So much, so much

June 29, 2010 at 5:47 pm (General Life Updates)

Oh my gosh, there’s no way I can fill in all the details from the past almost-2 weeks. There’s just way too much. So here I go to try and sum up.

Crazy week of packing. Crazy weekend of packing. Crazy 2 days with K in town packing, getting a truck that ended up holding everything, including from the storage unit and the 2 dressers my parents gave us. Getting pink eye. Going to the Immediate Care Clinic and being sent to the ER in case it was glaucoma. Getting antibacterial drops for my eye, but knowing I couldn’t drive to the airport to pick K up.

Pink eye hurts. Sucks. Bad. I got it so much worse than K2 had gotten it. Thanks, tired immune system.

Got little-to-no sleep Monday night at my MILs. Heat, restless legs, pink eye, and a vicious cold – the worst I’ve ever hard. Tuesday we finished emptying the house into the truck and garage and headed to Monument by 11 AM to pick up dressers and my mom, who had offered to drive with me to help with the kids. We weren’t on the road until a little after noon.

We (the kids and I) dropped Mom off in Kaysville about 11:15 PM Tuesday night. The drive wasn’t too bed – just a little painful on my butt and I went through a lot of tissue with the cold. Eye was feeling better by that time, and looked almost normal.

Got to the apartment for our first glimpse of it at midnight. Not sure if I was impressed or freaked out. K slept on the queen air mattress with the kids, and I slept on the twin that he’d been sleeping on. Or I tried to. My cold, dehydration induced leg cramps, heat (the AC wasn’t working right) conspired against me. It was another awful night.

Wednesday morning dawned pretty early for me. I went for a walk around the complex to get a feel for it – pretty nice. Lots of old gorgeous trees. The lake with the ducks, the pool looked clean. It was nice and cool that early in the morning, but it wasn’t to stay that way. By mid-morning K and his cousin were deep into unloading the truck up 3 flights of stairs in some pretty wicked heat. They were done by 1 PM, impressively enough. And we had an apartment full of boxes – and I didn’t know which ones were originally going to come or go to storage. In other words, a disaster.

My mom arrived around noon and helped me to start sorting boxes and unpacking some essential stuff. We got quite a lot done, working until late evening, when I took her back to Kaysville while K took the kids to the pool. Wed night we all had beds, though we didn’t have working AC. Luckily, Mom had also taken P and I to the store to buy some fridge groceries and … a fan. Which I trained on myself, selfishly, all night. It was a rough night, but a little better. This cold has been the most mucous-y cold I’ve ever had – crazy amounts of mucous.

Thursday, we took the rental truck back and picked up the rest of K’s stuff from his brother’s house where he’s been living. There was more than I expected. When we got home and K unloaded it, I got to work unpacking some more. I don’t remember now what I did which day. Just tried to make a dent.

Friday was our first day without K, since he went back to work. I got a lot unpacked, and was exhausted by the time K got home. I don’t remember Friday evening, but I know K made dinner. Saturday was more of the same. Unpacking, organizing, trying to keep the kids happy. Saturday night K made dinner again, and then we went out for some ice cream – pretty late, but worth it.

Sunday, we got up and got ready for church. K’s cousin had come home from his 2-year mission in New Jersey on Wednesday evening and was speaking at church with all his family in town. It was an excellent meeting, very emotional. He gave a great talk and between his weepiness and K’s, I couldn’t keep it together and ended up going through every tissue I had plus some (reuse!!). It is NOT a good idea to get weepy while you’re suffering from the mucous cold from He77.

After the sacrament meeting, we left to one of K’s cousins mother-in-law’s where he lives with his wife. For awesome food, great company, and a great time sitting around talking about missions and conversions to the gospel. More weepiness, unfortunately. The kids had a great time in their backyard, and I ate WAY TOO MUCH food. But everything was so good!!

We got home around 6 and K had to leave around 7:30 to go clean the two stores. He was gone for about 4 hours, and I used that time to watch a few of my shows online. It was relaxing, but I wish we had cable. 🙂 And a DVR.

The last two days have been unpacking and trying to keep the kids happy. I did K’s and my clothes on Monday – tackling our bedroom and closet. Got quite a lot done. Today, I attacked the two boxes for our filing cabinet. Lots of paper to throw away. Also made a mess of the computer table next to me with stuff I haven’t organized yet. Got a hold of the medicaid guy finally and had my phone interview. He is sending a packet to me of paperwork I need to bring to the nearest office to get authenticated by a worker – by July 14. So I hope the packet comes soon so that I can get it there and get an appointment July 14 puts me 2 weeks from my due date. Argh. Trying not to worry.

