School’s Out

May 27, 2010 at 4:15 pm (General Life Updates)

So. This week. Been crazy so far. But its passed quickly, and been eventful.

Weekend was VERY uneventful. The only thing that happened was we went to Chick-fil-A drive thru at about 4:30. The kids were still in their pjs and didn’t have shoes on. Yeah, it was a very lazy day on my part. Sunday was church, and more laziness. I felt sad and stressed all weekend.

Monday was normal school for P, so the week started out normally enough. Monday night the kids went across the street for about an hour to celebrate the neighbor boy’s birthday, and I hung out for about 15 minutes when I went to get them. Had some ice cream cake that I didn’t really want. The kids came home with a balloon. So easy to please.

Tuesday, K2 and I dropped P off at school and came home for a brief 35 minutes or so while I got my breakfast and got semi-presentable. Then we went back to observe the last 2 hours of her Field Day. A bunch of little mini-race stations where the kids did the same race over and over again until it was time to switch stations – no clear winners and a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle cheating. 🙂 They had fun, though. I felt a little guilty when P’s group got to the pre-purchased snack table. I hadn’t sent any money in for that last week, thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal. Well, it was a smorgasbord of yummy sugar goodies selling for cheap – each kid had an amount listed by their name as to how much they had to spend. And P was upset that she didn’t get any. Oh, well. She got over it when we went to the dollar store after it was over. I let her pick out whatever she wanted and she picked some candy jewelry.

Tuesday afternoon was quiet. I got ready for girls’ night and took the kids to MIL’s at 5 PM. I sat talking with my MIL and SIL about the house and ideas for staging and an open house for a few minutes, and then left to meet the girls at Panera Bread. There were 5 of us, and the girl whose birthday we were celebrating had to bring her 3 little boys. So it wasn’t exactly a party-hardy, but it was enjoyable to sit around and chat over sandwiches. And food there is always good.

Wednesday, zoo day. Field trip day. With gazillions of kindergarteners. And my 2 year old. I was dreading it, and trying to look forward to it at the same time. It turned out pretty well. I got my share of exercise pushing the stroller up the hills, with or without K2 in it. The kids ran and got excited about all the animals, and P even braved up and finally fed the giraffes for the first time ever on her own. I was excited about this enough that when she ran out of her school-rationed crackers, I bought her 3 more when she demanded it. Something I normally would just say no to. K2 wimped out when it came to crunch time with the feeding, but that’s ok.

We were done at the zoo by 11:30, so we went to Burger King for lunch (my last few dollars), and then home for nap-time. Last night was also bath-night. But other than that the zoo was the main event.

Today, K2 and I attended her morning assembly. Unintentionally as the literature sent home just said her party was from 8-9:45, not that the first hour of that would be an assembly in a hot gym room. Then, her party was mostly eating while the teacher presented them individually with their remembrance packet. K2 got to sit in an empty desk next to P and eat, too, or we would have had to leave. They didn’t really have it set up for parents and siblings to attend the party, so I’m left wondering if I misunderstood the literature they sent home. Doesn’t matter now; we stuck it out. And we were done by about 9:50.

So kindergarten for my oldest is over. Huge sigh of relief. And dread that now all day every day entertainment is up to me for 2 months. :{

Tonight sometime, my SIL is supposed to be coming by with some staging bedding and pictures for the kids’ rooms. I talked to the realtor today and we have two open houses scheduled, for the 5th and 12th of June. We are also going to lower the price again, if he can get a hold of K, talk him through the details of a short sale, and get his approval. I’m sick of being the go-between for these two gentlemen with K yelling at me about people coming after us when we come up short and trying to assure him that that’s not how a short sale works. I’d been looking forward to talking to K about plans and everything for a couple days, and then our conversation last night just turned into him chewing me out for things he really needs to be saying to the realtor. So I’m glad the realtor was so willing to call him and talk it over with him – something he said he should have done at the beginning. Duh.

We still don’t have a plan. School is out. We’re still here. The house hasn’t sold. We don’t have money for a moving truck, we don’t have money for a deposit and first month’s rent on top of our mortgage. And my due date is 2 months away. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll be having this baby here in CO without my husband at my side. I just don’t know the answers.

