In her swing

February 23, 2011 at 5:25 pm (Uncategorized)

And I think D has her thumb stuck in a binky that she is playing with. She put her thumb in it to chew on it & her thumb, and now I believe she doesn’t know how to get it off. She also looks super tired. Blinking really slow with her red-rimmed eyes. Whadya wanna bet if I put her in her crib she’d still find the energy to scream for 30 minutes before giving in to it?

The kids are running around in their post-P’s-arrival-home-from-school craze. They are shooting a nerf gun at the walls and fighting over whose turn it is to go next.

I have spent the afternoon organizing. Moving kids’ clothes from chest of drawers to chest of drawers. I think I have them all in the right piece of furniture now. Moved D’s clothes upstairs so it will be easier to change her now when she explodes yellow mustard poo all over the place like she did last night. K2’s clothes are in the dresser in the bottom 3 drawers that he can reach, but it is still in the main room until I vacuum his room out. P’s clothes are in the built-in drawers in her closet. Most of K’s and my clothes are hung up/put away in our closet. Coats are hung in D’s closet since they don’t all fit in the coat closet by the front door. Some boxes are stored in D’s closet, some in K2’s closet, and some in P’s closet. Book boxes are stacked next to D’s crib. Not attractive, but I don’t know where else to put them. If I put them in the laundry room/storage room there is a risk of flooding if something breaks or leaks. Everything I’ve stored in there is off the floor on the built-in shelves or I’ve put the rubbermaid containers on the floor with more vulnerable stuff on top.

So, left to do. Hmmmm. The garage. There are some things I need to bring in from there, mostly to store in the laundry room. Cleaning supplies (of which, we have a LOT) will stay in the garage, but the shelves out there need to be cleaned so I’ll have to rearrange and clean as I go. There are various other things out there that need to be put here or there inside the house. Not too much of any one thing, though. I am not looking forward to cleaning out there. It is going to be a messy, dirty job.

Well, D has decided she’s had enough of her swing. I will try and feed her and see if I can get her to take another nap in her crib. Wish me luck.


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Getting there

February 21, 2011 at 4:44 pm (Uncategorized)

So I’ve sanitized this place up one side and down the other. Today, I finally tackled the last big-ticket item: the downstairs main-room floor. Cement, painted like a checkerboard, and looked like it had been mopped with dirty water right in the middle. The rest looked like it hadn’t been mopped at all. It took me almost 2 hours, but it is clean now. My knees and shoulders are sore – it was a dang good workout. 🙂 I couldn’t have gotten it done all in one go if K hadn’t been here, so I’m grateful that he hadn’t been called in yet so he could take care of D. She’s fussy – maybe getting another tooth – and doesn’t want to take naps.

Anyway, that was a great way to spend my birthday morning. 35 years old today. That just sounds so much older than 34, officially “mid” 30’s. I’m a little freaked out by it. Oh, well. Can’t do anything about it.

So yeah, so far this birthday has sucked. I spent the morning cleaning up some other family’s dirt and pet feces (seriously I’m pretty sure some of those specks on the floor in the washroom down there were caked on poo), and then this afternoon just as I was considering moving on to something fun, my husband got called into work. Don’t get me wrong, he needs the hours. But it still kind sucked. So D finally went down for a nap, the kids are playing in “their” basement now that it is clean, and I am writing a birthday post. Such as it is.

The only things left to do are wiping out P’s closet shelving unit and washing the floor in the entryway. Then, unpacking has to become the priority instead of cleaning. I’ve unpacked some things in the process of cleaning (such as the kitchen), but mostly I’ve been cleaning.

Found out today that if we want to try and get the carpets more clean, we’ll have to pay for it. And I think it just has to be done. So that’s gonna cost a couple hundred and I want to do it soon before things are more settled. Maybe I can get someone out here on Friday, K’s next day off.

Tomorrow, P goes to her new school, and this little mini-vacation that we’ve taken off from everyday life will be over. I’m nervous for her; I’m sure I’ll be even more nervous tomorrow morning. I wish I could do it for her. Not school, but the meeting people, getting comfortable, making friends – all over again. I feel for my shy little girl. She’s so amazing – I hope her new peers can see that.