I made dinner last night. Probably won’t tonight. It is 5:37, and I’m going to leave it to K to figure something out when he gets home. I know I shouldn’t, since he won’t get home until 6:30 or so, but I just get so tired.

The apartment is nice. It is small for a family with 2 kids, one on the way. I have unpacking almost everything except the pile of boxes that were meant for storage. I’m eventually going to have to deal with that stack, especially since I’d like to get a couch in here and right now that’s not possible with the boxes lining the wall by the front door. Got computer set up in the best place for it (I think), and got internet on Friday. The kids seem to be adjusting. The balcony is nice – a contained little outdoors area for them. But it will be better when we’re not using so much of it for storage.

There is still a lot to do. A lot to worry about. I’m trying not to think about it until I can actually do something about it. Which means there’s a lot I’m trying not to think about, and it makes me grouchy and absent-minded.

Tomorrow is K’s day off. We might go swimming with my SIL at her gym with the kids in the afternoon. We’ll also go grocery shopping tonight to get a few more things to stock our freezer.

Right now, we are stranded here during the day since K’s alternate vehicle’s temporary tags expired on Friday. We’re waiting for the title to come, but in the meantime he has to take the H3 to work. Makes it a little hard to go out and find our way around. Plus its been so hot, I haven’t really wanted to go outside.

Ok, I think that about catches me up. I hope I didn’t leave out any detail that I’m going to want to remember later. Oh, well. We are here.


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Getting there, I guess

June 16, 2010 at 4:39 pm (General Life Updates)

I got 2 hours of sleep, not last night, but early this morning. More and more, my legs are getting this restless quality that prevents me from sleeping. Last night was really bad. I got up around 1:30 to try and find something to make me fall asleep. Went back to bed about 20 minutes later, got up again at 4. I didn’t get more than a fitful doze all night until about 5 AM, when I finally slept until a little after 7. My sinuses hurt, my body was uncomfortable, my head hurt. It was a horrible night. So, today has been all through the fog that getting next to no sleep caused.

Monday – packing. Got a lot of the kitchen packed and the storage unit sorted into “‘definitely staying” and “maybe taking, have to look at it first”. MIL was a huge help, and did most of the work, especially the lifting.

Tuesday – lunch with the ladies from work downtown. Walk to office. Said hi to a couple more people. Walked back to car. All more walking than the kids are used to. Got home around 2:30 and slept for about an hour on the couch without meaning to. When both K2 and I finally woke up, I was too tired to walk the kids to the park, so we drove (sad). They played for almost an hour and then we headed home for a weird evening of snacking instead of having dinner, which I felt unequipped to prepare.

Today – Up at 7:40 after sort of finally sleeping for a couple hours. K2 had been in bed with me since 5:00, but blessedly he slept (or pretended to) until about 7:20. Got the kids breakfast and had an apple myself on the way to the Dept of Health for K2’s vaccination appointment where he was to get 2 shots. I tried to tell him what was going to happen but he was all cheerful and excited about it until the needle jabbed him and then jabbed him again. Poor boy. Crying and snot ensued, but he calmed down by the time we got the lollipop in his mouth. At least he’s up-to-date until preschool or kindergarten now, which won’t be for another 2 years probably.

The we walked next door to procure his birth certificate. 17.75 for the first copy!! Sheesh! He got more and more cheerful and was excited to show anyone that would look his Spiderman bandaids.

We then drove to P’s old doctor’s office (don’t go there anymore since I haven’t had insurance) and got her little shot card record updated – I had forgotten to take it with me the last time she got shots there back in 2008. So they stamped and marked it appropriately and we were on our way again.

We stopped at a different and not as familiar park where they played for about 30 minutes before K2 got poopy. When he stopped to get changed in the car, his leg immediately stiffened up and he started fussing and wanted to go home. I tried to get him to take a warm bath when we got home but he threw a major fit and didn’t want to. So I let him continue to stiffen up on the couch because MIL arrived, and shortly after that my mom.

