Thursday night

July 30, 2009 at 7:03 pm (General Life Updates)

Today was largely just normal. Took P to swimming lessons, came home and got ready for work. K took me to work today, which I always enjoy because I get to be with him and the kids for that much longer. I worked. There was no chocolate available so I kept my eats under pretty good check. K picked me up from work and we drove north to get the monthly check and then drove over to the bank to cash it.

K wanted pizza, so he ordered that up and I didn’t have the energy to make myself something more healthy. I had 3 pieces of pizza and a cup of milk. And I just had some yogurt for dessert. We’ll see if that’s all I eat tonight before my workout. Been working out hard – and I’ve been staying at 195. Haven’t gone below. Getting kind of frustrated but trying to remind myself that I’ve been having treats every day, even if they’re my allowed snacks. So I’ve got to give it time. Today I’m wearing a pair of pants that my mother bought me a couple months ago and they are baggy. So I think I’ve been losing inches even since I stopped losing pounds about 2 months ago.

Last night I seriously considered trying weight-loss supplements again, though I don’t know which I’d try. I had some Lipo 6 in the cupboard so I got those down but they seem to have gone rancid so I tossed them out. I didn’t think they worked anyway (no offense meant to Lipo 6, I just didn’t feel like they worked for me). I’m still debating it today (taking something), and if I had a lot of money at my disposal I almost certainly would take something. As it is, I’m not sure I can afford it, especially considering how much trial and error there is in finding something that lives up to its hype.

In other news, I’m IN LOVE with Google Reader. How come I haven’t tried it before? I read so many blogs, and just clicking through my saved Favorites to see if my favorite bloggers have written anything new takes time, especially when they haven’t written anything. Now I don’t have to! Google Reader TELLS me!! Love, love, love it. Showed K, and he tried to be enthusiastic for me, even though he doesn’t really care. 🙂


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Sum up & oatmeal adventure

July 29, 2009 at 7:30 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)


Swimming lessons went great. P was even more happy to be there today, did what the teacher’s told her to, including bobbing up and down to put her head in the water. She was quite enthusiastic about it, just like I asked her to be, and I was so happy with her. They also took them over to the diving board and dropped P off of it a couple times. I was pretty skeptical and nervous when I looked up from my magazine to see that they were walking over there, but P walked (shivering) to the end of the board with the teacher following her and one in the water to catch her. Then she picked up P under the arms and kind of dropped her off to the other teacher. I was so proud of her for not crying or throwing a fit – even I hate to drop off the board. She says she doesn’t want to do that again, but I bet she will. I told her she could work on jumping off by herself tomorrow.

Then I had the meeting @ P’s school for final paperwork, uniform info, school supply list, etc. I’m kind of overwhelmed by the school supply list and uniform list. The beginning of school is going to be expensive. Oh, well. I’m excited for her, nervous for her, and more all rolled into one. I found out today that she is in AM kindergarten with a Mrs. C. I hope she loves her teacher. I also hope she’s ready.

This afternoon was a lot of lounging around, reading magazines, and listening to the weather. Then a nap. Lots of thunder, rain, and lightning. I slept until 5 PM, and K stepped in and prepared a dinner, thank goodness. And not good at the same time, because he made noodle tuna casserole with lots of cheese. Again, not diet friendly. Part of the reason I slept this afternoon was because I felt like eating and needed to stay out of the kitchen. Anyway, I had one helping of the casserole with lettuce and corn.

Heather at Heather Eats Almond Butter eats a lot of different variations of oatmeal. Tonight I was craving something sweet, chocolatey, and preferably peanut buttery. So I thought I’d try something a little different. I made some oatmeal in the microwave with water, then poured it in the blender and blended it with about 1 T of natural PB and a little sugar (I like my oatmeal sweet). After I blended it, I poured it back in the bowl and sprinkled some chocolate chips on it, which quickly melted. It was pretty good, though I’m not sure it entirely satisfied my desire to eat, eat, eat. It felt healthy and decadent at the same time. I definitely think I should keep trying different variations of oatmeal instead of my same-ol’ same-ol’ oats & berries.

The kids and I are sitting around now just killing time until bed-time. My days of sleeping in until 9 are numbered since P will have to be at school 5 days a week by 7:50. Ugh. Its going to be a big change for all of us, one that requires a stricter bed-time for all of us as well. 2 weeks of summer left.

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Another Contest

July 28, 2009 at 7:04 pm (General Life Updates)

at Prior Fat Girl. She’s giving away a cookbook that I’d totally love to try! Check it out at Have a great night!

