Christmas is Almost Here

December 16, 2014 at 2:49 pm (General Life Updates, Weight Loss)

First off, I remembered 4th of July of this year. In my last post I said I didn’t know what we’d done. We went to Kansas! We were there for 3 or 4 days visiting my brother and his family. My parents came, too. We had a great time! We hung out at their house, had great food, as always. That’s kind of my brother and his wife’s MO – great food. Homemade, not out to eat. We went out to eat for a couple lunches, but most awesome meals were at their house. We played in their pool, saw a few sights, and went to an amazing fireworks show at a nearby park. The best I’ve seen in years. And each night we were there, people were setting off amazing fireworks in the streets in front of their houses. Pretty awesome place. Humid. Mosquitoes. But still awesome. I was thinking about my liposuction consultation from a couple days before the trip – thinking about it almost the whole weekend. Still want it. Just don’t know if I have the guts, or if I can willfully send our family into a debt that big for something so vain.

Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago was fun. We went down to K’s family’s house and had fun hanging out Tuesday and Wednesday, with the big meal on Wednesday afternoon. Wed morning, we went to Peterson AFB and played racquetball, K, his mom, and my SIL L. It was really fun! I kinda sucked but I’d never played before so I guess I did ok. Thursday morning we headed up to my parent’s house where we had another big meal and some great time with Aunt and Uncle D and my parents. K left Thursday evening, taking the kids back down to his mom’s to spend time with cousins while I stayed with me parents for 2 days with no kids. Blissful. Mom and I went swimming at the AFA then went out Friday afternoon to see if any of the Black Friday deals were still available. We had a good time and were out almost all day. Saturday afternoon we went to the outlets at Castlerock and then I went and got the kids and drove home after dinner at my parents’ house.

So basically same-o same-o the past few weeks as Christmas comes on. K2’s been sick the last week and today, first with a cold then with a stomach bug. Hopefully, he’ll be able to go back to school tomorrow. 3 more days of school after today, then Christmas break. I teach 5 more Zumba classes this year, then I have a sub for the last two classes and then we’re in 2015. Crazy. I’m possibly going to have the opportunity to teach Monday nights in Platteville as well as Wednesdays – and I just don’t know if I want to. We might try and lure another Zumba instructor that needs some training wheels to Platteville for Mondays. Don’t know if I can handle 4 night classes and one weekend class without going crazy. I want to take it and claim, “Mine, mine, mine.” But I don’t think that’s what’s best for my family.

Trying to decide what crafts/goodies to make for the holiday to give away. I probably won’t do anything before next week. The kids are considering celebrating Friday morning the 26th when K is off work instead of on the 25th while he’s at work. We shall see.

A good friend of mine asked me to help her be more accountable on her get-healthy journey. But I’m not sure I’m doing her any good just texting her. We were going to get together to work out, and then both had sick kids so had to postpone and we haven’t rescheduled. She also wants me to help her with her blog about getting back into her wedding dress (or that size). But I’m not sure how much input I would have other than editing the ideas she has. I want to help. But I’m already feeling kind of overwhelmed. Mostly because I don’t manage my time well at all and go back to bed while D is at school almost every day. That’s 2 hours lost each morning and my day doesn’t really get going until almost midday after picking her up, getting something to eat, getting showered and dressed. Gotta work on that. I’m considering a goal for January to try and go to bed by 10:30 every night for 30 days straight and see how it makes a difference in my life. Also need to find a challenge to do with my Zumba class up north.


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Summer Over Already

August 11, 2011 at 2:56 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates, Weight Loss)

This post is long overdue. Sheesh. Part of the problem is, I’m rarely sitting at the computer these days when the kids aren’t bugging me for the screen back for Netflix. Either that, or we’re on the go. So let me see if I can recap the last month or so with some details that will be valuable looking back on the memories in a few years.