Tomorrow, our property manager is also coming out to tackle a couple of problems. Like the backyard covered in dog poop and kitty litter, the sink w/ the non-functioning garbage disposal.

Well, I guess since there’s no festivity going on around here, I might as well go unpack or clean something else. Later.

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Settling in in the country

February 19, 2011 at 12:27 am (General Life Updates)

This place is rural. I registered P for school yesterday. The school seems nice. On the way out we met the principal – he saw us walking and knew we were new and stopped to introduce himself. Rural. 🙂 In a good way. Then we bopped across the street to the General Dollar, the local convenience store. Tiny little grocery store with a little bit of everything, all just a little more expensive than it should be. But not ridiculously priced. We drove past the park, which is about .25 mile from our house, and the library, which is a .5 mile away. If it hadn’t been so windy that day, we might have stopped and wandered a little more. Town Hall is a few blocks from us.

Amidst the exploring, I unpacked as much as I could yesterday. My morning was consumed with vacuuming the stairs with the hose, trying as hard as I could to get the animal hair our of them. Unsuccessfully. I did wash the baseboards in the stairwell with a little more success and the baseboard downstairs in the main room. I wiped out all the kitchen cupboards and bleached the heck out of the downstairs shower and wiped it down in order to be able to make myself use it. I am so picky about where I live. Once I’ve cleaned it all and sanitized it, I might let it get kind of messy occasionally. But the deep clean I do when I move in is extensive and a little OCD, and I don’t feel comfortable until its done. The carpets in this place are causing me some distress because they are still kinda gross and were supposedly professionally cleaned. So I might have to have them done again myself if the landlord won’t do it. My baby girl is going to be learning to crawl on this floor, and she will be putting everything she finds in her mouth, including her hands and feet. That prospect is unacceptable right now with the carpets as they are. I know they can be gotten cleaner than this.

Anyway, after the cleaning I got done, we all got ready and took the truck back to U-Haul down in Ft Lupton and then went to Brighton for a cheap meal at Del Taco. We drove around Platteville some more on our way home and it really is a nice little place, with some really nice houses and neighborhoods. And dirt roads and fields mixed in. When we got home, K and I combined efforts to clear some space in the front room in order to set up the computer (hence my typing now), printer, and TV for a monitor. The couch and chair have been set in their place, and we used the long sideboard table to run under the front window in between the two. It will be quite cozy when I get the rest of the boxes out of here and stuff put away. And the carpets cleaned. Right now, I can’t bring myself to walk around barefoot. Except maybe in the kitchen after today.

Because today, I went to town on the kitchen. Unpacked, organized, and CLEANED. I scrubbed and disinfected like crazy – the sinks, the counters, the stove, the fronts of the cupboards, and then the floor when all the boxes were out. And man, the floor was NASTY. I can’t believe they can say that it was “cleaned”. Cuz I went through 4 rags that turned icky dark, and then when I got it all clean with some POWERFUL chemical (didn’t dilute it as far as I should have, I wanted it potent), I went over it with a clean rag with just water to make sure to get the chemical up and that it was clean. Sure enough, that last rag just had a tiny bit of dirt on it compared to the first set with the chemical. Eeeewwwww. But now, the kitchen is my favorite room since it is the cleanest and most organized.

I stll have a long list of cleaning. I mean, scrubbing on hands and knees, wiping down walls, scouring baseboards cleaning. But eventually, I will declare it clean and start enjoying the fruits of my labors. I sent an email to my property manager this evening listing the 5 items I need action on. There are a lot of things I will list on the ‘It-was-like-this-when-I-moved-in-list’, but these items actually need to be fixed. A garbage disposal that doesn’t work and a clogged sink to boot, a tub that won’t plug, a garage door opener that just quit today, a back yard FULL of animal poop, and the carpets that can’t have been professionally cleaned. If a professional did them, he shouldn’t call himself a professional.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get the bathroom walls and floor clean, the baseboards in the kids’ rooms, and hopefully the main room downstairs mopped/scrubbed. Thank goodness for leftover JP chemicals from when K had his cleaning business. Cuz I’m using them like crazy.