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Summer’s almost over

July 28, 2009 at 10:53 am (General Life Updates)

I can’t believe P starts kindergarten in a little over 2 weeks!! I have a mandatory show meeting tomorrow – where I BETTER find out about school supplies, if she is morning or afternoon, etc. Not knowing those things is driving me crazy.

The kids have decided to start sleeping in even later this week again. Both yesterday and today I’ve had to wake P up at 9 when I’ve gotten up so that we could get ready for swimming lessons. She rarely has slept past 8:30 for a while, so this is kind of weird to me. Maybe its the swimming that’s making her extra tired? The swimming lessons are going well so far; only two days but she already made a big improvement from yesterday to today. Yesterday she didn’t say a word during her lesson, she didn’t crack a smile, and she scowled a lot because the 5 boys in her class were crowding her. Yes, what are the chances that there wouldn’t be another girl in her class??? Argh!! Anyway, we had a positive discussion about it yesterday after class, about how she’s had boys that are friends and its no biggie that there aren’t girls, that her teachers are girls so that’s great, that she enjoys being in the water, and that she can answer her teachers with more than a nod or shake of the head, but actually respond out loud. Today she actually spoke – maybe not a lot, but I saw her talking to her teachers. She smiled a lot, and she put her face underwater twice, once with help and once by herself. So tomorrow we’re going to focus on putting her head all the way under when she’s asked to do it. I just want her to keep enjoying herself – so far so good.

Had really good eats yesterday. Going to do great again today. Have to go to the office – but I’m prepared. I’m back down to my low of 195, where I’ve been struggling to stay but haven’t gone under. Considering that yesterday I “lost” 2.5 pounds, though, I hope its coming. I started my TOM Sunday night so I think I was bloated yesterday, but I always have better control when I’m on my period than right before anyway.

Went grocery shopping with a budget yesterday and I managed to buy pretty much everything on my list. A lot of healthy food in the house, though we’re a little lacking in fresh veggies right now.

I’m still making nightly lists of t0-dos for the next day along with a menu for my meals for the day. I think it helps a lot.

Well, I have to go get ready for work. Running behind – just got done with my breakfast while typing this since I didn’t have time to eat before P’s swimming lesson. So now I only have about 40 minutes to get ready for work, but that’ll do I guess.

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No night-time binging, but the day-time eats haven’t been stellar

July 25, 2009 at 11:32 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Yesterday was a good day. But weird with the eats.

By the time I got to the bank and back to get ready to go swimming with P, I didn’t have time for lunch. We got to the pool at about 12:55 and had to wait for a few minutes until they opened the pool for open swim. Then we went in, stripped down to our swim suits, took quick showers to get wet, and headed into the pool area. P was shaking with cold by this point as we walked to the far side of the pool to get her a life jacket and water noodle. We spent 45 minutes moving around in the water with her practicing floating on her back, kicking her legs, swimming around on her stomach (with help of life jacket and water noodle under arms and chest), and putting her face in the water. It was a lot of fun and I kept her moving enough to stay warm. Once we’d been in for a while, getting out made us cold but getting in was nice and warm. We enjoyed the one-on-one time and I was very pleased with her willingness to try new things in the water.

At about 1:45, we got out to get dried off. We took some quick turns in the warm showers and P got dried off and dressed. I dried off a little and wrapped myself in a towel for the drive home, planning to take a shower and get ready there. Once we got home, we discovered that K2 has never gone down for a nap because K had “tried” and K2 struggled and didn’t want to go down, so K didn’t make him. !!!! Who is in charge here??? K2 never would have gotten away with that with me.  The rest of the day could have been way worse than it was due to him not having a nap. As it was, it was just marginally rougher than normal.

Since K had been entertaining K2 the whole time P and I were gone, he hadn’t taken a shower and gotten ready, so we both quickly got ready and dressed to go meet my parents at 3 for dinner at Famous Dave’s BBQ. We got there right on time, and I was just really happy to be there. Happy to be with my kids and my hubby and my parents. We had a nice meal – I got a salad but wasn’t thrilled with it. But I ate most of it and for once I remembered to get the dressing on the side, and I only used about a tablespoon’s worth of the bowl they gave me. The kids did ok on their meals, if not great. I had a few of their french fries and 2 cornbread muffins (YUM!) to add to my salad.