1) D started walking for real about the middle of July. She is now pretty awesome at it. For the first couple weeks, she was having to pull herself up and then she’d take off, but soon she developed the ability to stand up on her own without furniture or a person. She is trying to get into everything these days, since she can now see the tops of the desk, the end tables, some dressers, etc. She likes to pull out the plastic-ware in the kitchen, and she loves for her brother and sister to chase her and play with her. She is thinning out, and is still tall for her age. She’s wearing 18-month clothes, and she just turned 1 last week. For her birthday (not that she cared), we went to Casa Bonita in Denver and had a grand ol’ time in the arcade after our dinner. She was strapped to me the whole time in a sling (she would have been trampled if I’d let her walk around), and she had a great time people-watching. P & K2 had a blast playing ski-ball, racing games, stomp the spider games (kinda like a dancing game), and catch-the-popcorn. We had planned on getting K2 and D’s cartoons done, but the guy doing the cartoons wasn’t good, and we’ve already fallen victim to that waste-of-money. We then came home and sang to her and had a jello-cake with cool whip on it, which she had a good time making a royal mess of. It was a great family day, and now my baby is 1 year old.

2) Going back a little further, the last week of July was my family’s first reunion at my parents’ house. There were 24 of us in all, including the babies, all using their bathrooms and camped out around the house (in AND out – K and I slept with D out in the driveway in a borrowed trailer so she’d have a quiet place to have her porta-crib). It was the first time we’d all been together in 12 years, and was the first time for some of us to meet the others’ newest children. The youngest was my sister’s 4th, a girl about 4 weeks old. Anyway, it was a blast!! We didn’t do anything too fancy. One day we went to the park, played frisbee, ran around, had a picnic lunch from the grocery deli. Then 2 of my SIL’s and I went grocery shopping for the week for the all the wonderful meals my newest (by 6 years) SIL had planned for us. We watched movies, but not many. The guys had a night out where they went to play pool and apparently got so slap-happy that people probably THOUGHT they were drinking.

We went to Manitou and had hotdogs at the Vienna Sausage place, and we climbed Helen Hunt Falls. We hung out at the mall, where K2 had a momentous occasion from an upset tummy that caused him to poop himself right there in Borders. Yeah, that was fun. Worse for K cuz he had to take him in the bathroom and get him clean enough to put on the clothes I bought for him off the clearance rack in JCPenney’s. We had a day when we played volleyball in the backyard while the kids played in a kiddie pool and ran through the sprinklers, and then later in the day they played with chalk, got it wet, and decided to paint their bodies in wet chalk. We have pictures. I think I was inside painting my nails when that started, but I was out there when we hosed them down.

The ladies had a night out, where all we could think to do was go to Coldstone. It was good, and so was the company, but I don’t think we had as much fun as the guys did when they went out. 🙂

One day we all split up and went different directions. For us, that day was for visiting K’s family in the south end. That was a nice day, too. Low-key and relaxing, other than D not getting a nap that day.

I went running 3 times, once with my sister and SIL, which was fun. I felt this was necessary (actually wished I’d gotten more runs in) cuz one of the main activities all week long, was COOKING together. We had Brazilian night, Thai night, Indian night, and Korean night. We had simple lunches and fancy lunches. We had french toast, cottage cheese pancakes (my morning), regular pancakes, tons of fruit salads, breakfast casseroles, and leftovers. We cooked a LOT. And it was awesome. I learned some stuff from my SIL, who has lived in Japan for 4 years now with my bro and has learned to cook a lot of asian foods. We had avocado shakes, which I haven’t had since I came back from Brazil. The food really was the focus and highlight of the week, at least for me. For the most part, I managed to not be a complete glutton, though.

It was hard to leave, knowing we won’t see everyone for a while. But, my youngest brother got engaged that week to the girlfriend he brought for all of us to meet, and his wedding is Sept 30, so hopefully we’ll see most everyone then. My sister was on her way to Florida for her husband’s new job, my brother was on his way to Idaho for his schooling (he’s an AF pilot, but going back to school for EE). And then there’s my bro in Georgia and us here. But it was also good to come home and return to a normal routine – which includes for me – weight loss.

3) P got a new bike right before we left for the reunion. It is a 20-incher and is almost too big for her, but she’s mastered it beautifully. With her off her little 12-inch bike (finally!), K2 has taken it over. We put back on the training wheels, and I’ve never seen him so focused or determined as when he figured out how to ride it. We have been enjoying more bike rides as a family, since we also got our grown-up bikes back right before the reunion, too. We want to get K2 his own bike, with boy colors, but for now he’s been pretty happy riding P’s old pink one. If we can’t find the budget for a bike for him soon, I’ll be spray painting the pink one.

