Here I Go Again

July 10, 2011 at 12:00 pm (General Life Updates, Plan)

On a quest to lose 90 pounds. I am following a slightly modified LIFE diet, and currently I am using a Sparkpeopl3 app on my phone to log my food. Quite possible I will burn out, but for now it is entertaining to log everything right there on my phone. I have lost somewhere between 9 and 5 pounds since Tuesday. I say somewhere between because the first day I didn’t weigh in until late afternoon, when my weight is probably at its highest. It was 239.5. The next morning it was 234.5, and now it is 230.5. So, I’m not exactly sure where to call my starting point. Perhaps, just to make myself feel good, I’ll say its 239. 🙂

I’m not even sure its a LIFE diet at this point. I am eating fruits and/or veggies with every meal and snack. Having a large salad with or before dinner. Not using anything but stevia to sweeten anything that needs sweetening (mainly oatmeal at this point). Not eating after 9:00 PM. Having 3 meals and 1-2 snacks a day. Eating a lot of produce with the meals. I am not going low-fat like the LIFE diet requires – I am using full-fat yogurt, coconut milk, peanut butter, etc. But I’m back to measuring out a reasonable portion of said fatty foods. I am not buying the foods that trigger me such as granola bars, or granola.

I am aiming for 5 hours of exercise per week. I haven’t reached that this past week, but I am learning what works. I have learned I can’t use the treadmill while D is asleep, so  I’m gonna have to start using it while she’s awake. Probably, I will put the 3 kids in P’s room and let them play in there together for the 30 minutes it takes me to work out. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable – 30 minutes isn’t that long. The trick is finding 30 minutes that D is in the mood to play and not fuss – a difficult task these days. She is pulling herself up and around on walls and furniture, and has even taken a couple tentative steps on her own a few times, but she’s not walking yet. Maybe the frustration is getting to her, maybe its more teeth coming in. Either way, she is very fussy and needy these days.

This coming week I am hoping to be able to attend both Zumba classes, Mon and Wed. That will be 2 hours of exercise. Then, if I walk/jog on the treadmill Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I will be at about 4 hours. If I include some bodyweight exercises with a couple of those workouts (30 minutes worth), I will be at 5 hours. Its not a fool-proof plan, but that’s what I’m going to work toward. I want to purchase, perhaps from craigslist, a weight bench and some dumbbells, not necessarily together, to help expand the resistance training I can do.

I am planning on this taking about a year to lose. K hopes I will do it quicker, like say a pound a day for 90 days. Yeah right. I am also intending these eating habits to become deeply ingrained during that year, so that when I’ve lost the weight it is natural to just continue on the way I’ve been going to maintain my health.

Other than that, life goes on as normal. The kids drive me crazy. K works all the time except for his days off. He’s sleeping right now, and though I had a car and could have gone to church I wimped out for taking the kids by myself. He will wake up this afternoon and probably get called in again tonight. And his days off start on Friday so we have a few days until his schedule norms out. I might have offended the neighbor kids enough to have their mom tell them they can’t play with my kids anymore. I hope I’m wrong, but time will tell if I’m going to have to grovel and apologize. The other neighbor kids just got back yesterday and I hope P makes friends with one of them – they haven’t met yet but I really like their mom.

The summer reading program is over at the library; the kids had fun with the crafts each week and grand finale pizza party. We spent 4th of July with my parents in Monument – they came and got us on Sunday and brought us home on Tuesday. D slept with me for 2 nights, which wasn’t very restful. But we went to the Monument parade and the kids got candy and then we spent a nice afternoon playing in the pool, having the missionaries and our friends Aunt D and Uncle D over for BBQ. Keith worked 9 hours on the 4th, which is double-pay and will help since he didn’t get a lot of hours last week.