After dinner, we parted ways from K and went with my parents. They were having a canning event at their church building and they’d ordered us some wheat for food storage since they didn’t really need anything for themselves but wanted to participate. So I went to “help” can the wheat. We hung out at their house for about an hour – grandma and P “playing” tennis in the backyard. Which basically means they were trying to hit a tennis ball to each other and they rarely connected so most of the time was spent chasing the balls around. K2 got progressively more hyper as he got more tired. Occasionally fussy, but happy as long as he could run around like a crazy person.

We went over to the church building and quickly canned 9 cans of wheat for me to take home. We sampled the homemade WW bread w/honey, some choc chip cookies, and apple chips (so good!). We also got to take a loaf of the bread with us, which was awesome. Its really good! The kids kind of ran around, ate some goodies, and generally got underfoot. K2 seemed to think the slipper gym floor (sometimes with flour on it from people canning flour) was great, and he ran around slipping and sliding on purpose. After we finished, no one really needed any help, so we headed out back to my parents’ house because Mom had something she wanted to show me that she’d forgotten earlier. Basically a box of stuff that she wasn’t sure if it was mine or my sister’s. Turns out it was almost all my sister’s, so she’ll have to ask A if she wants it.

Then my parents took us home – just in time to get ready for bed. Especially since K2 manic-boy was so exhausted.

After the kids were in bed, I worked out. Since I’d had quite a few snacks at the canning event and a Dove ice cream bar at my parents’, but other than that just 2 meals of the day, I wasn’t sure if I was fighting a high-calorie day or a low-calorie day. That’s what I get. Anyway, I ran for 45 minutes which was pretty hard since I haven’t been going for that long for a few weeks. Then I did 3 sets of upper body weights.

I ended up staying up until 12, cooling off, taking a shower, reading a book. And then I didn’t get up until 9:30 this morning.

It is now 11:30 and I would like to work out this afternoon since K isn’t going to work tonight and he wants to take the family to Casa Bonita up in Denver for dinner and to get our caricatures drawn (a family and one of K2; we already have individuals of P and us). He wants to do something as a family, and since he got an advance yesterday that’s what he’s decided on. I’m thinking if I’m not too exhausted when we get back from Denver tonight I’ll go grocery shopping since I don’t want to wait until Monday (I don’t shop on Sundays) to get a few of the things on my list that we’ve run out of. Of course, K might not like that idea – he’s probably wanting to hang out just the two of us since we never get to do that in the evenings. Or ever. So maybe the grocery shopping can wait until Monday.

Oh, my title. What I mean is I haven’t been binging and I’ve been working out every day because of the contest, but other than getting in produce every day my eats haven’t been stellar all week. I haven’t really lost any new weight. I need to step it up if I’m going to go back to LOSING. The improvements forced by the contest are a good start, but they’re not enough to actually lose.

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I was right

July 24, 2009 at 10:18 am (Uncategorized)

I did have another crash that made if harder to work out. After putting K2 down for the night, P asked if she could play with my hair while she watched her night-time cartoon. I LOVE it when she plays with my hair. Usually on weeknights I tell her no because I need to get started on my workout. But last night I knew my workout was going to be weak, so I let her play with my hair for about 15 minutes – which almost put me to sleep.

But I have a contest going on, and I can’t afford to pay $10 just because I’m sleepy and feeling lazy. So I got up off the bed (I was laying down while she played with my hair because she said trying to reach my head while I was sitting up was hurting her back), changed my bra and my shirt (already had on my workout shoes and pants), and headed downstairs. I did 32 minutes on the treadmill, which filled my daily quota. But I kept it at a brisk walk – no jogging. And I didn’t do any weights after. My heart rate got up, but not that far, and I didn’t sweat much at all. Pretty wimpy all around, but it was still good for me to do that walking so I’m glad I did it. And if it hadn’t been for the contest I wouldn’t have done it. I would have binged. Because that’s really what I was in the mood to do. So I had a 100-cal pack of kennel corn and left it at that. Once again, couldn’t afford to binge and pay $10. Plus there isn’t much in the house to binge on anyway. 🙂

Up to 197 this morning – but I figured something like that would happen. I’m not worried about it, but I’m certainly going to try and do better today. Going out to eat this afternoon with my parents for K’s celebration dinner, and I’m going to pick something marginally healthy, hopefully they’ll have a salad that appeals. And I need to remember to ask for dressing on the side. Also going swimming for about 40 minutes this afternoon with P at the pool where her lessons are being held next week so she can get used to it. Looking forward to it, but its going to be a time crunch to do that and get home & ready to get to the restaurant.

