A Banner Day

June 23, 2011 at 11:50 am (General Life Updates, Plan)

Yesterday I bit the bullet and made my chore/schedule charts. One for me, K2, and P. We will print up new ones each week as the old ones will be full of stickers from tasks accomplished. We’ve already used a bunch of stickers just filling in yesterday’s column. We have established a new routine of daily bed-making and room-cleaning. I have put scripture reading personally and with the family on the charts. They take turns putting away the silverware from the dishwasher. They are taped on our cupboard doors in the living room. Not fancy home decorating, but important.

Part of mine is brushing and flossing my teeth by 9:30 (which implies no eating after that). Last night I got a sticker. I also called and made a dentist appointment for this coming Monday for the cavity that is giving me a tooth ache. I’m scared to go – scared its gonna hurt. I’m such a wimp when it comes to my teeth, but I obviously can’t put it off any longer if I wanna keep my tooth. Eesh.

I didn’t put working out on my chart yet. Since there’s a new one each week, plus space to write stuff in, I can add it whenever. I’m considering walking on the treadmill right now since I just put D down for a nap. I also want to start walking with our neighbor next week. She goes either 1 or 3 miles depending on if she is going to the gym – she takes her dog. I’ll have to bring the kids, so I hope it doesn’t make her dog go crazy. She goes about the time I’m getting up in the morning, so its a good thing I’ve put getting to bed by 10:30 on my chart. I tried last night – and couldn’t get to sleep until almost midnight, then K got a call into work and D woke up to be fed. Ugh. So he’s been at work since 2:30 AM this morning and texted me this morning at about 10 to say he was gonna work a double, so we won’t see him until after dark tonight most likely. Kinda sucks cuz he was only up for an hour yesterday when he got home, and then went to bed by about 5:30 to sleep until he got that call at 1:15 AM.

I only have a couple more tasks to get done today. Dinner being one of them since I didn’t really make dinner yesterday. Going through paperwork and at least sorting out what I can throw away is something – I haven’t really filed in about 6 months. Sad, but true. Getting my filing and paperwork in order would take hours, so I’m going to try and tackle it a bit at a time. Laundry needs to be put away. And I need a shower sometime today – hopefully after I talk myself into exercising. Guess if I did T-Tapp I wouldn’t have to put on a sports bra. I dunno.


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Life trickles on

June 22, 2011 at 3:54 pm (General Life Updates)

All that build-up for our first house-guests, and the actual visit was quite anticlimactic. They didn’t get in until after the kids went to bed, about 9:30. K got home shortly before they got here, and they basically visited for a few minutes and then went to bed. D was pulling one of her stay-up-late stunts, so she went to bed about 10, and then K and I finished our Castle episode and went to bed ourselves – an early night for me and I had trouble getting to sleep. They left at about 6:30, which means our kids were up super-early and the day was quite long and drawn out after such an early summer day wake up call.

The weekend was nice, with a family grocery shopping trip on Friday and a drive to Estes Park on Saturday. The highlights of that were basically getting to see the elk on the golf course, pet a couple dogs (K2 isn’t shy about asking owners if he can pet their dogs), and getting to play at a big kids’ playpark for a while. It was windy and brisk for a summer day, with smatterings of rain, so P almost had a fear-of-thunder meltdown at one point. Estes Park is beautiful, and I wouldn’t mind going back with plans to walk the main strip with or without kids.

Sunday we got to go to church as a family for the first time in 2 months, and I had to sub in Primary so K and I were split up the 2nd and 3rd hour. But he had D, so it was a bit of a break for me. If our little classroom hadn’t been sweltering I would have enjoyed it a bit more. The four little boys in my CTR 4 class were cute and mostly well-behaved. One was quite a handful, but I think it helped that he didn’t know how strict I was so he was listening to me for the most part. If he were more familiar with me, he might not have paid so much attention. The afternoon was lazy and quiet – K2 was on TV restrictions so we mostly just hung out and K took a nap for his Father’s Day. Not that we did anything for Mother’s Day – K was working that day. I was on my own.

This week so far has been kinda lazy on my part. Monday morning I did some more tidying and cleaning as prep for MIL, SIL, and niece coming back from CA. They got here in the early afternoon, made a big mess in my clean kitchen making tacos (good thing they tasted good), stayed for an hour or so of visiting and then headed south. K got called in right before we sat down to eat so he ate and then had to leave for work. The visit was nice, but I was disappointed they didn’t stay longer. Understandable though since they were coming home from a trip that they’d be tired and want to get home. Nothing much else happened on Monday after they left.