4) Weight loss- for the 2.5 weeks before the reunion, I only lost those pounds I mentioned in my last post. I stuck at 230, and my body wasn’t giving it up. I started taking fiber and trying to detox on the suggestion of a friend, and it wasn’t working, apparently because I wasn’t taking enough fiber. During the reunion, I tried to exercise moderation but I didn’t deprive myself of much. Mostly meals, not much snacking. I gained back up to 232.5, but lost that within a day or so. Then I started taking some GX Assist my mother had given me. FOr 9 days it cleans you out. I only had one day when my reaction was kinda extreme, the second day. I felt ill, I had a headache, and I had like 5 BM’s that day. When one every other day is normal for me, that was a lot. Thank goodness those feelings subsided. For the rest of the 9 days I had more BM’s than usual, but nothing too drastic. I had a couple more milder headaches, but no more tummy upset. And then yesterday I started the PB Assist that I have 4 days to take – to replace the stuff that was flushed out with good probiotic bacteria. I feel good. I’ve lost 8 more pounds. I’m at 222 today.

I’ve been exercising lots of different ways: bikes with the kids and on my own (only 1 of those so far), running outside, running on the treadmill, T-Tapp when D is asleep on days when K isn’t around, Zumba on Mon and Wed if K is here to watch the kids. I’ve been eating a lot of produce with all my meals and snacks, and I’m still tracking on sparkpeople, mostly on my phone. I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks, if my schedule allows. Sometimes, time gets away from me when we’re out and about and I end up having just 3 meals (sometimes at snack times). I usually avoid starchy carbs at my evening meal, which means most days I’m kinda low-carb. I’m still not getting enough sleep, so that is something I need to work on. School starts next week and I’ll have to start getting up earlier, which I’m hoping will help me reset my body-clock to be able to get to sleep earlier. I’ve got D down to nursing twice a day, usually early morning around 4 or 5 AM, and when she goes to bed at night. When school starts, I hope to cut out that morning feeding, too.  I hope to keep losing weight at a good clip, but I can’t really control that. I can just control how I treat my body, so that’s what I’m trying to do. Some days I feel like I spend a lot of time cutting veggies and cooking. But I am a homemaker and mother of 3. So I feed more mouths than just my own, and that is part of my job. I feel blessed that I have the luxury to be here at home with them, and have the ability to have my kitchen at my disposal for my weight loss efforts.

I think those are the highlights for now. I will try to be more diligent about recording so that I can put in more details about our lives and the things the kids do and say. The main purpose fo a journal is for posterity, and I don’t want it to be a dry recounting of things post-fact.

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Progress Pics – November Compared to March 2009

November 17, 2009 at 2:16 pm (Success Story, Weight Loss)


Here is a set of comparison pictures. When I took these pictures last night, I couldn’t see a difference from the March photos….. just from memory. Then I pulled them all up today and made these slides, and now I can see a difference. Even though I still look overweight (and am overweight), I do look better. This has helped me put into perspective what I’ve accomplished already. I’ve been getting kind of down on myself because I’ve been bouncing between 40 and 45 pounds lost for a few months, but losing 40 pounds and keeping it off is an accomplishment even if I never lost another pound.

The right two pictures are from the same night, different suits.


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Feeling Frustrated

August 4, 2009 at 7:05 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates, Weight Loss)

I can’t decide if this is one of those “I’m frustrated with my plan because it isn’t working anymore (because I’m not applying it as religiously as I was” or if its a “I’m frustrated because my plan just isn’t working anymore” moments. Either way, I’m frustrated and discouraged. I’m stuck between 195 and 198 and I can’t seem to find it in me to 1) cut out all treats, 2) count calories again, 3) exercise more than an hour and 15 minutes 6 days a week.

So, I’m left daydreaming about diet pills. Having read about 8 Oxygen magazines in the past couple weeks, I’ve seen a lot of ads for them. And I just have no idea if I believe the hype. Though part of me wants to, of course. I KNOW I don’t want to take some of them, because I’ve tried them in the past. And others I’m just left wondering if they could give me an extra edge to overcome some of my issues. I don’t know, and I have no answers for this post.