The fridge is woefully empty. We need some groceries in a pretty bad way. So at least he gets paid tonight and hopefully anything that doesn’t go to mortgage can be spent on some food. The other check should be in the mail any day, and that will hopefully catch us up on most bills. Our cable will be shut off on Monday, so that is something I need to prepare the kids and I for. It will be a shock to our systems for sure.

My headaches are still coming and going. Protein seems to help, but I haven’t been doing great every day on sugar. I dried a whole bunch of fruit and while that is preferable to candy, we (I) ate it way too fast and too much.

I have a prenatal check-up tomorrow morning at 8:45. Then, the morning stuff will be over for a few days. And next week stretches out with no school and no husband. And basically no money. Sometimes I’m just so tired of my life.


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Protein vs. Sugar

May 24, 2010 at 4:39 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

This is not going to be a great food blog post where I write about research between these two things and how they affect your body. But I’ve come to a realization today about them and MY body. My pregnant body. You’d think I would have come to this decision/realization over a week ago when I thought I might have gestational diabetes, but no. I’ve been trying to eat well and not eat so much at night since then, and I feel I’ve improved. But not drastically.

I’ve been getting headaches. Sometimes on and off all day, but almost always an inevitable one in the evening. And they aren’t mild headaches. I’ve been trying to drink them away, since for a lot of my life a bad headache (unless it was TOM-related) meant I was simply dehydrated. But water hasn’t been working. They’re not hunger headaches, and they’re not menstrual headaches. Hello, I’m pregnant.

I’ve been taking acetaphetamine, but I don’t want to take medication every day and it doesn’t always help.

This morning I had my typical bowl of oatmeal with berries, peanut butter, and white chocolate chips. The white chocolate chips were about to run out and just to use them all up, I had way more on my bowl of oatmeal than I normally do (and I usually have too many). About an hour later, I felt the headache coming on. It was a bad one. I really didn’t want to take and pills, and I had been drinking water since breakfast. I wasn’t hungry. Two things occurred to me: 1) there wasn’t a lot of protein in that breakfast. The pb had some, and so did the oats, but I didn’t have as many oats as I usually do (only 1/3 cup). So a pretty low-protein breakfast. 2) With so many chocolate chips on top, the protein was completely overpowered by sugar. Too much sugar for breakfast, too much sugar period.

I decided to experiment. I scrambled two eggs and cooked them in about a tsp of coconut oil. Salt & pepper. Ate them straight out of the pan. Within 10 minutes, my headache was almost completely gone.

With that, I came to two goals or resolutions. 1) I need to do a better job of making sure I’m getting high-quality protein at every meal and snack. 2) I need to cut back DRASTICALLY on the sugar intake, if not eliminate gratuitous sugar entirely.

I am a little nervous about the second one. I feel like I’m such a wimp. Right now, there are no snacks/munchies in the house that really appeal to the binger in me. I haven’t felt very good the last few days (in my stomach) and haven’t FELT like binging at night, which is different for me, and I’ve been trying to take advantage. We don’t (and won’t) have any money to go get more food until the end of this week, so I’ll have to make anything we decide we want to munch on. My point is, there’s not a lot of opportunities to eat sugar in the house and there won’t be for a few days. That makes it easy to resolve to not eat sugar. But will my resolve hold when I’m presented with an opportunity? I feel wobbly in my resolve just thinking about it.

The first one is easier. I like protein. 🙂 I hard-boiled some eggs today so that we’ll have those on-hand. We had BBQ chicken sandwiches on sandwich thins for lunch – the kids only ate half of theirs though they seemed to like them. I had two, with cheese and lettuce. I had a hard-boiled egg and a miniature bowl of Grape-Nuts (with a little sprinkled sugar – See!!) for a snack a little while ago, because when I woke up from my little nap the headache was coming back. I also guzzled a bunch of water. The headache is just niggling now – tiny like it could come back but not uncomfortable.

So, there you have it. Too much sugar/too little protein is I’M HOPING the cause of my headaches. Because if that’s the case I’m hoping after a couple days of doing better they will abate. Perhaps I’m in for headaches for the rest of this pregnancy. We shall see.

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Friday showing

May 21, 2010 at 5:41 pm (General Life Updates)

I got a call around 9:50 this morning to schedule a showing this afternoon between 2 and 3. As a result, today has been my most productive day in a long time.