So despite my no-sleep, getting a cold, sinus headache, brain foggy self we got to work. Almost all the kitchen cupboards are now empty. The crawl space is empty. More stuff has been moved to the storage unit, and I have the rest of the empty boxes from the storage unit. My kitchen counter is completely covered in miscellaneous stuff that I have to sort through, and HOPEFULLY throw a lot of it away. I still have 2 junk drawers to go through. There is more to be packed, but good headway has been made. Nothing has been done upstairs yet, but I think the upstairs is going to be easier than down here.

I’m not going to do anymore today. I’m just too exhausted. By the time we got done at the storage unit, my MIL borrowed our H3 to run and errand with my SIL, and my mom took me and the kids to Chickfila for a late, late lunch, we didn’t get back to the house until after 3:30. The kids are in the bathtub now, where I am hoping K2’s bandaids will soak off without any pulling. He’s kind of being a wuss about them. And he’s been limping all day, poor little booger. Kind of tentative to move his leg too much, and extra fussy.

Tomorrow, I will sort through miscellaneous stuff on counters and in drawers and try and bring some semblance of order to the kitchen so that I’m not afraid to go in there. Still gotta feed my kids here for 5 more days. Not to speak of feeding myself. Then perhaps Friday I will be able to start packing upstairs.

Tonight, we are all going to bed at 7 PM. I just hope that tonight, I can actually get to sleep. Maybe a bath would be in order for me, too. I can’t remember the last time I took a bath – its been years. I don’t exactly fit nicely in my bathtub – I’m huge and the bathtub is not. But maybe it would feel good to be immersed in warm water for a while and it might help me sleep.

Countdown to K’s arrival – less than 4 days. Countdown to leaving Colorado – less than 6 days.

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7 Days

June 13, 2010 at 10:39 am (General Life Updates)

Till K gets here.

Friday’s doc appointment went as usual. Peed in a cup, got weighed (only gained 2 pounds, not bad), blood pressure taken (110 over 62), and belly measured. Listened to the baby’s heartbeat – nice and strong.

We came home after the appt, I paid some bills and went over our money availability. Then got to work on cleaning the house. It wasn’t too hard since it was still pretty clean from last week. I wiped down bathrooms – tubs, toilets, sinks, floors. Vacuumed upstairs after the kids cleaned their rooms. Vacuumed the stairs. Did the dishes, wiped down the kitchen. And then took a nap on the couch. I wasn’t going to sweep and mop until after the kids went to bed. The nap turned out to be a mistake.

About 4:20, my mom and a good friend stopped by to drop off new drip pans for our stove – they look so shiny! They were here for about 15 minutes or so. Then we waited for K2 to wake up from his nap to have some mac&cheese w/ hamburger pieces in it and steamed brocoli for dinner. After the kids went to bed I swept, mopped, finished cleaning the kitchen and the counters.

Saturday morning I got up and made all the beds pristinely, tied back curtains, put away all the stuff on the bathroom counters that I’d had to use. Picked up any dirty clothes or toys. Came downstairs, unloaded the dishwasher, got the kids ready to go. We left the house at about 9:45, went to the bank, then Panera for a yummy late breakfast (the kids had had a gogurt before I got up).

After Panera, we drove over to Walmart and picked out a small gift for my niece’s birthday party. We tried to find the lobster tank (the only thing K2 wants to see in Walmart), but they didn’t have one at that store. Then we drove to the library where we returned all our books and the kids hung out in the kids’ library for a while. Then it was time to head to the birthday party.

The birthday party was enjoyable. Mostly the kids running around playing while the adults talked. Then lunch, then cake & singing, then presents, then eating the cake. Party favors for the kids. More kids running around. We left after 3 PM to come home. The kids watched a movie, during which P fell asleep. MIL came over to see the house and the staging and stayed for an hour or so chatting.

After she left, the kids and I got out the 4 bags and 1 box of baby clothing that my SIL has given me and started to sort through it. Shortly after, I was overwhelmed with how much was there. So much clothes! I have a full big box of 0-6 month clothes that I’m going to take with us to Utah. I have another big box of 9 mth – 4T. The 4T are mostly pajamas, but there are some cute 12-18 month clothes. I’ll bring those out to Utah later when the baby gets bigger.