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A Banner Day

June 23, 2011 at 11:50 am (General Life Updates, Plan)

Yesterday I bit the bullet and made my chore/schedule charts. One for me, K2, and P. We will print up new ones each week as the old ones will be full of stickers from tasks accomplished. We’ve already used a bunch of stickers just filling in yesterday’s column. We have established a new routine of daily bed-making and room-cleaning. I have put scripture reading personally and with the family on the charts. They take turns putting away the silverware from the dishwasher. They are taped on our cupboard doors in the living room. Not fancy home decorating, but important.

Part of mine is brushing and flossing my teeth by 9:30 (which implies no eating after that). Last night I got a sticker. I also called and made a dentist appointment for this coming Monday for the cavity that is giving me a tooth ache. I’m scared to go – scared its gonna hurt. I’m such a wimp when it comes to my teeth, but I obviously can’t put it off any longer if I wanna keep my tooth. Eesh.

I didn’t put working out on my chart yet. Since there’s a new one each week, plus space to write stuff in, I can add it whenever. I’m considering walking on the treadmill right now since I just put D down for a nap. I also want to start walking with our neighbor next week. She goes either 1 or 3 miles depending on if she is going to the gym – she takes her dog. I’ll have to bring the kids, so I hope it doesn’t make her dog go crazy. She goes about the time I’m getting up in the morning, so its a good thing I’ve put getting to bed by 10:30 on my chart. I tried last night – and couldn’t get to sleep until almost midnight, then K got a call into work and D woke up to be fed. Ugh. So he’s been at work since 2:30 AM this morning and texted me this morning at about 10 to say he was gonna work a double, so we won’t see him until after dark tonight most likely. Kinda sucks cuz he was only up for an hour yesterday when he got home, and then went to bed by about 5:30 to sleep until he got that call at 1:15 AM.

I only have a couple more tasks to get done today. Dinner being one of them since I didn’t really make dinner yesterday. Going through paperwork and at least sorting out what I can throw away is something – I haven’t really filed in about 6 months. Sad, but true. Getting my filing and paperwork in order would take hours, so I’m going to try and tackle it a bit at a time. Laundry needs to be put away. And I need a shower sometime today – hopefully after I talk myself into exercising. Guess if I did T-Tapp I wouldn’t have to put on a sports bra. I dunno.

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Remember this for later – Goal

May 8, 2010 at 12:57 pm (Plan)

There are a couple of things I think would be fun to instigate in my family, dietarily.

1) Meatless Mondays. I’ve debated whether this would be all of us going meat-free all day long, or if it would just mean that I’d make a meatless meal for dinner. Or if just I would go meat-free all day long and then the meatless meal for everyone at dinner. Hmmm.

2) Salad Saturday. To make sure I have at least one salad every Saturday. Still not sure about this one, but Saturdays are often nutritionally lacking with weekend stuff going on plus being tired of eating healthy during the week.

3) Pancake Sunday. There are so many protein pancake recipes I want to try, but I currently don’t have any protein powder.

4) Still trying to think of something for Wednesdays. Would be perfect if it started with “W”, but it doesn’t have to.

I just want to start some traditions that help me to keep my family progressing nutritionally. If could think of something to call it later in the week, I’d do another meatless day because I like the idea of having at least 2 dinners be meatless. But the “M’s” really work for Monday and no other days. Maybe I should say it like I’m German and say “Wegetarian Wednesday”. 🙂

And ideas for other days or traditional meals?

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Hiding Upstairs – literally

January 8, 2010 at 10:33 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates, Plan)

So I knew that for the last few nights that I’ve kept my eating under control after the kids go to bed, I’ve been telling K that I was “hiding” upstairs from the kitchen.

Last night I decided to watch a movie after the kids went to bed, and we don’t have a DVD player upstairs, so I stayed downstairs. And sure enough, I ate. I had my normal snack before the kids went to bed. And after…… 2 bowls of generic Apple Jacks, 2 fun size Snickers, and 2 small handfuls of candied almonds.