  • Picked up P from school & went to the park where I walked the perimeter for 30 minutes, circling around where the kids played on the equipment. We were there for almost an hour in total – P is sunburnt.
  • Came home and got the house in shape for the showing. Nothing was really dirty, but I cleaned almost all of it anyway. Cleaned the toilets, sinks, bathtubs, mirrors. Put 2 loads of laundry away. Tidied the bathrooms. The kids did a good job of putting their toys away and making their beds (or rather, P did a good job, and K2 sort of helped a little). Then I came downstairs, swept, did the dishes (there weren’t many), cleaned the counters after clearing them off. Did more bathroom duty. Soaked the stoveplates in bleach to see how shiny I could get them (did a pretty good job). Tidied the garage a bit. Last minute sweep.
  • Made mac&cheese for the kids and myself for lunch (I hadn’t eaten since my green smoothie and pb toast for breakfast).
  • Cleaned that up.
  • Left for a friend’s house for the showing.

We got back a little before 4. The kids played outside and upstairs while I made chicken nuggets & applesauce for dinner. I had my nuggets on a huge salad with sugar snap peas, brocolli, and cheese. And now it is 5:30. Dinner is cleared off and the kids are playing with the couch cushions. P is in time out for giving me one-too-many attitudes. I’m surprised they haven’t been bugging me for TV, but I’m glad they haven’t.

Its been a good day. I’ve only eaten 4 times (smoothie/pb/honey/sandwich thin, mac&cheese, yogurt/berries/granola, & my dinner salad w/ my chicken nuggets. I guess keeping busy is good for staying out of the cupboards, eh? DUH.

My back hasn’t spasmed today (yet). I’ve put it through a lot so I hope that means its getting better. I will put a hot washcloth on it again tonight at bedtime, which is what I had to do last night in order to lay down without pain. I mean, the actual process of laying down still hurts, but once I’m down and on my side it didn’t hurt too bad after I used the heat. I’m glad I walked today, and I hope to walk again tomorrow. The weather the last two days has been gorgeous, bordering on summer weather! There’s a nice breeze, which I’m trying to utilize to cool down the bedrooms upstairs since I don’t want to turn on the AC yet.

My next checkup for the baby is the coming Friday. I had to reschedule it from Thursday. This coming week is much busier than I’m used to, but it is the last week of P’s school.

  • Monday – normal school
  • Tuesday – field day (think I’m supposed to go to this???). Potentially a dinner with some girlfriends that night if I can swing some money and a sitter.
  • Wednesday – Field trip to the zoo (K2 and I will meet them at the zoo)
  • Thursday – class party – LAST day.
  • Friday – doctor’s appointment

Sheesh. But it will probably pass quickly. And this means I have to be more on it for keeping the house spic&span for any showings that I don’t have hours to prepare for.

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Came and went – and NEWS

May 20, 2010 at 7:06 pm (General Life Updates)

Well, the weekend and most of this week has come and gone. Let me see if I can sum up without making this post too long.

K was here from Thursday night until Tues morning. I took him to the airport for his flight Monday night and he was 5 minutes too late – they had given his seat away at 30 minutes till the flight. He got there 25 minutes till. Ugh. So we had to go home, and drive back Tues morning for his mid-day flight. That was exhausting. But while he was here we:

Had a spaghetti dinner with his family at our house

Went to see How to Train Your Dragon with the kids (LOVED!)

Went grocery shopping

Had a lunch at Sam’s Club

Had a lunch at Noodles & Company

Had a yunzie dinner at his family’s house Sunday evening

Went to church

Hung out at the house

Generally enjoyed spending time together

Those are the highlights.

Since he left Tuesday, we haven’t done much. One trip to the park on Wednesday after school. A few naps. Some really simple dinners since I’m feeling LAZY. And today, the highlight – my ultrasound!! My mother got the afternoon off from work and came with me to control the kids so that they could be there (P was excited to see “pictures” of the baby, K2 not so much). We picked P up from school and drove over to the medical plaza where I was scheduled. I had to pee so bad due to the ‘full bladder’ rules of 32 oz 60 minutes before and .. HOLD. Ugh. Made it a lot less enjoyable.