Other than cleaning and having tons to do to unpack, I think this house is going to be great. There is tons of storage in the laundry room downstairs, a built-in cupboard in the living room that will be great for books and games and music and movies. The kitchen is woefully short on cupboard space, but my brilliant husband suggested a little white cupboard that has always been one of the kids’ “dresser” and it is working perfectly for more counter and cupboard space. Now I just have to rearrange my plan for which piece of storage furniture will be D’s dresser. Not that she cares. 🙂 Her room is huge – so lots of stuff will be stored in there, too. Her crib doesn’t take up much room, and that’s really all she needs or wants at this point.

I’m excited to get the room downstairs set up as a fun, bright play space for the kids. It will probably be kinda far down on the organizing/cleaning schedule though. I have to get this place clean before I can worry about that. But I’ll probably do it before I worry about my room or D’s room. The kids deserve to have their space fixed up and not last on the list. I am not looking forward to mopping that floor. But it has to be done – hands and knees with lots of clean water and chemical. Even if the carpets aren’t clean, the other floors certainly will be soon. Once I’ve done a deep clean that way once, I can mop it in an easier fashion from then on. But I have to get the funk of the previous tenants expunged. They were dirty, dirty people.

Well, this is a very boring post about all my cleaning/unpacking exploits. Tomorrow, I have to make a trip to the grocery store and try not to get carried away. Money is still tight, and we’re still not caught up on bills. But I see us getting caught up in the near future. Maybe by the end of March?

K is on his way home from the shift he got called in to at 1:30 this afternoon, his first shift after his Wed & Thurs days off. I’m glad he’s coming home to us now and not some distant relative. He tried to stop and get me a shake at BK, but they were closed down in Ft Lupton. Rural. 🙂 He was trying to “reward” me for all my hard work today. He hasn’t even seen the finishing product. When he left at 1:30 I was only about halfway done.

My birthday is Monday. We aren’t doing anything as far as I’m aware. I will be 35. Not too happy about that number. I wish I could indulge a little. Buy myself some stuff or go out with my hubby or friends. But I have no friends here yet, and he will be working, and we don’t have enough money for me to be selfish like that. Maybe I’ll buy myself the thing I really want in a few months and call it my late-birthday. A Vitamix.

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February 15, 2011 at 7:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Almost. Things keep emerging from cupboards and closets that don’t “fit” with other things I’m boxing up. So they get stacked somewhere. So basically every horizontal surface is covered in stuff, and boxes are stacked everywhere. I like to think I’m almost done. At least done enough to be ready for the guys to start loading the truck in the morning. I still need to bag up bathroom stuff at last minute, and box up the last-minute kitchen stuff that I needed to leave out in order to feed myself and the children. Mom came and helped me after work yesterday, and that was a great help along with her help on Saturday. I have started moving boxes down the stairs, but there are quite a few more that need to come down. I also have to pack up the laundry that I did today – mostly into dresser drawers, that I then need to carry downstairs. The dressers will be loaded in the truck, and the drawers put back in them. That way I don’t have to unload the drawers into boxes.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Gotta pick up the truck, load it, go pick up my treadmill from the MIL’s, drive to Denver, pay rent to get keys and garage door openers, then drive to Platteville. I think it will be kinda crazy on the kids, especially D who is already showing signs of extra grouchiness for being surrounded by boxes. She doesn’t get what’s going on, but she knows something’s up.

We had leftover chili over brown rice tonight. I had frozen half of a batch of chili I made a couple weeks ago and I thawed it and we had it over the leftover brown rice from the other night. K is on his way home after his 7-days at work, and I have potatoes baking in the oven for him to have with his chili. Breakfast is gonna be sketchy because we’re out of almost everything, or it is packed. We have eggs, so I’m thinking scrambled eggs will have to be the deal for everyone.

Today was P’s last day at her school. She is sad to be leaving the friends that she basically just made. I feel horrible but I can’t do anything about it. I just keep reminding her she’s going to make new great friends in her new school. I hope to have her at school on Friday. If not, Tuesday after President’s Day school holiday.