Tonight, I want to start a mini-series on DVD that my friend let me borrow to watch called Tinman, a modern take on Wizard of Oz. But I’d have to watch it downstairs.

I need to figure out how to ‘close the kitchen’ to myself and then stick to it. Last night, I was hungry, but I could have left my snack at something healthy and then stopped. I don’t want to have to “hide” upstairs in order to keep from pigging out at night when I work out in the morning.

Tonight, I’m going to send a text message to my mom, maybe my friend R, that the kitchen is ‘closed’ and ask them to keep me accountable by asking me if I ate. If I answer yes, it needs to be that I ate some carrots, or some steamed cauliflower, or a kiwi (not just those, but you get the idea). Text to K, too, but he is altogether too understanding of my eating issues, and a little afraid of me and trying to make me accountable. For good reason since I’ve snapped at him many-a-time for trying to help me curb my eating.

Ok, I have to go ask K if he’s willing to wake up in 30 minutes to go get P from school. If not, I don’t have time to work out before the office today. Since P’s school gets out an hour early on Fridays, this is something I’m going to have to address every Friday. This will be my fourth day of T-Tapp Tempo in a row. I’m sore in some cool places, and I want to keep up this momentum. Planning T-Tapp today, and treadmill tomorrow. Then back to T-Tapp on Monday.

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Figuring out this Maintaining thing

December 8, 2009 at 12:32 pm (General Life Updates, Plan)

Previously, I seem to have two modes for eating. Eating to lose weight, and eating to gain weight. I haven’t seemed to be able to find a medium ground. And now I’m having to figure it out. I guess for most folks, they figure out how to maintain when they get to their goal weight. I’m not at my goal weight, but I am pregnant. And so I need to maintain my weight. There will be some weight gain in the coming months, if I’m able to carry this pregnancy to term, but it shouldn’t be because I’m eating so much that I’ve gained. It should be because I’m eating healthy, sustaining foods that allow the BABY to gain weight. I’m still overweight enough that I don’t NEED to gain a lot of fat stores to accompany my pregnancy like some women need to do. So I should be able to safely gain 15-20 pounds with this pregnancy.

That might be unrealistic, but its what I’m shooting for. When I got pregnant last time, they didn’t want me to gain more than 15 pounds with the pregnancy because of how much I already weighed. I don’t weigh that much anymore, but I’m still overweight. Maybe 20-25 would be more realistic. Either way, it puts me over 200 pounds again the end, which I’m not excited about.

So, what are my goals for this pregnancy? I’ve been eating normally (the way I’ve been eating to lose for about 9 months now), or way more than normal for the last week or so. Pregnancy symptoms are just barely starting – a little hungrier than usual, chest a bit tender, having to wake up every night to pee. There will only be more symptoms, not less, as long as the baby is ok. I need to figure out what my goals are now that my goal isn’t to lose weight. Let’s see….

  1. For now, maintain my weight.
  2. Eat on schedule – breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.
  3. Continue to include fruits and vegetables with every meal and snack.
  4. Continue to work out 5-6 days a week. Look up new full-body circuits online so as not to get bored. Do more T-Tapp.
  5. Find a pregnancy vitamin and start taking it ASAP (I haven’t been previously worried because of all the vegetables I eat, but better to be safe than sorry).
  6. Get more sleep. Lights out by 10:45 at the latest.
  7. Figure out how I’m having this baby. Home, hospital (start saving), midwife, doctor.

These are pretty basic, but I think they’re good goals that should lead to a healthy gain and an easier loss afterward. If anyone has any suggestions for additions, feel free to speak up!

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Decision to start tracking again

November 17, 2009 at 9:50 am (Plan)

I’m not going to start counting calories again, but I’m going to record my eats in my spreadsheet along with my daily weights. I haven’t used the spreadsheet in a few weeks, and I think it is time to start writing it all down again. Started out today with some yummy green oats. Which used the last of my egg white protein powder. Now we have some strawberry whey protein, but I don’t know how that will taste in my oats. I’ll try it, but I might have to invest in some more vanilla powder.

