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Holidays. Over. Again. Yesterday, we took back our living room. The kids helped me put away the tree & room decorations and then I hauled the tree out to the garage for K to take out of the stand when he gets a chance. 

Our holidays were really good this year. I managed to come out of my bummed out funk I’d been in since Thanksgiving, we got the kids some fun presents, and we spent some good quality time. Christmas Eve, which was a Saturday, the kids and I tidied/cleaned the house, and then we made cookies. Two batches even, which I don’t believe I’ve ever done before in one day. We made craisin/oatmeal (some with white chocolate), and peanut butter/milk chocolate chip. They were both really good and I’ll probably use both recipes again. Especially since I now have a STAND MIXER!! Yeeha! It was a present from my parents and my older brother/his family (they had us for Christmas, though I didn’t expect anything so elaborate in addition to the tree skirt, calendar, and movie they got us). 

Anyway, it was enjoyable making the cookies with the kids, and sampling the dough (the best part IMO) & being together. Then, I got the “fun” part of baking them, batch after batch. Whoohoo. I also spent a good deal of time on Christmas Eve wrapping, since I never get it done before then. I also marinated the steaks we were going to have on Christmas day.

K had to work, but he was home by early evening. Christmas morning, he was still on call, but we went to church at 11, miraculously making the kids wait to open any presents except one present from their stockings. When we got home, we changed clothes and then my parents arrived & we got down to the serious business of opening gifts. The kids had a great time, and D was fascinated by everything that was unwrapped. I had put in the scalloped potatoes before church, I shredded the cheese and sliced the potatoes using my food processor – such a time saver!! I’d never made scalloped potatoes before, so I was so glad when they turned yummy and CHEESY! We had steaks cooked (overcooked a little) in the oven, broccoli & carrots cooked with butter & chicken broth, and the potatoes. King Hawaii rolls and carbonated juices finished off the meal. First time I’ve ever made an entire holiday meal myself and I was pleased. I would only change the length of time I cooked the steaks – they were tender but a little dry from cooking a little too long. I decided our Christmas meal tradition is steaks. 🙂 

K got called in to work right as we were sitting down to eat at 4. So he ate with us and then had to leave. We spent most of the rest of the evening on Skype to my various siblings and their families since Mom and Dad were here at my house and wanted to talk to everyone. It was a great day considering K wasn’t guaranteed any time to be here at all. Good food, good company, and fun gifts. My mixer was the highlight for me besides seeing the kids’ happiness.  

The week passed with much overeating of cookies and leftover potatoes. 

We left for the Springs Friday about midday and spent the next couple days hanging out at K’s mom’s with his family. New Year’s Eve we had a breakfast feast of bacon, eggs, sausage, stuffed french toast, hashbrowns. Then we played games – a wild bunch they are. Much time was spent on “electronics” since K’s mom has a new phone, a new Kindle Fire, and one of the nieces had a Fire as well. 

We came home on Sunday by way of stopping by my parents’ house to say hi and check out the damage from their flood right before Christmas. The only thing I can say is I guess its at least good they have no kids there now, cuz I can’t imagine being so cheerful about the situation/mess with 3 little ones underfoot. 

P went back to school today, so we are officially back to normal. I walked K2 to the library for a story-time that apparently wasn’t technically scheduled, but they were nice about the 4 kids that showed up and winged one for them. Went walking some more with my friend, J and her dog (of course I had D with me the whole time in the stroller). I’m sore from my weights and running yesterday (first time on treadmill in over a month). Went to Zumba Monday night and hoping to go back tonight. If K doesn’t get back in time to watch the kids, I’ll just have to run on treadmill again. 

Made a checklist to keep track of my daily goals. I printed four, to try the checklist for 4 weeks and then evaluate what I’d like to add or detract. So far so good. I’m trying to reestablish my healthy habits of eating produce, exercise, and getting more sleep. I am trying to cut way back on my reading, so I only read after the kids go to bed, and sometimes while I eat my meals during the day. Hoping cutting back on the reading & trying to stay busier during the day will help my depression & motivation.

I made checklists for the kids, but I don’t have any printer paper left. Something to add to the grocery list. 

Hoping to buy a car here in the next few weeks. 

I guess that’s about it.


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