I’ve had too much sugar today. I’ve also had some very healthy food today. If I work out hard tonight (which I intend to do as much as my tweaked back will let me), I’ll probably come out at about 196 tomorrow morning. I’m keeping up with my end of the family competition and am still only 1 night’s binge into the pot (=$10). The competition has made me walk for at least 30 minutes on a couple of nights when I wouldn’t have otherwise moved a muscle other than to work the remote control. So that’s good. Its also kept me out of the kitchen on a few nights when all I wanted to do was eat.

But the day time is still a challenge. Especially on my office days. I just wish I could ask the chocolate jar people to put the jars away on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons!! Would that be totally uncool? I think I’m actually going to consider it…..I’ll let you know if I work up the guts and what I would say. “Hey, I’m on a diet, and I’m a weak-willed wuss that can’t leave your jar of chocolate alone when I’m here twice a week. Can you put it on your calendar to put away your jar of chocolate on Tues and Thurs afternoons? Or I could remind you as soon as I get here each day?” I can see this conversation in my head and I feel like an idiot even considering it.

I have three months left until I’ve told my husband we can start trying for another baby. I want another child in our family. That’s roughly 90 days. If I kicked it up a notch and did a huge program for that long, how much could I lose? To put me in safe territory for gaining 30 pounds with a pregnancy and not hitting 200 again? I was going to have my SIL put me on a program, but if I got the guts to call her (I’m such a wimp for phones I even have to work myself up to call relatives) it would have to be next week because she’s celebrating her 5-year anniversary in Hawaii this week. Yay for her.

Today was ok. Got a couple things done this morning before work, including taking P to swimming lessons. She has two more days of those. Managed to make a good dinner and get some zuchinni in the kids by using the crock pot. Will work out tonight though my whole body is aching with fatigue.

Is it possible to NOT lose weight because of TOO MUCH sleep? I have been getting about 8-9 hours typically. Is that too much? Because I don’t feel rested when I wake up.

Well, I think I’ve managed to complain about most everything. Guess I’ll shut up. This is not going to be the day when I’m one of those inspirational and uplifting bloggers. 🙂

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July 5, 2009 at 12:52 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, Plan, Weight Loss)

Upon emailing my brother about the stall of my progress, I realized that my plateauing roughly coordinates with the time I stopped recording what I eat. I was putting it all into a spreadsheet when I started the Joy Bauer LIFE diet, then I started using sparkpeople. Those two lasted for about 2.5 months. When I stopped recording it, my progress slowed. I still made some, and then over the past couple weeks I’ve almost completely derailed (again). Accident, sickness, vacation all have helped me to slump into old habits of eating anything anytime.

So today I’ve started recording it again in my spreadsheet. I’m not ready to go to sparkpeople level of recording again yet. I might get there. For now I’m just going to record amounts and meals in my spreadsheet. Feels good to have it be a little more structured.

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May 5, 2009 at 1:30 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, Plan, Weight Loss)

I read a post yesterday written by someone that has lowered their BMI to the normal weight range, and they were very excited (rightly so). It had been a while since I’d looked at my BMI, so I thought I’d check it out. Right now, I’m sitting at 26 pounds lost (it was 28 until I had a couple days of struggle over the weekend, which I’m determined not to justify with enough attention as to post about it).

After plugging my information into a BMI calculator, it shows that my current BMI is still obese: 32.9. I have to get it down 3 more points to be in the simply overweight range. That will be when I reach 185 lbs, 19 more pounds. Since that was slightly discouraging, I thought I’d see how far I’ve come. My BMI 2 short months ago was 37.1 at 230 lbs. That made me feel better. I’ve lowered my BMI by 4.2 points in 2 months and I’ve done it through intense exercise and a lot of healthy eating. Go me!