Late last night (causing me to get to bed later than I would have liked) I decided to take progress pictures. Will post later after I’ve edited them to take my head off. 🙂

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Okay, Not Better.

October 27, 2009 at 9:06 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates, Plan)

To sum up. Lots of night-time eating. No workouts since Friday. Friday I ran outside. Went for a mile run with Cloud, which didn’t go very well due to her not liking her new nose-lead and me not having run outside for over a month. Then, I brought her home and went back out for more run/walking. Walking because I couldn’t seem to keep running. 🙂 But I probably went about 2.5 miles total. When I got home, the kids were raring to go on a walk and I convinced K to come with us. We were out for about 30 minutes, most of which K2 was on K’s shoulders or being carried by me. Or crying because we were making him walk a block. What a little wuss, obviously needs some toughening up. 🙂

Anyway, I still ate a lot Friday night. Saturday, K2 and I met up with Mom to go to a craft fair. They wouldn’t let us take the stroller in, so K2 got to walk. Again, he wasn’t all about the walking most of the time, but I got him to walk more than I expected. He wanted to touch everything, of course, but he did well with being gentle and not touching when I asked him not to. After the craft fair, we went to Walmart to get some pumpkins and then back to Mom’s for lunch after we visited my Aunt D to see the renovations on her house. I hadn’t seen her in a while, so it was nice to chat for a while. I always enjoy my conversations with D.

After lunch, K2 and I hung out for a while with Mom and Dad and then headed back home, getting here around 4:30. K and P had gone fishing, literally. And they had a blast – coming home looking like mountain folk about an hour after K2 and I got there. They brought Taco Bell for dinner. Yeah, really healthy.

The evening went quickly and then K was off to work and the kids were in bed and I was alone. Watching TV and eating. Actually, I think Iwatched a movie, and it sucked. But I ate.

Sunday was normal church and dinner in Monument with M&D. Then we made brownies for dessert. After dessert we high-tailed it out of there right after Dad used the snowblower on the driveway because the snow was coming down pretty fast. But the drive home wasn’t too bad, and K is always confident behind the wheel in all weather.

And then yesterday at work in the afternoon. Lots of chocolate. Continued eating after dinner at home. Feeling in a funk because of my lack of motivation, my lack of drive, no desire to work out, no desire to stop eating. Even though there wasn’t anything the house that I REALLY wanted to eat. I still ate.

So, after making a list of Pros and Cons for continuing to stay in this funk, I realized what I already knew. That staying in this funk has no Pros. Not really. Its all Cons. Cons that turn to Pros if I’m making a list about why I should flip back to the other side of controlled eating and exercise. Productivity.

Which led to Signs. Signs all over my kitchen, taped to the outside and inside of the cupboards that hold the food I have been munching on. A sign over my treadmill. Signs that say “Go upstairs!” and “You never regret working out.” and “Is that scheduled?” or “Are you eating mindlessly?” Etc. Signs.

I’m writing on the calendar when I put them up so that I can take them down and replace them in a month – we all know that when you look at something every day it eventually ceases to have as much meaning. Or maybe that’s just me.

I’m going to make a laminated food calendar that I can put up for planned dinners for a week and each night I can add the rest of the meals for the next day in dry-erase marker.

I’ve gotta snap out of it. I’m pretty sure my TOM is starting, so I’m not pregnant. Which means that my time is not up for improving this body before I have to let it gain some weight. And I’m obviously not in the right frame of mind to have a healthy attitude and food intake when I DO get pregnant, if the possibility sends me back into binge-land.

Snapping out of it…. please, let me be snapping out of it. But I know that tonight it is going to be super-easy to once again convince myself not to work out. To eat too much. So tonight is like night #1 all over again. I will have to talk myself down, probably multiple times. Hopefully, the signs will help.

