Christmas is Almost Here

December 16, 2014 at 2:49 pm (General Life Updates, Weight Loss)

First off, I remembered 4th of July of this year. In my last post I said I didn’t know what we’d done. We went to Kansas! We were there for 3 or 4 days visiting my brother and his family. My parents came, too. We had a great time! We hung out at their house, had great food, as always. That’s kind of my brother and his wife’s MO – great food. Homemade, not out to eat. We went out to eat for a couple lunches, but most awesome meals were at their house. We played in their pool, saw a few sights, and went to an amazing fireworks show at a nearby park. The best I’ve seen in years. And each night we were there, people were setting off amazing fireworks in the streets in front of their houses. Pretty awesome place. Humid. Mosquitoes. But still awesome. I was thinking about my liposuction consultation from a couple days before the trip – thinking about it almost the whole weekend. Still want it. Just don’t know if I have the guts, or if I can willfully send our family into a debt that big for something so vain.

Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago was fun. We went down to K’s family’s house and had fun hanging out Tuesday and Wednesday, with the big meal on Wednesday afternoon. Wed morning, we went to Peterson AFB and played racquetball, K, his mom, and my SIL L. It was really fun! I kinda sucked but I’d never played before so I guess I did ok. Thursday morning we headed up to my parent’s house where we had another big meal and some great time with Aunt and Uncle D and my parents. K left Thursday evening, taking the kids back down to his mom’s to spend time with cousins while I stayed with me parents for 2 days with no kids. Blissful. Mom and I went swimming at the AFA then went out Friday afternoon to see if any of the Black Friday deals were still available. We had a good time and were out almost all day. Saturday afternoon we went to the outlets at Castlerock and then I went and got the kids and drove home after dinner at my parents’ house.

So basically same-o same-o the past few weeks as Christmas comes on. K2’s been sick the last week and today, first with a cold then with a stomach bug. Hopefully, he’ll be able to go back to school tomorrow. 3 more days of school after today, then Christmas break. I teach 5 more Zumba classes this year, then I have a sub for the last two classes and then we’re in 2015. Crazy. I’m possibly going to have the opportunity to teach Monday nights in Platteville as well as Wednesdays – and I just don’t know if I want to. We might try and lure another Zumba instructor that needs some training wheels to Platteville for Mondays. Don’t know if I can handle 4 night classes and one weekend class without going crazy. I want to take it and claim, “Mine, mine, mine.” But I don’t think that’s what’s best for my family.

Trying to decide what crafts/goodies to make for the holiday to give away. I probably won’t do anything before next week. The kids are considering celebrating Friday morning the 26th when K is off work instead of on the 25th while he’s at work. We shall see.

A good friend of mine asked me to help her be more accountable on her get-healthy journey. But I’m not sure I’m doing her any good just texting her. We were going to get together to work out, and then both had sick kids so had to postpone and we haven’t rescheduled. She also wants me to help her with her blog about getting back into her wedding dress (or that size). But I’m not sure how much input I would have other than editing the ideas she has. I want to help. But I’m already feeling kind of overwhelmed. Mostly because I don’t manage my time well at all and go back to bed while D is at school almost every day. That’s 2 hours lost each morning and my day doesn’t really get going until almost midday after picking her up, getting something to eat, getting showered and dressed. Gotta work on that. I’m considering a goal for January to try and go to bed by 10:30 every night for 30 days straight and see how it makes a difference in my life. Also need to find a challenge to do with my Zumba class up north.


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