Anyway, we got in there, she took all her measurements and stuff and then told us ……… GIRL!!!! She showed me her evidence (seemed pretty obvious). P is so happy that her wish came true! I was somehow expecting a boy so it took me a while to shuffle my expectations, but I’m ecstatic, too. Though it is a bummer that I sold almost all of P’s baby clothes in a garage sale a year or two ago. Dumb, dumb, dumb-dumb. Oh, well. Baby girl clothes are so much more fun for me than boy clothes anyway – so much cuter IMO. Not that K2 isn’t fun to dress and make look dashing – but it isn’t the same.

So, there we have it. 2.5 months from the due date and I finally know what I’m having! Now I get to concentrate on just one list of names, and there is already a frontrunner. But we’ll see if it fits when she comes out. She measured big for her due date, but measurements are sometimes less accurate when taken so late in the pregnancy, so we’ll see. She measured as being due July 20 instead of August 4, but the tech said that if I’m sure of my last period, August 4 is probably more correct. It would be cool to have being pregnant over with by July 20, but I’m not counting on it. Especially since I’m always late anyway. And of course, that gives me even less time to figure out this whole moving-to-Utah-have-to-reapply-for-Medicaid-and-find-a-doctor-clinic situation. Oh well.

After the ultrasound, we went to the park across the street – Memorial Park. It was a thrill for the kids because the equipment is bigger and there’s more of it than our regular park. Then we went to Panera for lunch and then came home and took a walk.

My back is still wigging out. The pulled muscle area is spasming and making me have a great deal of pain. Coughing is painful, laying down is painful (the process, and changing positions, once I’m still it slowly relaxes and lets me be pain-free), and the spasms are something else. I just hope it gets better soon because its making it hard to do stuff for the kids. Like lean down, hug them, help them with shoes, get K2 dressed, etc. I am trying not to pick him up at all, and he doesn’t really like that. Heartburn is also pretty bad. But I haven’t started swelling yet, which I think is a huge victory considering I remember being pretty swollen by now with both other pregnancies.

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Thursday is finally here

May 13, 2010 at 12:13 pm (General Life Updates)

K gets here tonight! Yippee! I will be leaving here at about 7:45 to drive to the airport and pick him up while my MIL comes to watch the kids and hopefully put them to bed. Just want this day to go, go, go.

Took the 3-hour glucose test yesterday; have the four bruises from the blood draws on my arms to prove it. 🙂 One of them is actually freakishly big and purple. It went relatively quickly. I had a book to read and each hour between draws passed pretty fast, intermingled with reading and getting up to go to the bathroom and blow my nose. Stupid cold won’t go away.

I was there by about 8:40 and got done with the last draw at 12:15. Chugging down the orange syrup drink was actually a little more difficult than normal and I had to slow down from my norm and take 2 minutes to drink it instead of 30 seconds. The first chugs hit my stomach and my stomach objected. I really didn’t want to puke it and have to start over another day, so I slowed down.

I haven’t heard anything yet, which I assume is good. I will continue to assume if I haven’t heard by about 5 PM tonight that the test was negative. My check-up tomorrow will be the for-sure notification, but I think they would notify me as soon as they knew I had it so I could start treatment. I think. Yesterday afternoon I got a reminder call and voicemail about my appointment on Friday, but for a few seconds I thought it was the clinic calling me to tell me I had gestational diabetes and my legs were weak and my heart raced. It was not a good moment.

Today I was dozing on the couch while K2 colored and watched TV when I got a call from P’s school. For a horrible second I thought I’d missed early release AGAIN and it was Friday and I was late picking her up. But then I realized it couldn’t be that, it was Thursday. Her teacher was calling to tell me P had tripped in music class and twisted/hurt her arm and had been crying for over 30 minutes and they didn’t know if this was normal or not. Well, it isn’t. So I went and got her early; she was still crying when I got there roughly 15 minutes later, sitting at her desk while she and her class had their spelling class. So her teacher came and explained what had happened (sounds like she tripped on some carpet and landed on her arm with her body and twisted it somehow. Its sore but I don’t think anything’s broken) and since she’d never seen P cry before she wasn’t sure if this was normal for when P gets hurt or what. I think it hurts bad, because she’s still complaining about it. I’ve given her some tylenol and we’ve put a cold washcloth around her forearm where it hurts the worst. But prodding it and rubbing it doesn’t seem to cause her undo pain, like it would I think if she’d broken anything, so I think she’s twisted it and probably bruised it a good one, but that she’ll be fine. It doesn’t help that she’s emotional about K getting here tonight and that she was so tired this morning that she objected pretty strongly to going to school today, something she hasn’t done in a long time.