My mother took me clothes shopping for Mother’s Day (you don’t know how much I wish I could afford to do the same for her) on Saturday. I didn’t have a clear idea in mind of what I’d be looking for, and I had no idea what size I’d be. After trying on a bunch of stuff at Dress Barn, we discovered that I’m in a size 16 pants and either an XL or 1X shirt. It was very exciting, though I have to admit I think my mom was more excited for me to get into those pants than I was. My distraction was twofold – 1) K2 was with us and was kind of hard to contain – he kept trying to open the dressing room door from the inside while I was changing. Now that he can reach door handles he is more dangerous. He also wasn’t feeling very well so he was a little more fussy than usual. 2) Like I mentioned, I struggled over the weekend and from my lowest weight Thursday morning of 202, I actually peaked at 206.5 Sunday morning. Calories were back down to desired levels on Sunday, but Thurs, Fri, and Sat were troublesome. I take it as a learning experience and I’m moving forward, but it put a slight dent in my non-scale-victory of new, smaller clothes to be slightly worried about my lapse from my dieting “zone”. And I am dieting, there is no doubt about it. I think I’m making changes that will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life, but I am eating lower amounts of calories than I hope to be able to eat when I’m maintaining. Being on the lower end of 1200-1500 most days is sometimes hard, sometimes easy. Since I was slightly worried about my mini-gain, I didn’t enjoy the new sizes like I should have.

Some of the things I am trying to ingrain as habits to use the rest of my life:

1) Lots of fresh vegetables. Having some vegetable serving(s) at both lunch and dinner and possibly a snack EVERY DAY. Part of the reason I think I’ve never really loved vegetables is that I’ve settled for canned, frozen, and processed.

2) Lots of fruit. Sweet tooth. Hello. If I don’t have a vegetable with breakfast, I make it (and WILL make it) a point to have fruit. And if I don’t have a vegetable with at least one of my snacks, it must contain fruit instead. I allow one snack a day that doesn’t include a fresh fruit or veggie. That might loosen up in maintenance, but for the most part, each time I eat I need to include fresh produce of some sort (or frozen if fresh is unavailable, preferably not canned).

3) Protein is important, but there are more ways to get it than chicken. Measure or at least eye out meat portions to stick with 3-5 ounces (for big meals), and learn to include other sources like beans and limited dairy.

4) Stop eating after the after-dinner snack. I assume this will continue to be one of the hardest things for me; I love to eat after the kids go to bed. But exercising then helps a lot, and on the days I don’t exercise at night I just need to learn to have my snack a little later so it can take the place of my movie or showtime munchies.

5) Usually, pass on the starch at dinner and replace it with a salad. Not to say I’m not going to have pasta, rice, or potatoes ever again, but typically at home it is easy enough to pass up. On nights when I have a starch with dinner, measure it and keep it to about 1/2 cup in order to maintain portion size.

6) Learn about new ways to prepare food that are healthy and tasty.

7) Continue to drink water. This habit is pretty well-established in my life, though I’m still perfecting my methods now that I’m at home and not sitting at a desk all day.

8) Plan for indulgences, enjoy them, and move on guilt-free.

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Duh… there will be food!

March 20, 2009 at 6:44 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, Weight Loss)

Since I started the LIFE diet almost 3 weeks ago, I haven’t had any social occasions. Okay, there’s been one sort of, and that was the meeting for P’s kindergarten where they had cookies in the foyer along with CapriSuns. I took a CapriSun home to P and ignored the cookies. But that was after 4 days of my diet, not like I was sick of it yet. I’ve been eating healthily nonstop for 19 days including today. I haven’t had things that I used to consider normal for a day. Just a few of those things being potatoes, noodles, or rice with dinner. Chocolate. Candy or goldfish with the kids. Now without eating those things I’ve lost 14.5 pounds in a little less than 3 weeks, and that’s great.

Anyway, the point of all this is that when I wrote that post earlier today, it hadn’t  yet occurred to me that there will be food at this baby shower tomorrow. Yummy food. Food that is definitely not part of my diet. So, what to do? Not eating anything? Choose one thing that I really want to taste and have ONE of them as my afternoon snack? The shower is from 2-4, so it covers my usual snack time. Or do I take a portable snack with me? Chances are, there will be something I’m supposed to have for a snack, like some fruit. But will I logically be able to continue resisting all the really decadent foods? Let’s say for instance that there are some yummy brownies or cookies. What if I have one instead of my snack food? Can I trust myself to have that and then get right back on board with only Step 2 approved foods? And to stop at one? These are things that didn’t start to worry me until this afternoon when the light went on in my brain, and I’ve been nervous ever since. Honestly, I’m leaning toward assessing the food options when I first arrive, picking one of what I REALLY want, and trying to eat it as slowly as physically possible to enjoy it as much as I can and make it last a while so I’m not as tempted to hop up and get another and another and another. Color me nervous. This is good, though, because it can be a short trial run of how the entire weekend is going to be in 2 weeks when we go to Utah – temptation everywhere, and I’m going to have to have a plan to overcome without coming back having gained all my weight back.

