I am a 33 year old woman living in Colorado. I’m married to a wonderful, hard-working, loving man, and I have 2 children, a 4 year old girl and a 16 month old boy. I also have an American pit bull terrier that is the biggest mush in the world. I work extremely part-time outside the home, but for the most part I’m a homemaker. I’m 70-85 pounds overweight (depending on how ambitious I’m feeling). And this blog is supposed to be about my efforts to lose that weight. Sometimes a lot of effort, other times not so much. But I try not to give up or stop believing its possible. I’m starting this blog largely to hold myself accountable, but the blog has morphed into a bit of a diary and a bit of a weight loss blog. Weight loss is a big part of my diary since I think about it a lot, but I’m also recording some of the happenings of my family here.

Edited to add – it has been a few months since I wrote that “About” paragraph. My daughter will be 5 in a month, and my son will be 2 in 2 months. I’ve lost 40 pounds. The weight is coming off much slower than it did at first, but I’m still plugging away despite moments of despair and hopelessness of me ever conquering my desire to EAT! EAT! EAT! Some days I do well, eat healthily and yummily within reasonable limits. Other days the deep end doesn’t even begin to describe my eating habits. But I get it together quicker than I used to after my splurges, and I’m still trying to lose 30-40 more pounds. That process might be interrupted somewhat by the fact that I’ve decided to start trying to have another child in October, regardless of how much weight I have or have not lost. My goal is to continue to eat healthily and use the boundaries I’ve set up to have a healthy pregnancy with moderate to low weight gain, and then get right back at it after the baby is born.

My life is kind of crazy with a new puppy, my daughter starting kindergarten, and a 2 year old boy that is boundary testing ALL. THE. TIME. But my husband is great, I have wonderful family nearby, and friends even if they’re not super-close friends. Life is good.


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  1. Lara (Thinspired) said,

    Hi Farrah!
    Wow, you must have your hands full with 3 kids 🙂 The best kind of crazy, eh? I have only visited CO once (Breckenridge) and it was truly lovely. Everyone was noticably nice.
    GOod luck with your weight loss journey 🙂

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