I am still in the scrubs I put on when I got up this morning. I did put on a bra to go get P from school, and brushed my teeth. But I need to clean up the kitchen, get showered and ready (gotta see my man tonight!), and …. well I guess that’s about all I HAVE to do.

Each night I go to bed praying that tomorrow we’ll have a showing. But I honestly don’t think we’ll have one. After so many days of nothing, nothing, nothing, I HOPE we’ll have one, but I don’t really think its going to happen. Is that not showing faith? I worry that I’m not showing enough faith in the Lord to get us through this, but day after day with nothing is just customary now. Its hard to imagine something different. I’m trying not to despair and consider drastic measures (read: defaulting), but the desire I have to get out of this house, be with K, and not have to WORRY about this house anymore (which I’d have to do if we rented it), is HUGE. Overpowering, even.

I’ve pulled a muscle in my back – sort of side/back ribs on my left side. I don’t know how. But it bothered me for a couple days and then suddenly it was a full-blown pain. Coughing is really painful in that spot, and just sitting and laying hurts it a little. I’ve tried to stretch it out, but it just hurts. Not sure how I managed this, but I hope it heals quickly.

So that’s what’s up with me.

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Got the Call – 3-Hour Glucose Test here I come

May 10, 2010 at 7:16 pm (General Life Updates)

I got a call from the clinic this evening while at my friend’s house for dinner. My glucose levels were elevated and they need me to take the 3-hour glucose test for gestational diabetes. Kind of stressed out now.

I am going to try and take it Wednesday morning, and I am most likely going to have to make P miss school. There’s no way I can get over there and done after dropping her off before I have to pick her up again.

I’m feeling guilty because I don’t know enough to know if this is my fault (eating too much almost every evening after kids go to bed – mini-binges). And I’m worried. You’d think that the scare would make me want to stop eating at night, but I’m already wanting to eat stuff and the kids aren’t in bed yet. I’m not going to tonight. But that doesn’t take away the desire. Sometimes I really don’t like myself at all.

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Another Monday, still living here

May 10, 2010 at 10:52 am (General Life Updates)

The rest of Saturday went about like I guessed it would. Naps for everyone but P. The dinner I had cooked for Friday night. Then they were watching a movie while I was reading and P fell asleep sitting up on the couch. I had tried to tell her she was tired earlier when K2 and I were going to nap, but she wouldn’t believe me.

I had to wake her up to put them both in the bathtub. She complained for the most of it that she as tired, her back was cold, etc. But around the time they got out, she was awake again. So we had bedtime snacks and were watching the rest of the movie and she opted to go to bed at about 7:30. I let K2 stay up until his normal bedtime at 8, and then he seemed to forget how it works. He kept getting up, tried to get in bed with P, wanted to sleep in my bed, etc. Until I finally put him back in his bed and told him to stay there. I left his door open, a bunch of windows upstairs open, and hoped it cooled down enough for him to get to sleep. The heat was part of the problem. He finally did, and I covered him up and closed the windows and his door when I went up for bed.

Sunday he got up at 7. P got up around 7:40 I think (not sure). I gave up trying to “sleep” at 8. We had breakfast and then we got ready for church. I actually took the time to straighten my hair, and I’ve decided I don’t want to do that again until I have a fan in my bathroom that will blow cool air in my face the whole time I work on my hair. But it turned out nice, and I might be doing it more with this shorter hair.

Church was fine. Normal. Got to chat with a couple of people that I don’t normally talk with, and got an invitation to dinner for tonight from a sweet lady whose husband is off at an Army training. After church we had lunch and I tried to make K2 take a nap but gave up after putting him back in bed 3 times. We took some stuff over to my SILs that her daughter had left Saturday morning, and then went to Monument for dinner. Dinner was good, I always enjoy my parents’ company, and the kids had fun. We talked to my older brother (in Georgia) on Skype for his daughter’s 9th birthday.