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Might have to stop chewing gum

September 17, 2009 at 9:28 am (Plan)

Not really. But every time I think of getting to that point in weight loss when you have to tighten things up a bit to continue to lose, I think of a story my mom told me about a lady doing Weight Watchers. She couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t losing weight, since she was doing everything “right” (not sure what her definition of “right” was) and she had stopped losing. Eventually, she and her leader figured out it was because she was not counting her GUM. GUM! Now, realistically, I’m assuming it was full-calorie gum and she was chewing a LOT of it. But I always said that when I got to the point when I had to cut out GUM in order to keep losing weight, I’d be done.

Since I don’t really chew gum (maybe once a week), my “gum” will probably be something different. Like peanut butter maybe?

Regardless of what it is, I’m not to that point yet. But I am to a point (I think) when I need to be a little more careful. Up until now, I’ve been able to lose weight at a respectable rate (okay, not respectable, but losing) and still have a lot of treats throughout the week. When I say treats, I mean little chocolates at the office, a little bit of starch with dinner, maybe a small helping of seconds of starch (about 1/4 cup), creamy sauces on my meat, an extra peach or snack with my snack. Dessert after dinner instead of a healthy snack. Not sure what else to catalog as treats, but suffice it to say that I’ve been pretty lenient with my diet.

One day does not a statistic make, but yesterday I felt I had eaten well, pretty much on the mark. I’d had that extra peach after my yogurt/peach/granola snack since the peaches were so delicious. I’d had that extra 1/4 cup of whole wheat buttered noodles with dinner. But other than that I had plenty of veggies and fruit and healthy proteins. And this morning I was up a 1/2 pound.

This is not a tragedy or anything. But it has made me reflect on my diet over the last week or so and know that I need to batten down the hatches a little. I need to actually monitor my treats to make sure that feeling like its time for one (or has been sufficient time since the last one) is not just wishful thinking on my part. Sometimes a day between indulgences feels like a week – but its only a day. And indulging every day is no way to lose weight. Not to say that I don’t like the things I eat that I don’t consider indulgences.

So, with that, it is Thursday. I’m going to look over my food journal right now and see when my last “indulgence” occurred ……… okay I’m back. Last indulgence: chocolates at work on Tuesday.  Before that: cinnabread, tons of candy on Sunday. Before that: candy, pizza, cinnabread on Saturday. Every week isn’t like that exactly, but that’s not a good trend. Two days in a row, then one day before the next indulgence. Now its Thursday, its only been one full day since my last treat. To me, that means I need to set a goal to eat well and under control (yummy, healthy, planned foods) until at least next Tuesday. Tuesday I will plan for an indulgence, whatever I’m feeling like that day. Perhaps some chocolate or ice cream. Not a whole day off – the rest of the day will be planned and healthy as usual.

With all that said, I was up to 189 this morning. I’m not upset about it, though I’m not thrilled either. It could just be a reflection of the second half of my day yesterday being when most of the food got eaten, or some retained water because my muscles are in repair mode, or not getting enough sleep, or where I am in my cycle. So many things. But I hope over the next week to see a more downward trend.

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Contest/competition – perhaps just against myself

July 20, 2009 at 9:38 am (Plan)

Money motivates me. We don’t have enough of it, and being held monetarily responsible for my health pushes me to make healthier choices. At least that’s the idea. I’m hoping that my brother decides to join me, because putting money into a pot that just goes back to me isn’t exactly a detterent. 🙂 My mother says she wants to participate also. I figure the person that pays the least into the pot gets the pot. That’s the only thing I can think of to make this thing work for more than just two people.

Last night I made my goals. Good thing, too, because I weighed in at 201.5 this morning, while I’ve been hovering between 198 and 199 all week. Below are my goals and I’ve started today. I’ve picked my biggest weaknesses to address with this contest – the rest of my eating habits are pretty good and if they’re not they’re minor compared to the night binging. I’m starting today, and hopefully I can get Mom and A on board quickly, though I fully intend to win. I want to use this competition as a way to continue to establish habits. Habits that will last me even after I get pregnant.


