, sometimes multiples in a day. I think she was trying to figure out how long she could hold it, and I was still figuring out the signs of her trying to hold it. We seem to be back on track now (phew!) with that. P is so pretty and grown-up, but also all drama and attitude. Her teeth are wacky-doo-dee and will need a lot of help so I’m hoping to get an orthodontic referral at her next dentist appointment in a couple weeks. P is usually an amazing help to me, mothering K2 (much to his annoyance) and D, and being cheerful about helping me out with taking care of them. With my lazy summer (I don’t know if it was the miscarriage or what but I got almost nothing done this summer), she has helped get them so many breakfasts and lunches. K2 is a loving bundle of trouble. He loves to give hugs and make people laugh, but he’s also always in others’ personal spaces and accidentally hurting people when he gets to excited and rough with them (usually his sisters). He loves his Legos and is so good at following the instruction pamphlets that come with these kits they sell these days.

My goal is to write down at least once a week something that each of them has done that I want to remember. Unfortunately, I can’t remember anything right now, so I’m hoping that with this goal in mind, I can pay better attention.

My sister is pregnant with her 5th. I can’t decide if I’m even willing to try again. We shall see.

over and out for now


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