Well, I better get off the computer and make use of the brief time before bedtime that I can be making noise upstairs. Probably the next time I write will be from Platteville!!

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Sunday, lone-parenting

February 13, 2011 at 11:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Today was a good day. The morning was pretty lazy, slowly getting myself and the kids ready for church. Which, somehow, we were still barely on time to. Don’t know how I manage to be almost-late for 1:30 church when I spend almost all day “getting ready”. Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that means I spend lots of time on myself. No, I take a nice shower, I do shave my legs. I even moisturize. Shaving and moisturizing are two things I pretty much only do on Sundays. 🙂 I put makeup on, another rare thing. But I put my hair in a ponytail – no matter how I try I can’t make my wavy hair look like anything but a broom-head when I leave it down and put product in it. And I’m way too lazy to straighten it. So, ponytail. The kids had their baths last night, except for D who got hers today. We had breakfast and lunch (lunch was basically popcorn for the kids – I am trying to get by on what we have before the move Wednesday, and I have to save the last couple of pieces of bread for P’s lunches. Later, I realized I should have warmed up a can of chicken noodle soup. Duh). We watched a little Netflix. We got ready. I did P’s hair up really cute to go with her new Costco spring colors dress. I really want to get K2 some cute church clothes next. He kind of gets by on his nicest normal clothes, not that he cares.

Anyway, when we got home I dove right into dinner, which was super-easy but yummy. We had minute-brown-rice, black beans from a can (seasoned), cheese, and steamed brocolli. Pretty healthy and rice and beans is one of my favorite foods. And the kids like it. Win-win. Even if he hadn’t liked it, K2 was aiming to earn his lollipop that he got at church which he had stored in the fridge of all places. He’d been told if he ate all his dinner he could have it. And eat he did.

P gave a talk in Primary today, which she delivered very quietly, and only a couple of hiccups when she lost her place in her self-written paragraphs. Despite the lack of volume, she displayed almost no nerves and I didn’t even have to get up there with her. She was AWESOME! I was so proud of her I could have burst. I wish K could have been there. But she is keeping her talk paper in order to deliver her talk to her daddy when she sees him Tuesday night.

After dinner I juggled taking care of D with some baking. I had 6 over-ripe bananas, so I made a big batch of banana bread, using the recipe from the bread machine and then baking them in loaves in the oven instead since it was a double batch. I almost burned out the motor in my little hand-mixer, poor thing. I froze one of the loaves for a fun treat another time. They turned out pretty good. I also made a batch of no-bake cookies, which I am going to try not to eat too many of.

After my baking spurt, it was time for bedtime for the kids and then D. And I’ve just been relaxing since then.

I got an email from a blogger that I follow, which was fun. Usually I wouldn’t mention it, but something she said mirrrored something my dad said to me a couple weeks ago and I felt like I wanted to write it down for myself.

I was talking to my dad about my lack of exercise and eating right over the past few stressful months, and he said that it was understandable with how stressful my life has been that my taking-care-of-myself habits have kind of fallen by the wayside. This blogger that emailed me said something similar, though they both (she and my dad) put it more eloquently than that. My fancy words are failing me tonight. Anyway, it is interesting that they should say that. As I’m going through all this (moving at 8 months pregnant, having 3rd baby, moving again, husband getting new job, getting ready for foreclosure, finding a place to rent, and now moving again), I realize I’m stressed. I understand that this isn’t exactly normal life, and that I have reason to BE stressed. But I think one of the things that causes me the most upset during it all is how much I beat myself up for all that I’m NOT doing. Because honestly, I feel like I have to learn to take care of myself REGARDLESS of the stress-factor in my life, and I feel pathetic that I can’t manage it. And the only reason I say this is because our life for the past 4 YEARS feels like its been one upheaval after another, with brief stints of normalcy that I should never take for granted. Because who knows when it will end. And I can’t count on anything ever settling down. Yes, I hope that this move will see us settled in for a while, with a job that PAYS THE BILLS. But I feel afraid to count on it. And if I can’t take care of myself now, what if life never smooths out for us? Will I ever be able to take care of myself? Will I put it off or excuse myself for the rest of my life – ‘when we get settled in, I’ll be able to establish a rhythm and some better habits. Make some changes.’ What if we never “settle in”? How long will I put it off and excuse myself because my life is stressful and its “understandable”?

