Batten down the hatches

April 21, 2009 at 10:19 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Up another half pound to 208.5, which confuses me a little since I ate almost completely on plan yesterday and exercised really hard last night for the first time since last Thursday. Well, okay, I guess I’m not confused. The workout could have done it. I could be retaining water. Or it could be that my only big meal yesterday had a few too many carbs in it last night at Zio’s. Bread with my salad. And since I didn’t have lunch I just had a big afternoon snack before dinner. Schedules are important to keep the body knowing there isn’t a famine on, nor a feast.

Anyway, today is batten down the hatches day. Back to no processed stuff for all meals, nor for my main snack. No starch with dinner tonight. And only two snacks even if I have calories “left over”. I’ve been becoming complacent, and that stops today.

Had a fruit smoothie for breakfast with frozen fruit and nonfat plain yogurt. Going to have a conventional LIFE diet lunch and a fruit or veggie for a snack this afternoon since I had yogurt with breakfast. Dinner is chicken, probably with steamed veggies and salad. Night-time snack will be either another veggie or fruit, or a pudding. I refuse to stall out now after working so hard.

I have found that the more I protest, proclaim, etc., on my blog, the less likely I am to act accordingly in real life. Each time I fail to follow through with a plan, I come here and I write up a new plan. And then I don’t follow that either. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t written here a lot about what I’m doing to lose weight. I’m just doing what I’ve proclaimed, professed, exclaimed here dozens of times. Only I’m actually DOING it instead of writing about it.

Last week I got sick and felt awful for a few days. I kept eating correctly, though, until K’s birthday on Friday. And then I think I let too many carbs with the weekend start up my cravings and munchies again. That is at an end. I feel great (just a little remaining congestion that I cough up occasionally) so there is no reason to not return to how I was eating on the second or third week of this thing. Which is how I described today’s menu to be. Mostly fresh, unprocessed food, and exercise. Last night’s workout was hard, but it felt great. I sweated more than normal, and I like to imagine (even if falsely) that it was because I had a few more toxins than normal to get out. The rest of the cold, the tiny overindulgences this weekend, the lack of exercise for the last week. And I’ll work hard again tonight, only tonight will be squats and abs instead of upper body.

I am only a few pounds away from another reward. I’m debating between new weights, a new ring, or new workout clothes. Probably not the workout clothes since I can continue to wear my scrubby, stained clothes to workout in the privacy of my own living room. So then it is between the new weights and the new ring. All my other rewards thus far have been geared toward my entertainment (books) or my looks (jewelry, shoes, bags). So I think I’m going to go with new weights. Yup, 205’s reward is new weights – depending on prices and what I can find, perhaps I’ll get two different weights – maybe 10 lb and 15 lb weights. Then 200 will be a new ring.


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