Summer Over Already

August 11, 2011 at 2:56 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates, Weight Loss)

This post is long overdue. Sheesh. Part of the problem is, I’m rarely sitting at the computer these days when the kids aren’t bugging me for the screen back for Netflix. Either that, or we’re on the go. So let me see if I can recap the last month or so with some details that will be valuable looking back on the memories in a few years.

1) D started walking for real about the middle of July. She is now pretty awesome at it. For the first couple weeks, she was having to pull herself up and then she’d take off, but soon she developed the ability to stand up on her own without furniture or a person. She is trying to get into everything these days, since she can now see the tops of the desk, the end tables, some dressers, etc. She likes to pull out the plastic-ware in the kitchen, and she loves for her brother and sister to chase her and play with her. She is thinning out, and is still tall for her age. She’s wearing 18-month clothes, and she just turned 1 last week. For her birthday (not that she cared), we went to Casa Bonita in Denver and had a grand ol’ time in the arcade after our dinner. She was strapped to me the whole time in a sling (she would have been trampled if I’d let her walk around), and she had a great time people-watching. P & K2 had a blast playing ski-ball, racing games, stomp the spider games (kinda like a dancing game), and catch-the-popcorn. We had planned on getting K2 and D’s cartoons done, but the guy doing the cartoons wasn’t good, and we’ve already fallen victim to that waste-of-money. We then came home and sang to her and had a jello-cake with cool whip on it, which she had a good time making a royal mess of. It was a great family day, and now my baby is 1 year old.

2) Going back a little further, the last week of July was my family’s first reunion at my parents’ house. There were 24 of us in all, including the babies, all using their bathrooms and camped out around the house (in AND out – K and I slept with D out in the driveway in a borrowed trailer so she’d have a quiet place to have her porta-crib). It was the first time we’d all been together in 12 years, and was the first time for some of us to meet the others’ newest children. The youngest was my sister’s 4th, a girl about 4 weeks old. Anyway, it was a blast!! We didn’t do anything too fancy. One day we went to the park, played frisbee, ran around, had a picnic lunch from the grocery deli. Then 2 of my SIL’s and I went grocery shopping for the week for the all the wonderful meals my newest (by 6 years) SIL had planned for us. We watched movies, but not many. The guys had a night out where they went to play pool and apparently got so slap-happy that people probably THOUGHT they were drinking.

We went to Manitou and had hotdogs at the Vienna Sausage place, and we climbed Helen Hunt Falls. We hung out at the mall, where K2 had a momentous occasion from an upset tummy that caused him to poop himself right there in Borders. Yeah, that was fun. Worse for K cuz he had to take him in the bathroom and get him clean enough to put on the clothes I bought for him off the clearance rack in JCPenney’s. We had a day when we played volleyball in the backyard while the kids played in a kiddie pool and ran through the sprinklers, and then later in the day they played with chalk, got it wet, and decided to paint their bodies in wet chalk. We have pictures. I think I was inside painting my nails when that started, but I was out there when we hosed them down.

The ladies had a night out, where all we could think to do was go to Coldstone. It was good, and so was the company, but I don’t think we had as much fun as the guys did when they went out. 🙂

One day we all split up and went different directions. For us, that day was for visiting K’s family in the south end. That was a nice day, too. Low-key and relaxing, other than D not getting a nap that day.

I went running 3 times, once with my sister and SIL, which was fun. I felt this was necessary (actually wished I’d gotten more runs in) cuz one of the main activities all week long, was COOKING together. We had Brazilian night, Thai night, Indian night, and Korean night. We had simple lunches and fancy lunches. We had french toast, cottage cheese pancakes (my morning), regular pancakes, tons of fruit salads, breakfast casseroles, and leftovers. We cooked a LOT. And it was awesome. I learned some stuff from my SIL, who has lived in Japan for 4 years now with my bro and has learned to cook a lot of asian foods. We had avocado shakes, which I haven’t had since I came back from Brazil. The food really was the focus and highlight of the week, at least for me. For the most part, I managed to not be a complete glutton, though.

It was hard to leave, knowing we won’t see everyone for a while. But, my youngest brother got engaged that week to the girlfriend he brought for all of us to meet, and his wedding is Sept 30, so hopefully we’ll see most everyone then. My sister was on her way to Florida for her husband’s new job, my brother was on his way to Idaho for his schooling (he’s an AF pilot, but going back to school for EE). And then there’s my bro in Georgia and us here. But it was also good to come home and return to a normal routine – which includes for me – weight loss.

3) P got a new bike right before we left for the reunion. It is a 20-incher and is almost too big for her, but she’s mastered it beautifully. With her off her little 12-inch bike (finally!), K2 has taken it over. We put back on the training wheels, and I’ve never seen him so focused or determined as when he figured out how to ride it. We have been enjoying more bike rides as a family, since we also got our grown-up bikes back right before the reunion, too. We want to get K2 his own bike, with boy colors, but for now he’s been pretty happy riding P’s old pink one. If we can’t find the budget for a bike for him soon, I’ll be spray painting the pink one.

4) Weight loss- for the 2.5 weeks before the reunion, I only lost those pounds I mentioned in my last post. I stuck at 230, and my body wasn’t giving it up. I started taking fiber and trying to detox on the suggestion of a friend, and it wasn’t working, apparently because I wasn’t taking enough fiber. During the reunion, I tried to exercise moderation but I didn’t deprive myself of much. Mostly meals, not much snacking. I gained back up to 232.5, but lost that within a day or so. Then I started taking some GX Assist my mother had given me. FOr 9 days it cleans you out. I only had one day when my reaction was kinda extreme, the second day. I felt ill, I had a headache, and I had like 5 BM’s that day. When one every other day is normal for me, that was a lot. Thank goodness those feelings subsided. For the rest of the 9 days I had more BM’s than usual, but nothing too drastic. I had a couple more milder headaches, but no more tummy upset. And then yesterday I started the PB Assist that I have 4 days to take – to replace the stuff that was flushed out with good probiotic bacteria. I feel good. I’ve lost 8 more pounds. I’m at 222 today.

I’ve been exercising lots of different ways: bikes with the kids and on my own (only 1 of those so far), running outside, running on the treadmill, T-Tapp when D is asleep on days when K isn’t around, Zumba on Mon and Wed if K is here to watch the kids. I’ve been eating a lot of produce with all my meals and snacks, and I’m still tracking on sparkpeople, mostly on my phone. I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks, if my schedule allows. Sometimes, time gets away from me when we’re out and about and I end up having just 3 meals (sometimes at snack times). I usually avoid starchy carbs at my evening meal, which means most days I’m kinda low-carb. I’m still not getting enough sleep, so that is something I need to work on. School starts next week and I’ll have to start getting up earlier, which I’m hoping will help me reset my body-clock to be able to get to sleep earlier. I’ve got D down to nursing twice a day, usually early morning around 4 or 5 AM, and when she goes to bed at night. When school starts, I hope to cut out that morning feeding, too.  I hope to keep losing weight at a good clip, but I can’t really control that. I can just control how I treat my body, so that’s what I’m trying to do. Some days I feel like I spend a lot of time cutting veggies and cooking. But I am a homemaker and mother of 3. So I feed more mouths than just my own, and that is part of my job. I feel blessed that I have the luxury to be here at home with them, and have the ability to have my kitchen at my disposal for my weight loss efforts.

I think those are the highlights for now. I will try to be more diligent about recording so that I can put in more details about our lives and the things the kids do and say. The main purpose fo a journal is for posterity, and I don’t want it to be a dry recounting of things post-fact.


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