The MIL and I have a plan for tomorrow – we’re going to start at the storage unit and sort through it for anything we need to take to Utah with us this time around. Then we’ll come back here to the house and start packing here. She wants to start on the kitchen, but I think maybe we should start in the crawl space. I mean, I still have to use the kitchen all this week. I think I’m going to have to pull out some of my clothes from the storage unit, and also some blankets. Perhaps some sheets and things like that. K’s bike. Boxes of CDs. Most of the crawl space stuff is going to be able to go in storage – we can get our Christmas decorations at Thanksgiving (we’re already planning to come here).

I’m excited to get started. She suggested that I just pack in boxes all the paperwork in the filing cabinet and sort through it when we get to Utah rather than try to get that big task done this week. She suggested leaving it for long Utah winter days, but I know I’ll want to do it before the baby gets here.

Open house yesterday had one potential interested party. Maybe. I’m not really sold on open houses after these last two. Realtor is excited to have the house empty, thinks it will show even better.

I have a very long list of stuff to do this week, including all the packing. But I’m hoping the week goes quickly. I’m so anxious to see our new place that K signed the lease on yesterday and got the keys for. I’m anxious to see him and live with him again. And have him take care of me a little. We’ve been apart for almost 4 months of this pregnancy and I need a little TLC. Of course, he probably does too. I’m excited to get this new chapter going.

We’re not going to church today because of all the coughing P did last night and all the nose-blowing she’s doing today. Kind of a weak excuse, but that’s what I decided. I didn’t get good sleep, again. Friday I didn’t get to sleep until almost 3 AM, so I am still very tired. Going to parents’ later today for second-to-last Sunday dinner in a while. We’ll have one next week with K after picking him up at the airport I hope. Hard to fathom exactly how this will change our lives – lots of little things that will change that I kind of take for granted.

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Resolved, and deadline fast approaching

June 10, 2010 at 10:37 pm (General Life Updates)

Wednesday, K made a call to the other account that would make or break his decision to come back to CO and take up his old job. And it was a no-go. So, we are still going to Utah in a little over a week.

This is a huge relief. To have the decision once again made. And also a huge stressor, since coming back to CO would have solved some of our problems, while leaving others. I guess there always have to be problems, eh?

So, this week is drawing to a close. Tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning and then I have to find the energy (sadly lacking this entire week) to clean the house to ready it for the open house on Saturday.

Saturday, we’ll have to be out of the house from 10-3. We have a birthday party for a niece to go to at noon that should take a couple hours. But I don’t know what we’ll do for the rest of the time. Gotta figure that out tomorrow, because I’ll need to pack whatever supplies I need Friday night.

Sunday, church.

Next week:

Packing, cleaning, storage unit reorganizing, more packing, likely more cleaning. This will involve getting everything out of our crawl space, something I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to do alone. I don’t know if I can bend over that long – not even sure I’ll make it down the ladder into the cramped space. I’m really not good at being 32 weeks pregnant.

Gotta pack kitchen, clothes, bathrooms, furniture, kitchen. Computer, TV. Garage. Clean it all to leave it immaculate and only collecting dust for showings while we’re gone.

Next Sunday, K will be flying in. We’ll be driving out Tuesday, or maybe Monday night if we can swing it.

I also SHOULD try and fit in some vaccinations at the Dept of Health for the kids. I think they are behind on a couple. Sad that I’m not sure. Gotta get K2’s birth certificate to take with me – yes, he’s two and I’ve never gone and got a copy. I didn’t get a copy of P’s until she entered preschool.

Amidst all the packing, gotta decide what we’re taking to Utah and what we’re not taking.

I’m also really excited for all of us. The excitement is tempered by the stress of all there is to do. But I’m really excited. So excited to be living with my husband again. Starting this new chapter of our lives.

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June 8, 2010 at 5:56 pm (General Life Updates)

Today, K got a call from a colleague from his old job here, basically offering him a way to possibly come back. They want him to; he’s the only way they’re going to keep one of his old accounts – an account that someone else has apparently totally screwed up.

Now my life is once again one big question mark. After multiple phone fights, one serious non-fighting discussion, I have no idea what he’s going to decide or what is going to come of this. Our two week deadline for moving out to Utah could turn into the 2 week deadline for K giving notice at his Utah job and coming back here.

I’m going to feel like such a moron if we aren’t moving. I’m trying not to let that matter – its our life, not other people’s. What they think shouldn’t weigh in our decision.

We’ll still sell the house. But we could live here until it went and be together.

I really love it here.

