Holding steady – off routine

April 20, 2009 at 6:49 pm (Uncategorized)

So I’ve been at 208 since Saturday morning after our dinner out on Friday night. Didn’t work out Saturday – mostly laziness and the fact that K was here unexpectedly. I also had to prepare my lesson for church on Sunday. But none of those are really good excuses. Saturday night I also had the munchies really bad and I had some candy and Nilla Wafers that I shouldn’t have indulged in. Then, Sunday I went without breakfast, had a good lunch and snack, and then had potatoes with my dinner at my parents’ house Sunday night. And two chocolate chip cookies. And some fruit snacks. You see why I haven’t continued to lose.

Today was supposed to be back to regular routine, but I was out running errands over lunchtime so didn’t get back until about snack time. So I had a snack/lunch before we went out for an early dinner with my parents for them to celebrate K’s birthday with us. I had a salad, but I also had bread. And the salad had feta and a scrumptious strawberry vinaigrette. So I plan on not having anything else tonight, and tonight is back to 45 minute run and starting with upper body weights. Tomorrow there are no off-routine events going on, thank goodness. Routine is imperative when it comes to weight loss, I think.

Lesson went well on Sunday. This week is supposed to be gorgeous weather, so I’m hoping to schedule for a friend to come help me clean up the backyard on Friday.

K2 has more and more words in his arsenal. Some of them are hard to recognize, but he tries more and more words each day and gets more and more right. Its fun to watch him learn to communicate.


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