Last night was normal – eating too much. Watched TV then went upstairs to read the rest of my book. Turned the lights off when I finished it shortly after 11.

And now today. Another Monday. Still no showings. Still stuck in this house. All I really felt like doing after taking P to school and getting everyone breakfast was go back to sleep and hide from my problems. But I did the dishes, swept the floors, cleaned all the toilets in the house (3), a couple sinks, and tidied up. Now at least I feel better about the readiness of the house. Just in case. Please. JUST. IN. CASE.

We’ll go get P in a bit. Don’t know how warm it is, but maybe we’ll stop at the park for a while. I haven’t gone for a walk since last Tuesday because of this cold, and I don’t know if I’m ready to start again. Still coughing a lot and pretty congested. This afternoon we might go to the library, even though I don’t think they have any books that I want. Or maybe we’ll go tomorrow. Dinner tonight and maybe a movie over at that lady’s house, at 4:00 so it will be an early dinner.

And that will be Monday. Here’s praying there is a showing somewhere in there.

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Remember this for later – Goal

May 8, 2010 at 12:57 pm (Plan)

There are a couple of things I think would be fun to instigate in my family, dietarily.

1) Meatless Mondays. I’ve debated whether this would be all of us going meat-free all day long, or if it would just mean that I’d make a meatless meal for dinner. Or if just I would go meat-free all day long and then the meatless meal for everyone at dinner. Hmmm.

2) Salad Saturday. To make sure I have at least one salad every Saturday. Still not sure about this one, but Saturdays are often nutritionally lacking with weekend stuff going on plus being tired of eating healthy during the week.

3) Pancake Sunday. There are so many protein pancake recipes I want to try, but I currently don’t have any protein powder.

4) Still trying to think of something for Wednesdays. Would be perfect if it started with “W”, but it doesn’t have to.

I just want to start some traditions that help me to keep my family progressing nutritionally. If could think of something to call it later in the week, I’d do another meatless day because I like the idea of having at least 2 dinners be meatless. But the “M’s” really work for Monday and no other days. Maybe I should say it like I’m German and say “Wegetarian Wednesday”. 🙂

And ideas for other days or traditional meals?

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Saturday already, I guess that’s good

May 8, 2010 at 11:59 am (General Life Updates)

Its been kind of a busy week, but somehow I feel like I haven’t done enough. Oh well.

Tuesday’s appointment went smoothly, even if it took forever. I was there for 3 hours in a stiflingly hot room with a bunch of other women, most of whom weren’t even showing yet. I got the luck of the draw to be the last woman called back for individual weigh-ins and interviews, so I was there the longest, as all the other women slowly cleared the room. First we all filled out paperwork. When I finally got my interview it went very quickly – they gave me paperwork to take with me to the lab to get my gestational diabetes 1-hour glucose test, told me I’d be called within 2 days to get my ultrasound scheduled, and scheduled my first regular check-up/physical for the 14th. Things happen quickly when you’re almost in your third trimester before you go to the doctor. 🙂

I had a killer headache by the time I’d been there an hour and a half, and it only got worse. When I finally left at about 4:30 to get the kids I was in a lot of pain, and I was hungry. I stopped for chocolate (not the best – probably the worst nutritional decision) on my way to picking them up. My friend R watched them – first time I’ve ever been to her house. I felt bad that I left them there so much longer than I’d expected to, but she was fine with it. The kids had a good time. There was no way I was making dinner after getting home after 5, so we had cold cereal for dinner. Classy. I believe that was the evening we also met my SIL and her daughter A at the park after dinner for a brief play-session.

Wednesday was largely uneventful. I did get the call in the afternoon (thought maybe it was a call for a showing, but no luck) to schedule the ultrasound – for the 20th. Other than that, I took a nap and did the normal kid things, and made the dinner I’d intended to make Tuesday night. Chicken sausage, peanut butter parsnip fries, brown rice, and steamed brocolli. I enjoyed it immensely and ate way too many fries. They were cooked to perfection on the stone this time – YUM! As we were finishing dinner, my SIL called and asked if she could come by for a visit while the kids played. I was all for it. She and her daughter ended up staying until almost 8:30, so the kids had another tired night, but they had fun. And she and I had a nice long chat about a myriad of topics.