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Two Full Days of diet – down 5.5 lbs

March 4, 2009 at 10:48 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, Weight Loss)

When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was expecting/hoping for another pound down. 226 or so. So I was pretty shocked when it said 224.5. I only reached that low once when I was following my own program before last summer, and it only lasted a day.

I’m trying to be realistic – actually, almost pessimistic. Just to guard against disappointment. And I’m telling myself to expect to go back up tomorrow, by at least a little. But I’m secretly (not so secretly if I’m typing it out) hopeful that this will stay off. Slow down, but stay off.

Last night I was hungry. I’m going to have to do something about eating dinner so early and then dealing with a growling stomach for hours before I go to bed and all night long. That’s how last night went. I’m in the beginning, exciting stages of this diet, so a little hunger feels like a righteous sacrifice, but that’s not going to hold water for long. Its going to get annoying. So, what to do? I think I’m going to have to push my dinner back to at least 6 PM. Right now, we typically eat dinner around 4:45, 5:00, so that we can eat with K before he leaves for work at 5:15. So by the time I go to bed at 11 I haven’t eaten in 6 hours. That’s kind of ridiculous – no wonder I’m down 2.5 pounds since yesterday. I think I’m going to have to make dinner, let K and perhaps K2 eat, and then I’ll eat later with P since she always objects to whatever I make and has to get really hungry before she realizes I’m not going to give in and give her something else. If I eat at 6 and go to bed at 11, that’s only 5 hours. Perhaps I could add a couple almonds or pistachios around 8 PM (literally like a couple tablespoons) just to ease the aching hunger. Or maybe the hunger will get better? Not sure, really. We’ll see how tonight goes. But I don’t think its going to be either worth it for long, or healthy for long, to go that long without food during waking hours over too many days.

In other thoughts, my breakfast was great this morning, and even better because it was easing the hunger ache that woke up with me. Vanilla Pumpkin Pudding is what she calls it in her book and its basically some non-fat vanilla yogurt layered or mixed with pumpkin puree with a dash of slivered almonds and cinnamon. Pretty darn good and satisfying, a full bowl of that.

Last night I walked for 30 minutes since I really didn’t feel like doing T-Tapp. No offense to T-Tapp, but I don’t think I’m going to be doing it for a while. I’d just much rather walk or run on the treadmill and do some leg or arm exercises with some weights. Its what I’ve done in the past that has worked, and (embarrassing) I can watch TV while I’m doing all that. For some reason lately, I just really want to be entertained while I’m exercising. At least it gets me to do it, whereas if I make myself stick to T-Tapp I end up doing nothing because I don’t want to watch her for that long instead of an entertaining show. Again, nothing against T-Tapp – it works, it is SO good for you, and it is comprehensive. For now, though, I’m going to stick with what I know I’ll make myself do every night.

I think I’ve been bugging my mom. We started this diet together; it was actually her idea. She knows a lady at work that has been doing it for a while and dropping weight like crazy while singing the praises of the doability of the diet. Anyway, we both tried to start on Monday with what we had in the house. I went shopping Monday afternoon, Mom went Monday night before she even got a copy of the book (we were going to share one, but she let me use it first and then when we decided to do it she decided to just go get another copy – she paid for both). Anyway, we talked Monday and last night about how it was going, and I think I’m giving her way more detail than she wants or needs. And honestly, I don’t know if she’ll have great results because I don’t know if she’ll stick to it or if she’ll ‘modify’ it here or there to suit what she has available and what she wants to eat. I want her to lose weight, but I don’t think she believes she can, and this is the first actual diet that I know she’s tried in a few years. I hope she has success with it, as I hope I do. But I’m going to wait for her to call me today, and if I don’t hear from her I’ll assume she doesn’t want to discuss today’s results/thoughts.

One last thing – I’m going to wait until tomorrow to see if I stay under 225. If I do, I’ve already qualified for one of my 5-lb-increment rewards!!! After 2 days! I’ll probably have to wait until Friday to go to the store and reward myself, but this time it will be a pair of earrings. And at this rate, I better decide on the reward for 220 as well since it is fast approaching! Yay!

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