1) No binging at night. Binging is defined as having more than 1 or 2 snacks after dinner or eating after 9 PM (I rarely eat after 9 that it doesn’t turn out to an all-out assault on the kitchen). CONTEST COST: I pay $10 into the pot for every night I binge, added up weekly.

2) Exercise at least 30 minutes 6 times a week. I usually work out for closer to an hour, but I’m trying to learn that 30 minutes is still great and if I can’t do an hour or more, 30 minutes of something is still worth it. CONTEST COST: $10 into pot for every missed day.

3) Fresh produce at least once a day. CONTEST COST: $5 for every day missed.

I have a feeling that A and Mom are going to think my costs and goals are too steep. But I know myself and if I set them as some measly $5 per week or $1 per infraction, I will think its worth it to pay. When I mentally decided I’m going to binge (YES, I DECIDE, isn’t that AWFUL? But its true), I’ll be like oh, its only a dollar. And I’ll dive headfirst into a bucket of yogurt. So to speak. So I’ve decided to make this EXPENSIVE for myself if I don’t follow through. Because I don’t have that kind of money.

So there you have it. I started today. Last night I made dinner menus for the week and a list of breakfast and lunch ideas. Trying to mix it up a little instead of eating the same things over and over. I’m also going to make a sign for the fridge at my parents’ house (my printer is out of ink), and I’ll track infractions/costs/goals achieved in a spreadsheet. Today I’m going to make some lentil soup and some roasted chickpeas for salads. Yum!

Still deciding if I’m going to go for an outdoor run today or if I’ll just work out inside.

Happy week everyone!

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I had an idea…I think its a good one, and I’m excited about it

July 16, 2009 at 6:04 pm (Plan)

This is the email I wrote to my brother about my brilliant idea today. The only problem with this idea is its not a one person show. If he doesn’t want to to do it, I don’t know anyone else in person that would. Cross your fingers….

“Basic Idea (we can complicate it with details later if you think it is valid):
We each set 2 or 3 (or more) measurable goals (i.e. exercise X days a week, no binging at night (for me), no extra snacks 6 out of 7 days, dinners all week include fresh produce, etc.)

We honestly keep track of each goal each week (should be weekly goals I think, even if based on daily efforts).

Every time we DON’T accomplish a goal, we owe money to the other person. For example, if I set a goal to not binge at night and I binge 2 times that week, I owe you for each time I binge – maybe $10 for each infraction. Ideally, NEITHER of us would make any money because we want each other to keep our goals. PLUS, knowing when we mess up we’re going to not only be hurting ourselves health-wise, BUT we’re going to owe money on top of it…… get the idea?

The details of the goals are still working out in my head. I say if it is a goal to NOT do something (like binge) then we owe every time we DO that something. If it is a goal to DO something, then we just owe once if we don’t accomplish (for example if we have a goal to work out 6 times a week and we only work out 4 times we owe one set sum for that whole week – OR I guess we could do an amount for each time we fall short, like in that case we’d owe $10 two times because we were two workouts short.)

Okay, I could keep giving examples, but then we’d go for a month or two months, tracking and reporting to each other weekly, and then at a set date we’d do 2 things 1) evaluate our goals and hopefully UP them to make it more challenging for ourselves and to keep progressing and improving our health, and 2) PAY UP. 🙂

Don’t leave me hanging bro – I think this is brilliant. Because since money is always tight, it wouldn’t be some arbirtray amount like we owe whomever loses the most weight fastest some big lump sum. Sometimes you can’t control how fast your body loses weight no matter how hard you try.

Okay, what do you think?????? Don’t wait 2 months to email me back on this because I’m really excited. And you’re the only person I know personally that wants to lose weight and is willing to DO something about it – everyone else I just know on the internet. 🙂

……..I’m waiting……..

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