Thursday, K2 and I headed over to the lab as soon as we got ready after dropping P off at school. Got there at 9:15 and had to wait a little bit to drink the orange glucose juice. Then while I waited to have my blood drawn, I put K2 in the little day care center where he had an utter blast. There were so many fun toys in there and he was just beside himself, not knowing what to focus on, bouncing from one toy to another. I watched him through the window quite a lot in between games of Tetris on my phone in the waiting area. After I got poked and a bunch of vials of blood taken, I gathered up the boy and we headed to get P from school. We were quite early and K2 got to climb around in the car as we waited.

Once we were all together, we headed up to my mom’s work to do a bunch of scanning to PDF of the documents I had to send to CitiM for the short sale pre-approval. K had faxed some stuff to her work on Wed on his day off and she was holding on to it for me. So we were there for over an hour while I got everything scanned, then we went for our typical walk around the school grounds. And then we had mom take a lunch break and we headed to Burger King for a lunch. We got home just in time for nap time for K2, and P ended up taking one as well. It was a nice quiet afternoon for me after I got the email with all the PDFs ready and sent off to CitiM.

I spoke to the realtor on Wednesday, and we lowered the price again. He came by yesterday to put more fliers out and to pick up the new signed listing agreement he’d emailed to me. I asked him to text or call me about once a week to let me know what’s happening, even if its nothing. He said he would. I asked him to post it on craigslist, though its a long shot it is free and it can’t hurt. He did. I hope against hope that things will start to move now that it is May, school is getting closer to being out, and our price is a steal/deal. Ugh.

Yesterday we did school drop off and pick up and then we went home for P to change so we could go get some groceries. We’d been out of milk for 2 days already. We hit Sam’s first, where I discovered that the Pampers box they sell at Walmart is actually cheaper per diaper, even though it doesn’t have as many in it. We ran into my friend from the ward D who was out shopping with her three boys, the youngest only a few months old in his carrier. After buying our groceries, I let the kids talk me into getting lunch at the concession stand, which I’ve never done before. We got a hot dog combo – a huge hot dog and huge fountain drink for $1.50!! Such a deal! I got one combo and an extra hot dog and they shared the soda. They also did pretty good justice to their hot dogs. D was getting her boys soft pretzels, so P was coveting those. I told her next time we can get pretzels if we have enough money- I hadn’t known they had those or if they were good. Plus she’d said she wanted a hot dog and so had K2.

Walmart was next. Pretty quick trip, including buying some new Sunday shoes for P and some new sneaks for K2. And diapers. And yogurt. And a few other things. We spent more than I’d intended, as happens every time I don’t have a specific list and budget.

Nap time was a huge fail when we got home. K2 got up three times before I gave up on making him stay in there and go to sleep. I regretted it later.

A was coming over for a sleepover and we’d also been invited for pizza at my friend’s house (they have homemade pizza every Friday). But they were having the missionaries and her oldest daughter was already having a sleepover (they’re 13), and it seemed like too much to ask of her to bring the three of us plus an extra. So I’d emailed her that we weren’t coming, she’d emailed that we could still come it was no big deal, and I’d emailed her to make sure and it was ok if it was too much, and to let me know if she was sure. I knew she might not be on the computer again before 6 PM, and at 5:30 when A was here and the kids were hungry I had debated calling her and finally decided to just make dinner and assume we weren’t going. Just as I was serving the dinner I’d made onto plates, she called me and we decided to go over there. So I put the food away to eat today and we loaded up.

We were over there until a little after 8:00, the kids playing and eating pizza and dessert, and the adults talking upstairs. After the missionaries left, my friend’s husband wanted me to watch the episode of “Community” that he had recorded so we watched that. It was pretty funny, if ridiculous.

Then back home, where I set up a bed on the floor of K2’s room for the three kids. Teeth brushed, story read, and prayers said, and then I left them in there. But K2 couldn’t calmdown enough to stop thumping around, jumping on thr girls, and generally preventing any sleep for anyone. So I moved the girls to P’s floor and put K2 in his bed. I watched TV until about 10:45 and then went to bed myself, but K2 was so exhausted (this is normal) that he kept waking up. First at 11;15, when he calmed down pretty quickly. Then at 11:40 – took me longer this time to get him to stop crying. Quite a while actually. So I finally got him to stop crying and go back to sleep and then I went back to bed.