But I was looking forward to a new start. A change. A challenge.

I have it figured out to have the baby here. A clinic, a hospital, medicaid. I don’t think he’d start making a lot more money so quickly that I’d be disqualified for medicaid too soon.

But I could potentially be disqualified for medicaid eventually. Then we’d be back to no insurance for me or the kids (kids being more important). I was going to apply for them as soon as we got to Utah. Now I’ll have to apply for them here if we stay.

What was the point of all this upheaval if he’s just going to come back and start doing what he was doing before? The job that let him be with us in the afternoons but had him gone 7 nights a week with NEVER any days off and major stress to keep things covered if he was ever too sick to work? No vacations. No time off. No days off. WHAT WAS THE POINT?

He has assured me that HE WILL GET THE FINANCIAL SIDE FIGURED OUT. He won’t let us owe 5000 in taxes next year like the last two years. I have NO REASON to believe him. He has told me that for YEARS and never did it.

There are pros. There are cons. It all comes down to what he WANTS to do to make a living for our family. He has to do something. It doesn’t REALLY matter where, or what. Just that we have some family time, some couple time, and enough money for our needs and a couple wants here and there.

We are both so confused. He has a phone call to make that will make or break the decision for him. Once that is done, if the answer is no the decision is made – we’ll still go to Utah. If that answer is yes, then we have some serious thinking to do. HE has some serious thinking to do.

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Countdown is going quickly

June 7, 2010 at 4:04 pm (General Life Updates)

Let’s see. The open house took all my energy and thoughts and concentration for days. And then it came and went on Saturday with no fruit. The realtor that filled in for our realtor said it showed beautifully, we had a bunch of curious neighbors, and some other people – none of whom thought our house was a match for them. ARGH.

In the meantime, the kids and I went to Panera for breakfast (this was before OH, I just couldn’t face dirtying anything in the house) where I had an egg souffle pastry and the kids shared a bagel with cream cheese. After we waited for the realtor to show up and showed her the house (she was impressed with the staging – said it looked like a model home), we headed for Monument. Once to the grandparents’ house we had some pancakes and then got into our swim suits and headed to the nearest public pool, Wilson Ranch. Pricey. But I guess we had fun. K2 whined and cried almost the entire time. P had a blast, but got blisters on her toes from pushing her way around the channel river so many times on tiptoe. We were there for about an hour. Long enough for K2 to get water up his nose twice, the second time bad enough to make him gag and puke some mucus on me. Lovely.

After our pool experience, we headed back to Monument. The kids PASSED OUT almost as soon as we started rolling. We stopped on base for gas, and got to Mom’s house and put them in bed where they PASSED OUT again. I had to wake P up at 5:20, after sort of waking K2 up at 5. We left there around 5:40 – I should have slept while the kids did, but it didn’t occur to me. We went home and had a quiet evening – K called BlackJack pizza from Utah and paid for some delivery pizza for us.

Sunday we got up and I reluctantly got us ready for church. I didn’t really want to go but I knew that I’d feel guilty if we didn’t go for no good reason. Church was church. K2 calls the nursery leader dad “Daddy”. I hadn’t realized this. It was kind of sad and cute at the same time. He yells Daddy and runs up to tackle his legs.

When we got home, I had a message from my SIL to call her. She sounded like her “sick” self so I was nervous. Sure enough, she’d gotten herself so sunburnt at WaterWorld that she’s in excruciating pain and can hardly move. She wanted me to come get her daughter A for the afternoon and night. She was supposed to come get her this morning, but she “couldn’t” so we were asked to take her to daycare. I am trying to be sympathetic, but I just can’t fathom being quite that stupid at her age. I thought you were supposed to outgrow spending the entire day in the sun almost naked at high altitudes with NO SUNSCREEN in your teens or early 20’s. No? Anyway, it wasn’t smart. So we had A all last night, which means all the kids were up at 6 AM. Yay. Even though I went to bed earlier than I usually do, that sucked. Especially since the restorative nap I was hoping for yesterday afternoon wasn’t going to happen with an extra kid in the house.

K2 fell asleep on the couch for a couple hours pretty late yesterday. When I woke him up around 6, his eye had developed a goopy mess and redness that I was worried was pink eye. He was fussy and after eating a big hunk of cheese (the only thing I could entice him with), he REQUESTED to go to bed. So strange and out of character, especially with his little cousin here. So it was no wonder HE was up before 6 this morning since he’d gone to bed so early. He woke me up at midnight wanting a drink of water, but calmly went right back to bed afterward.