Had a yummy shake this morning – but it was sans spinach since my whole container of spinach seems to have gone bad extremely fast. Disappointing since I can’t afford to buy more right now.

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Skin of my teeth

July 23, 2009 at 5:42 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

That’s how I’m fulfilling my goals so far today. I had a great breakfast and a great lunch (both of which fulfilled my fresh produce goal for the day). Then I was at work and I passed a container of homemade choc chips cookies in the break room. 3 cookies later…… then a couple fun size Twixes. Then a bag of cheetos that someone had left from a box lunch. Needless to say, I didn’t eat the healthy snack of a hard-boiled egg & natural applesauce that I’d packed for myself.

I got home, and my DH had made dinner! How great is that??? But what did he make? Full fat hot dogs and baked potatoes. I could have taken that and run with it, but with the sugar crash that I was going through, I ate way too much. Too much butter on my potato (should have just had the cheese instead of both), and 2 hot dogs when I should have just had one. We had them on WW bread, but still. We did have steamed zuchinni, and it was DELICIOUS. But other than that, dinner wasn’t good for me other than the fact that I didn’t have to make it. Ugh.

So, I haven’t binged at night today. And I’ve gotten my fresh produce. And I’ll work out tonight. But I don’t think today is a day that’s going to make me lose weight. With all the carbs and fat I just ate, I’ll probably have another crash later tonight that’ll make working out that much harder.

Still hoping to take the kids to the park after K2 eats his dinner.


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Thursday, July 23rd

July 23, 2009 at 10:41 am (General Life Updates)

Yesterday was pretty busy. I made a big double batch of snickerdoodles in the morning and then took them over to my friends’ house for her to use for the Young Women activity last night. I hope they liked them; I sampled a couple and they tasted pretty good to me. 🙂 Of course, they had sugar in them, so of course they tasted good to me.

In the afternoon I did some chores around the house, helped K get his resume updated, and read some magazines that my SIL lent me. K got home 2 hours later than he said he would, and he maintained radio silence that whole time. So by the time he got home I was pretty irritated – not that he was so late but that he hadn’t kept his phone with him so I could get a hold of him and know what was going on. Because I had realized that the b-day party I was supposed to take P to was at the same time K was leaving for work, and OH YEAH, we only have one car. Sheesh. How I didn’t make that connection 4 days ago, I have no idea. It worked out that K took us to the park where the party was being held and dropped us off, and then someone there gave us a ride home. We were prepared to walk (I brought the double stroller); its only about a mile from our house. But it started raining so I’m glad someone was kind enough to bring us home.

The party was at 5:30, and I hadn’t planned any dinner because I’d assumed (wrongly) that there would be something to eat at the party since it was right in the middle of dinner hour. Wrong! Just cake. So after my kids had a huge sugar rush from having cake for dinner, when we got home I fed them some more balanced snacks before we took baths (they got really sandy at the park playing in the sand volleyball area) and got ready for bed.

Then I worked out. It was a late start and someone came by with something for K in the middle of my run, so there were some pauses in the workout. But it was nice and long, trying to compensate for the cookies and cake, and DECADENT shake I’d had for dinner after the b-day party. I got a little carried away, and added milk, protein powder, peanut butter, a chocolate FF pudding and a whole banana. It was REALLY good, but it was pretty high calorie. Add that the cookies I’d sampled and the cake at the b-day party (I ate a piece that was basically the tower of the ‘castle’ made of a small sugar cone and hoho covered in frosting), it was kind of a sugar-filled day.

Thankfully, the long workout at least kept me at yesterday morning’s weight – back down to 195. Now that I’ve re-lost the 4 pounds that I lost last month (and a few times since then) I REALLY want to keep going DOWN, not UP then down. There isn’t anything junky in the house (though we do need some groceries), and I don’t think there are any b-days or cookie-making favors in my near future. I’m still excited about the contest, and so far haven’t had to pay anything to contest costs. I’ve had a workout every day this week, fresh produce more than once every day, and no binges.

I’ve been making a list of to-do every night for the next day along with a menu for the next day as well. Its been helping a lot to make sure I get a few things done each day – feeling nice and productive!

Today I have done a couple basic chores (unloaded dishwasher, started a couple loads of laundry that I’ll put away tonight, swept kitchen), and now I have to go get ready for the office. Tonight I hope to take the kids to the park after dinner if it isn’t raining. And workout.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to take P to swim at the pool where her swimming lessons are taking place next week, then we’re meeting my parents at Dave’s BBQ at 3 PM for a celebratory dinner for a big goal K just accomplished last week. Saturday, we’re going to Rodizio Grill up in Denver with K’s family. That’ll be a HIGH calorie dinner so I’ll need to eat to plan for that on Saturday.