Tuesday, K was sleeping for the morning, and then in the afternoon none of us did much. The kids played outside and I watched quite a few episodes of a TV show on Netfl1x. For dinner in a pinch, I used a recipe a friend gave me for cheese cakelets – crepe like pancakes whose main ingredient is cottage cheese. They were a hit and we ate them plain or with canned fruit on them.

Today we got up and got ready to go the weekly library summer-reading activity, which turned out to be a lady pretending to be Scottish and using her border collie and sock puppets “manned” by kids from the group to tell celtic and scottish tales. Mom and Dad were here, and after the activity, we went to Longmont for lunch and a baby gate (K2 broke our cheap wooden oneย a couple days ago).

I have dishes to do, laundry to put away, tidying of toys to do (not much point in that, since D will get them back out when she gets up and spread them around). The kids are outside eating ice cream, having just finished running through the sprinklers for a while. I have one book checked out, but I haven’t read a book since Monday. Should start dinner soon. Life is kinda monotonous and repetitive, but it is good. I get weighed down some days with the never-ending dishes, cleaning, laundry, etc. But my kids are happy and healthy (if a little tantrum-prone in K2’s case). They have friends and a safe neighborhood. P has been able to ride her bike without training wheels for about a week now, and it her proudest accomplishment in a while. Along with now choosing to read “chapter books” from the library and being so proud each time she starts new chapters.

I have things I want to start doing, things I want to improve. Chore and task charts for the kids. Dieting for me. We’ve cut down on TV time quite effortlessly because the kids have been outside a lot, but I’m sure they’ll ask on a rainy day or sometime to watch a bunch of TV and then it will be harder to enforce. But I’m determined to have them watching much less TV. I’m still watching a lot though, hypocrite that I am. ๐Ÿ™‚ TV restriction has become the new punishment a la mode for K2 and his temper tantrums. Time out just isn’t proportionate to his rage when set off.

K is home from a 15 hour shift and will be going to bed soon. Gonna talk to him.

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June 15, 2011 at 4:48 pm (General Life Updates)

So tonight my mil & sil are visiting overnight b4 they catch a plane in the morning to disneyworld. In our 8 yrs of marriage, we’ve only had nieces & my mother stay over (when I had babies). I’m kinda nervous about it. My mil has only seen our house in PLVL once when she helped us move in, & my sil never has. In honor of this auspicious occasion, I have done the following today: dishes, cleaned kitchen, made kids clean their rooms, some laundry (still have 2 put 2 loads away), cleaned D’s room (is been messy 4 a while from me transitioning her clothes), vacuumed, dusted, cleaned toilets, tidied general surfaces. I’m not done yet, but the rest has 2wait til D wakes up (vacuuming downstairs & the stairs).

In addition, I’ve walked 2 the library 4 the summer reading activity (they colored neat little paper telescopes), chatted w/ some moms 4 quite a while, gone over 2 a friend’s house & chatted 4 a couple hrs. She was @ the library picking something up & offered 2 take D while I was @ the activity, then when I went 2 get D we stayed 2 play & talk & she fed us lunch.

It has been a full day. It is 5. I have no idea what 2 feed the kids 4 dinner. Zumba is in an hr & a half & I don’t think I’ll get 2 go.

Sigh. I am typing this on my phone. Neato burrito.

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Bad form

June 14, 2011 at 10:11 am (Uncategorized)

Wow, that was bad form leaving such a negative post up for almost 3 months. Yikes.

So I was in a bad place back in March apparently.

Things have gotten better since then. I’VE gotten better since then. I’m still not perfect at anything, but the striving is no longer throwing me into a pit of despair. I still haven’t lost weight, I’m still not a perfect housekeeper, mom, or wife. But I’m doing my best, and that’s all I can do. My kids are taken care of, if they do still watch too much Netflix. My family is fed, sometimes more from just having food in the house provided by my husband’s job than anything I might do. We are clothed, we are paying our bills almost completely on time and in full. K’s hours are still sporadic and he’s applied for some other jobs, but we’re hoping he’ll get to stay on at his current job. He’s submitted a letter of “concern” about some of the managerial problems that are leading to folks not getting hours, and hopefully we’ll be able to hold on at this job until they make some changes.

We are still in the small, small town in northern CO. But we’re liking it. We have some small complaints about our house, but I’m seriously considering trying to stay here in this town even our lease is up. The library is having a fun reading program for the month of June that includes weekly crafting activities. The community center is having sports camps, a dance camp, and I am attending Zumba on Monday and Wed nights whenever K is here to watch the kids. $3 per class. It is really fun, its a great workout (even without me being an expert dancer or knowing the routines), and I’m meeting some ladies in town. Ok, only one lady so far, but its good to get my face out there.