Today, we got dressed and took A to daycare, stopped at a different park we saw from the road on the way back, and then got my SIL’s debit card so we could withdraw the cash K deposited in her account for us in Utah. That reminds me, I need to take her card back but I’m kind of afraid of her asking me to take A for another night. How horrible am I? Sympathy, sympathy….

After coming home for a brief moment, we then headed out to find a Wells Fargo and withdraw the cash and get some groceries, most importantly diapers. I spent way too much at Sam’s Club, as usual. There is no doubt we’re going to HAVE to try and potty train K2 when this new baby comes. I don’t think we can maintain buying two sizes of diapers. We got a soft pretzel to share at Sam’s Club and then headed to King Soopers for some fresh produce – and both kids fell asleep on the way there. So I got parked, realized they weren’t gonna wake up, and then we went home without going in. So we still need to go to King Soopers tomorrow.

They both took naps this afternoon as we got home, so after I’d had some lunch and puttered around a bit, I took one too. Not sure how restful it was, but I’ve been wanting a nap and I guess I got one.

We might have french toast for dinner. I might give K2 a haircut on the back patio this evening (buzz cut). That’s about all we have planned for the rest of today.

This week we need to pack. Maybe make some lists of “needed” and “not-needed” items to take to Utah with us in 2 weeks. Also have to clean to get ready for the 2nd open house this coming Saturday. Oh, and I have a doctor’s appointment Friday morning, a 2-week check-up. No other concrete plans.

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Extreme Makeover – Family cheap edition

June 3, 2010 at 10:26 pm (General Life Updates)

Well, today, both my SILs came over and went Extreme Makeover on my house. I totally don’t mind because they did all the work and they seem to be having fun. Plus I enjoy their company and they both have very good taste. I don’t know if it will help at all, but they are very excited about their changes. I think its kind of funny, because the unspoken implied message is that my general taste (VERY simple) wasn’t good enough and switching everything out for different is going to help sell my house better than what I was living with. Some of the changes I completely agreed, with such as putting more stuff away (paperwork off the computer table, putting cups of pens out of site, clearing off the fridge, just generally decluttering as much as possible, etc.), and I was going to do it anyway in preparation for the open house when I cleaned tomorrow.

But they brought over different couches. They’ve got corkboards that they are prepping with cute renditions of the first letters of my kids’ names. They got a new bedspread for my bed and are very excited for me to get to keep it. Again, don’t get me wrong – it is very pretty and it was a great deal. But I feel bad that they spent the money. I had simple green drapes in my room with a GORGEOUS homemade quilt we received for our wedding with greens, browns, creams, and oranges – sounds 70s, but it totally wasn’t. Anyway, that is now been cleared away for some fancier green/cream/flowered curtains, white bedspread, and a picture over the bed (again, we hadn’t put back up any of our artwork after painting). They are going to put 2 green throw pillows on the bed tomorrow. I really like the bedspread. But I really like my quilt, too. Oh, well. They decorated the indent in the staircase with a big crazy silk flower thingy – pretty but definitely not my taste. I don’t know where my small silk flower arrangement left over from my wedding colors went (I wasn’t here this evening for a lot of the drastic touches) that was in the stairwell.

Tomorrow they are slated to help me move the computer out of here, just for the day. It is down here in the main living area and they think it is too much of a distraction from someone really appreciating the space. Ok. As long as I don’t have to go without my computer all week. SIL 1 says she’ll help me move it in and out for this open house and the next one.

The white couches are ok, but they aren’t a that much of  step up from my old ugly couch that was in here until 2 hours ago. But ok. My royal blue pot has vanished, but my green one was deigned good enough for the decor and has been moved to the kitchen windowsill. I love royal blue and green together, but blue wasn’t in the plans. My downstairs drapes (about 1.5 months old) are getting switched out tomorrow I think.

Its all good. I like the changes (mostly), but I just don’t think its necessarily BETTER than what I had in here before. The only changes I would have made even without their help are the decluttering changes.

Regardless, I’m SO grateful for their helpful presence, their enthusiasm, and their positive attitudes about all that they are doing influencing the sale of our house. I hope they are right.