Okay, I’m off!

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Keeping it cheap

July 21, 2009 at 10:43 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

So far so good on the contest. Eaten pretty well the last couple days, and most importantly, haven’t binged at night. Worked out hard, did lower body last night and upper body tonight. And I’m feeling good. The only thing I’m worried about at this point is running out of fresh produce and not being able to afford to buy more. But I’ll just have to make do.

This evening the kids and  I spent some time outside; I weeded and they played. My SIL came by to lend me some Oxygen and Clean Eating magazines to look at. I love looking at magazines if they are good ones with something more than fluff pictures in them, so I’m excited to get new recipe and workout ideas from them. Yesterday I went to the library and checked out a couple books. So I’m stocked with reading material for now.

I also went across the street tonight and borrowed a mixer from my neighbor because I’m been asked to make some snickerdoodles tomorrow for the young women’s activity tomorrow night. I’ll let each of the kids have a cookie, but I need to stay out of them and deliver them all to my friend that made the request. I’m flattered that I make the best snickerdoodles she could think of. That’s never happened before.

Tomorrow should be a busy day. I’m supposed to go visiting teaching (basically visiting women from our church’s women’s organization to see if they need anything or if we can do anything for them), make the cookies, take the kids to a kiddie birthday party. And I’ve also made a list of chores I want to get done.

I’m hoping to take P swimming sometime this week in the pool where her swimming lessons will be held next week so that she is familiar with the place and feels comfortable. That will maybe happen Friday or Saturday morning. But I’ll need either my mom or K to go with me, because the pool isn’t shallow enough anywhere for the kids to stand on their own and I’ll need help holding up P and K2.

Well, I better take a shower and get some sleep.

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Contest/competition – perhaps just against myself

July 20, 2009 at 9:38 am (Plan)

Money motivates me. We don’t have enough of it, and being held monetarily responsible for my health pushes me to make healthier choices. At least that’s the idea. I’m hoping that my brother decides to join me, because putting money into a pot that just goes back to me isn’t exactly a detterent. 🙂 My mother says she wants to participate also. I figure the person that pays the least into the pot gets the pot. That’s the only thing I can think of to make this thing work for more than just two people.

Last night I made my goals. Good thing, too, because I weighed in at 201.5 this morning, while I’ve been hovering between 198 and 199 all week. Below are my goals and I’ve started today. I’ve picked my biggest weaknesses to address with this contest – the rest of my eating habits are pretty good and if they’re not they’re minor compared to the night binging. I’m starting today, and hopefully I can get Mom and A on board quickly, though I fully intend to win. I want to use this competition as a way to continue to establish habits. Habits that will last me even after I get pregnant.


1) No binging at night. Binging is defined as having more than 1 or 2 snacks after dinner or eating after 9 PM (I rarely eat after 9 that it doesn’t turn out to an all-out assault on the kitchen). CONTEST COST: I pay $10 into the pot for every night I binge, added up weekly.

2) Exercise at least 30 minutes 6 times a week. I usually work out for closer to an hour, but I’m trying to learn that 30 minutes is still great and if I can’t do an hour or more, 30 minutes of something is still worth it. CONTEST COST: $10 into pot for every missed day.

3) Fresh produce at least once a day. CONTEST COST: $5 for every day missed.

I have a feeling that A and Mom are going to think my costs and goals are too steep. But I know myself and if I set them as some measly $5 per week or $1 per infraction, I will think its worth it to pay. When I mentally decided I’m going to binge (YES, I DECIDE, isn’t that AWFUL? But its true), I’ll be like oh, its only a dollar. And I’ll dive headfirst into a bucket of yogurt. So to speak. So I’ve decided to make this EXPENSIVE for myself if I don’t follow through. Because I don’t have that kind of money.

So there you have it. I started today. Last night I made dinner menus for the week and a list of breakfast and lunch ideas. Trying to mix it up a little instead of eating the same things over and over. I’m also going to make a sign for the fridge at my parents’ house (my printer is out of ink), and I’ll track infractions/costs/goals achieved in a spreadsheet. Today I’m going to make some lentil soup and some roasted chickpeas for salads. Yum!

Still deciding if I’m going to go for an outdoor run today or if I’ll just work out inside.

Happy week everyone!

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