The depression I was suffering from hasn’t completely alleviated itself, but its better. I’ve been reading a lot – mostly YA novels that are completely removed from reality, but fun. I made a decision a couple weeks ago to stop putting books on hold and just read what I had coming and then take a reading hiatus for a little while. I now have 1 more book on hold at the library and I haven’t read a book in 3 days, the kind of pause that hasn’t happened in months. I’m trying to think of ideas of how to interact with the kids some more besides feeding, bathing, and squiring them around. The idea of doing “projects” is completely daunting to me, but my mom had the ideas of having reading time more regularly (they usually read books before I get up in the morning now that its summer). Also of turning the sprinklers on outside – something that hadn’t occurred to me since I forget about the automatic sprinklers here at this house. We’ve been trying to have FHE, but its been sporadic at best since K hasn’t been super-supportive of that effort.

We went on a “hike” on the Poudre River trail last week with some moms from church. It ended up being an unseasonably cold day and wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped, but it was still a good outing. At least for the older two kids. They got to spend some time with kids from Primary outside of church, and I got to know a couple of moms a little better.

I have felt recently like I need to do better to try and better myself. To learn, to grow, and become a better person, wife, and mother. I have no idea where to start really. I think I’m going to start with returning to reading the scriptures every day with the kids, whether K is here or not. I’d like to add my own personal scripture time as well. Daily established reading time with the kids when I read to them, and listen to P read. Maybe daily art-time as well, though K2 isn’t really interested in coloring most of the time. We played “cars” for a while together yesterday but I got bored way before they did. Ha. I’m going to try and set a timer for TV time and limit it to 2 hours a day. That’s probably a lot less than what they watch now, though I’ve not timed them.

I still haven’t lost weight. I’m trying to contain my eating a little better so that the Zumba twice a week will actually make a difference. A new friend in our ward moved in down the street and she goes to Curves. She’s invited us once (we couldn’t go) to go with her – she would watch the kids at the park across the street while I do my 30 minutes, and vice versa. Her kids are living with their dad for the summer elsewhere, but will be back shortly before school starts. Her middle daughter is P’s age, and will be in P’s grade, so I hope they become fast friends. That is, if I end up liking her. Yes, sometimes there are small children that I can’t stand. I’m a horrible person.

In the end of July, we’re having a family reunion on my side of the family. All my siblings haven’t been in the same spot in 12 years – there’s been at least 1 of us missing at each big occasion. My sister will probably only be there for a day, because they’ll be moving cross-country from CA to FL with their three kids and newborn baby (due in 2 weeks). They will only be stopping by for maybe one night, and even that’s not for sure yet. My little brother is bringing his girlfriend (Its serious I guess), and my other two brothers will be there for a week. We will be taking a family photo, which should be incentive to try and look my best. Chances are I can’t lose all the weight I need to lose in the next 5 weeks (hello – 80 pounds!), but I can try and look a little less she-let-herself-go by then. I haven’t really figured out my plan yet except for limiting night-time snacks to one, limiting meals to 3, and eating more fruits & veggies than pasta and butter with parmesan cheese. ๐Ÿ™‚

D is crawling now and has been crawling for a couple of months. She’s on the go. She’s also pulling herself up and can almost balance in a standing position for a second or so. She moves along furniture, and wants to be in the center of everything. At 10 months old, she is still nursing a lot, but also eating 2 or 3 meals of brown rice, veggies, and fruits. Sometimes whatever dinner we’re having if it is mushable.

She has a cold right now, so she’s kinda miserable with me wiping her nose every little bit. She’s wearing 18-month clothes and is very tall. She is very loud and bossy, even with no words in her repertoire.

K2 is still pushing all my buttons. He is also a cutie still. P is the peacemaker, and the instigator at the same time. She plays with her little brother even when she probably doesn’t want to, and is very good to him. She’s a great older sister, even though she has her irrational crazy moments.

K and I don’t get much time together. I can’t even remember our last date. We didn’t go out for my birthday or his – trying to wait until we had the finances to make it not so unwise. I think our last date might have been our anniversary last October. Eesh. I spend a lot of evenings alone – often when he’s not working he still has to get to sleep in case he gets called in during the night. I get so used to being alone, its almost weird when he’s here to hang out with me after the kids go to bed. We only have one car, but usually unless I already know I’m going to need the car, I don’t like to take him to work because there’s no telling when I’ll have to load the kids up and go get him. It is getting hotter out, and with all the mosquitos here, I am having to fight my urge to hole up in the house because the kids need to get out. Probably need to go the earlier the better for walks or to the park. D is hard to contain, cuz she can’t play at the park, but she doesn’t want to just sit with me either.

Anyway, I haven’t had breakfast yet today and the kids want to use the computer to listen to some music. Oh – I have a smart phone now which is a lot of fun.

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