The girls woke up this morning at 6:00. Are they crazy?? Between K2 getting up at 6:30 and the kids going downstairs to watch TV, I managed a little more dozing but no more real sleep. I gave up at 8:00 and got up to go get them some breakfast. I was going to offer pancakes, but they said they wanted oatmeal so they each had a bowl of oatmeal. Soon after that I turned off the TV and they played upstairs. I took a shower around 9:15, and was still undressed in my room when A’s father came by for her. I saw whose car it was and let P open the door and A left without me even going downstairs to make sure she’d gathered all her stuff.

Since then, I’ve put away some laundry, done some dishes, and we tried to play outside for a while. But the bright sunshine was misleading – its not very warm out there, so we came back in and the kids are wathing a movie. They are now eating some lunch and I’ll probably eat some lunch shortly as well.

Nothing else planned for today, except probably naps for everyone this afternoon, including me. Bathnight tonight to get ready for Sunday, plus its just much-needed, they’re dirty.

Wow, that was long. Guess I shouldn’t wait a whole week next time.

K will be here in 5 days!!

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An OK Monday

May 3, 2010 at 7:50 pm (General Life Updates)

Let’s see. Saturday: easy morning, ready to go, took the kids to Mom’s. Went to get my haircut. Like it – short. Went home and debated what to do with my child-free afternoon. Ended up watching a netflix movie, snacking, going for a walk, doing a T-Tapp workout. Then got ready for stake conference adult session and went to that. Kids got home after I did at about 9:30. I went to Arby’s when I realized they weren’t going to be home when I got there. It was a nice afternoon spent mostly with myself. A walk without pushing a stroller! Novelty! A movie in the middle of the day as loud as I wanted without anyone asking me for anything or bugging me about anything.

Sunday I almost decided to not go to stake conference. I had coughed bad all night and the idea of wrestling with K2 through a 2 hour meeting where he had to be quiet was daunting. In the end (and with no time to spare) I decided to go and barely got us ready and there in time. MIL had saved us a seat, no extra room though. So it wasn’t too bad the first hour, and the second hour was not fun at all. I almost got up and left early, but MIL kept saying ‘you’re going to make it” when she saw me looking at the clock in desperation as I wrestled with a very restless, bored, grouchy K2.

After church we came home and had lunch, K2 went to bed (thank goodness), and I took a nap while P watched movie on TV. Then we headed over to SIL and MIL residence for dinner and chatting and the kid-play-time. I ended spilling my guts to my SIL and MIL about the issues K and I have been having since he’s been gone. I still don’t know if it was wrong. But I haven’t had anyone else to talk to about it and it was just burning me up from the inside. They understood better than I could have imagined and also agreed with the stance I’ve taken, even though it is causing strife between K and I. I just have to stick to my guns until he comes to understand or at least to terms. Enough about that.

Today, I’ve done some laundry, some dishes, some sweeping. K2 and I went for a walk this morning for about 30 minutes, and the kids got to go to the park after we picked P up from school for about 40 minutes. I took a nap this afternoon, and it was a little more restful than most naps are. I’m not sleeping well with this stupid cough plus the baby getting bigger. Also, last night K and I discussed the issues and ended up both frustrated and him slightly angry. So I couldn’t get to sleep after that and then slept more restlessly than normal with the worry about him/us.

He will be home in 9 days. Hopefully it will be a good weekend that brings us through some of these changes to our relationship. Right now I think he’s not talking/texting me on purpose. I almost don’t care right now. Almost.

The kids and I had dinner and then we had bathtime. Then we had a quick FHE – don’t know how it went, but we did it. I don’t think K2 heard a word, but I know P enjoyed it. We just had a quick lesson about Heavenly Father having a plan for each of us and a couple of components of that plan, then we had a coloring activity and a treat.

I will be putting them to bed soon. And then we start over tomorrow. Still nothing on the house. Argh.

I also have my intake appointment for doctor care tomorrow. Weight, pee in a cup, probably blood pressure, maybe blood work. Group intake, so me and a bunch of women that aren’t even showing yet, most of whom will probably speak Spanish as their first language. Oh well.

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