I don’t want o diminish how much the words of my dad and my friend-blogger meant to me. Because when they said/wrote those things to me, a huge weight momentarily, briefly, lifted off of me and I felt vindicated. Or at least less guilty and self-deriding. But then after a while, the weight comes back. Because if I can excuse my HORRIBLE eating habits to myself with that excuse, who knows how long I’ll be able to use it? And the lack of exercise? Who knows how big I’ll get before I kick myself in the pants and stop using the “your-life-is-one-big-upheaval-after-another” justification?

I think this maybe doesn’t make sense, and since I’d only planned to write about the day, it was a bit of surprise. But I’ll leave it. And perhaps re-visit it all later when I’ve thought it through enough to be more eloquent.

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Move, move, move

February 12, 2011 at 4:32 pm (General Life Updates)

Wednesday is moving day. Signed a lease Tuesday for a 4 bedroom house in Platteville, CO. Rural. I am nervous about rural living. The whole, know-everyone-everyone-knows-you thing is not something I’ve ever really experienced. But I think it will be great for the kids. The place has a nice yard, a basement where their bedrooms and play area will be, and a 2-car garage. There is 1 elementary school, and it seems pretty good. Not great, but I think P will do well there. And if we’re still there when K2 goes to kindergarten, they have all-day kindergarten. The school is a mile away – down “Main Street”. The public library is bound to be tiny, but its a half mile away. That’s gotta be cool right? They have story time for 3-6 year olds, something I’ve been “meaning” to do with K2 for almost a year. Platteville is about halfway between Brighton and Greeley. Greeley has a Walmart and a Sam’s Club. Brighton has a Walmart. Denver will be the closest Costco. So shopping will have to be more planned than I currently have a habit of, but that will be good for me I think.

So this coming week will be busy. I have to get the utilities up there put in our name within 2 days, so basically that has to be done Friday. I also have to turn the utilities here at our house turned off as we turn our backs on this place for the final time. This will put is 1.5 hours and 2 hours away from family, unless there is traffic which could put it up in the 3 hour range. No more bopping over to family’s for Sunday dinner. It’ll have to be a major occasion to get us down here.

I am at my heaviest non-pregnant weight ever. D is 6 months old, and I’m now gaining weight from the 230 I was hovering at for months. I’m at 240 or more (depending on when I weigh) right now. And depressed and overwhelmed by the idea of establishing any better habits right now amidst the chaos. I need to exercise, get more sleep, drink more water, and start eating vegetables again. And I just haven’t managed any of that yet. The drinking water thing, I am working on. I’m trying to make sure the kids get enough veggies, etc., but I’m not taking good care of myself at all. I am excited for 2 things – 1) to be settled in up in Platteville with access to my treadmill again (which has not come back from my MIL’s house since we moved back in November), and 2) to have enough grocery money to buy some of my favorite health foods again, like coconut oil and green smoothie supplies, along with a better blender.

And of course, I am excited to be settled into a place with no emminent move, foreclosure, or house-selling. I hope that will be more conducive to getting inspired about another weight-loss journey. Because right now I am as UNinspired as I’ve ever been.

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Might have found a place – decisions suck

February 4, 2011 at 9:19 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was spent in the dreary world that was Denver, before & during a snow storm, driving around looking at places for rent.

I am to the point where I have a choice of a condo that will probably not be available for very long, or going to look again. There were a couple of acceptable places, but they were all over our budget limit of 1100 a month, and the condo is bigger than a couple of the houses, cleaner, and cheaper. So I think its going to be the condo. The ONLY drawback of the condo is the fact that there is no yard for the kids. But there is a playground one building away, and a pool & hot tub. Checking on fitness center, but I don’t think there is one. I am also concerned that all the public elementary schools in the area seem to have low CSAP scores and not great reviews. I will try to get her into a charter school for next year, however.

If I take this condo, moving day could be coming up fast. My only other alternative within budget is some mobile homes that I wasn’t able to view yesterday.

Here are a couple pictures of the munchkins.

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