I have a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow. For me, the most important things I see when I look at a potential residence are 1) how clean can I get it? I look at the edges of sinks, the corners of floors, the floorboards, the edges of the counter where it meets the wall. I look at the bottom of toilets, the taps, the bathtub shine. So those are the things I usually focus on when I am getting ready for a showing. I want them to know they can get and keep this house CLEAN, not just tidy with pretty decorations…. and 2) …… how clean can I get it? Maybe that’s why my decorations weren’t up to par – I’m focusing on the area that’s important to ME and that’s not necessarily how everyone thinks.

So, cleaning AND tidying tomorrow. SILs can scurry around me and put finishing touches on decorations. I’ll be scrubbing toilets, floors, sinks, and bathtubs. Dusting. Vacuuming. Sweeping. Mopping. Yippeee.

RS activity tonight was good. I can’t decide if I’m glad or dismayed that I have quite a few brownies left. K2 has a blister on his little foot from wearing his crocs for the first time (a little too big still). Poor baby boy. So tired, no nap, and I didn’t get them to bed until almost 10. P is up there coughing, which means this cold of hers is escalating past a sore throat. You never know with her if a sore throat is a consequence of thinking too hard about what hurts or if it actually is a sore throat. Appears it is.

Guess I better get to bed myself. In my new bedspread-ed, curtained room.

Oh, can’t forget to mention that all decorating aside, my SIL 1 has done an AMAZING job of tilling, raking, and cleaning the backyard. Putting down seed, and just generally making the yard look much more like a work-in-progress than its previous, we’ve-almost-given-up-here ambiance. I am so grateful for her LITERAL sweat off her brow – she worked very hard back there almost single-handedly. Cheerfully, which is even more impressive and LOVING of her.

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Ultimatum & a Deadline

June 2, 2010 at 2:00 pm (General Life Updates)

Last night, I had a long conversation/fight/discussion with my husband. Without going into all the details of he-said, she-said, he basically gave me an ultimatum. Either I set a date, relatively soon, when the kids and I were going to pack up and come to Utah, or he was going to quit his job and come back to Colorado and start working JP again. He said all my reasons were just excuses, and something had to be forced to change or this wasn’t going to work.

So, keeping in mind that we’re having an open house this Saturday (5th) and next (12th), I said 3 weeks. We will be on our way on or before the 21st of June. So while I’m busy setting up for the 2 open houses, seeing how much of our stuff I can fit in the storage unit, and packing everything else to take with us, he is supposed to find us a place. He says he’s going to find a 2-bedroom apartment, which I actually had nightmares about last night. Imagining all soon-to-be 3 of our kids sharing a room and all of us living in a small living room and dining area that’s sure to accompany the 2 bedrooms is a daunting idea. But his plan is for us to live there for 6 months to save money and then we’ll move into something bigger. Another move. Fantastic. He is also supposed to try and find a clinic that will accept Medicaid-pending so that I can apply for Utah Medicaid as soon as I get there and then be treated in the meantime since by then I’ll be just 5 weeks from my due date.

He is also supposed to come up with a plan for continuing to pay our mortgage here while we pay rent there. One of my “useless” excuses for not coming out there yet.

Yesterday, my SIL and her kids were here for a few hours while she roto-tilled the backyard after helping me weed the front. She also brought me a bunch of stuff for staging the kids’ rooms, which I put out late yesterday afternoon. The rooms look good, though I don’t know that they look much better. Just different. But its fun for the kids. Today, I bought some stuff to help hang up her decorations and also a TV tray table for a nightstand in my room since I’ve been using an upside-down laundry basket.

Today, I spent way too much time and money getting K’s buffer out of the pawn shop and then shipping it to him. Way too much money.

Tonight, I’m going to drop the kids off at Mom’s house and go to the temple by myself. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m kind of nervous. Its been a really long time, and an even longer time since I’ve gone alone.

Tomorrow, I have to make some brownies and then tomorrow night is a Relief Society activity at church – I signed up for a dessert, hence the brownies. During the day, SIL is supposed to come back and finish working on the back yard, rototilling one more time and taking care of the rest of the piles of weeds and then putting down clover seed. She’s also going to help me decorate, but I’ve kind of already done it. Sometime before Saturday I have to get some scented something-or-other to make the house smell good for the open house.

We don’t have cable anymore. The kids and I are adjusting.

That’s about it I guess.

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