Quiet, Lazy Days mixed with Busy Days

July 29, 2010 at 2:32 pm (General Life Updates)

Wow, there’s not going to be a lot of details to the days. In fact, I might not remember what happened which day. But here are some highlights from the last week and a half.

First doctor’s appointment: Met my doc. He’s nice. Very tall. Not long out of his residency for obstetrics and gynecology, but that doesn’t bother me. There’s something to be said for having all your education fresh in your head. The office is very nice as well, as was the nurse. I had only gained 4 pounds since my last doc’s appt in CO more than a month before, so I was happy with that. I was only dilated to a 1, and not really effaced, which is what I expected unfortunately. I’ve actually had my second visit since then (yesterday the 28th) and they didn’t check me but I’m pretty sure nothing had changed. They did take my blood however, because when I asked about the itching that is keeping me up at night he said it might be a gall bladder condition that would make them want to get me delivered right away. I assume that it isn’t that. I also figure they’ll call me only if it is. No news is good news. He also told me I can take Tylenol PM to try and sleep deeper to escape the restless legs. Gotta get some. My next appt is next Thursday, when I’ll be 40 weeks and 1 day – completely full term and a little. Hope I go into labor before then!!!

The kids had fun at C’s house, and Saturday we went over there again for a Pioneer Day BBQ. We went without K because he had stayed out late (2 AM) fishing with his brother and friends on Friday and then had to get up and be to work by 7 AM on Saturday. So he came home and slept. We went to C’s where E’s family had gathered. Lots of nieces and nephews for P and K2 to play with. They had a blast. I had a good time as well, eating too much of all the good food and socializing with E and her family. After dark, the kids set off fireworks in the driveway under adult supervision (the adult, C’s husband, actually did all the work). K2 and P were so entertaining to watch in their fascination and excitement. Only dark spot on the evening was K2 burning himself by touching the hot end of his sparkler after it went out, right before he dumped it in the water bucket.

Sunday, we went to church. Met a couple more people. K2 refused to go to nursery. I’m hoping it was just from getting to bed at 11:30 at night and getting up at 8, and not because he doesn’t like the nursery here. He’s always been so excited about nursery, it would suck if he stopped liking it now.

Not much else happened on Sunday. A lot of lazing about. It was nice.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty lazy days for me. Only thing of interest really was my SIL, L, coming over Monday afternoon to go swimming. She brought her 2 girls and 1 nephew of hers that she watches for her sister. Unfortunately, although we had great conversation and the kids had fun, the pool was dirtier than its ever been and the sky was overcast almost the whole time we were in there. So we got out kind of grossed out and got out sooner than we might have if it had been sunny and clean.

Monday night I went to her salon where she works and got my toenails done in a pretty glitter acrylic that should still be looking pretty good when I have the baby. It was so nice of her to trade one of her massages to her friend to do my toes, and so nice to offer it to me when I would never have thought to ask. I stopped at Red Mango afterward to try their frozen yogurt, and it was SO GOOD. I got pomegranate yogurt with some fresh raspberries and graham cracker crust, and it was delicious. I skarfed it down in minutes, and then headed home.

Tuesday we did a whole lot of nothing. 🙂 I did a little cleaning around the apartment later in the afternoon and I made french toast and eggs for dinner. But other than that, it was a very uneventful day.

Yesterday was K’s day off, and my second doc appt that I mentioned. After my appt, I stopped by the library to return some books and check out the 2 books that had come in on hold for me (I have a lot of holds on request, another one came in today). When I got home, we all got ready, kind of slowly since K2 was balking at EVERY request made of him, and then we headed out. The afternoon consisted of stopping at the Comcast office to get our 2nd TV cable box, going to K’s friend’s work – a health and wellness center where they do T-zone exercise equipment, adjustments, weight loss programming and counseling, and other homeopathic stuff. I had the pleasure of trying the T-zone machine, though I couldn’t stand on it or do any of the exercises. I had to sit in a chair and put my feet on it, and WOW. My legs had worse itching after 10 minutes of vibration than they’ve EVER had after running. It was actually quite unpleasant by the end of the 10 minutes. We were there for K to get adjusted, and the doc offered to adjust me as well. He adjusted his bed so that I could lay on my pregnant stomach, and then used a machine on my lower back and his hands on my upper back. It was VERY weird, and the lower back stuff kind of hurt. Then he had me turn over and did my neck, and that was just strange with all the popping and cracking, but didn’t really hurt. I’d love to go regularly, and after the baby comes, if we can squeeze in the extra expense. I’m fascinated by this kind of stuff. And K could definitely use it, as his back is much more messed up than mine.

After we chatted with J and his wife C for quite a while (the kids were very impatient), we stopped by Walmart and Sam’s for K to find cable cords long enough for our needs with no luck. Then we drove to Target and he went in there to check for cords while I took the kids across the parking lot to Chick-fil-A for a very late lunch, almost dinner. They had fun playing in the fun house and ate almost all their food for once because they were so hungry. We stopped at Big 5 on the way home to buy a stomp rocket and a zhuzhu pet for P (I got suckered in my some tears). Then we finally headed home. After setting up our new cable box and cords, I didn’t want to stay still so I left to go to a book store and then stop and get some yogurt. Talked to my friend E when she called me while I was at the bookstore.

Today we haven’t done much. I’ve taken a shower, the kids have played and I made them clean their room. I need to do dishes. But I’ll probably read instead. Not sure what I’m going to make for dinner, but we’re hoping to go the park after dinner with K if its not raining.

Oh, and we’ve got an offer on the house. They’ve requested 3 small things from us fixed (a dead tree replaced, fix a shutter that a windstorm broke in half, and 1 more thing that I can’t remember) and it is HOPEFULLY a done deal. I hope and pray that the short sale negotiations will go smoothly and that they won’t back out if things take kind a long. This would solve my BIGGEST worry in the world right now. I worry about this more than anything else and if we could just be done with the house I’m sure everything else will fall into place.

Now to just get this baby out. 🙂


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Quiet Tuesday

July 20, 2010 at 6:17 pm (General Life Updates)

The kids are playing with clay at the table. Kinda bummed that they are doing this when I just vacuumed today, but they are having a good time, the TV is off, and they aren’t fighting. We haven’t done much today, but there’s been a lot of stuff done at the table. Earlier, it was scissors and paper mess. While K2 was sleeping, I helped P make a decorated heart to hang on her door. So we’ve been more crafty today than normal, but there’s been less TV.

This morning (not early, I didn’t get out of bed until 10:20), I cleaned. Sinks, toilets, bathtub, vacuumed. The kids cleaned their room quite efficiently in preparation for me to vacuum it, which I appreciated. But this caused a little grief because P made K2’s bed so nicely, and then he got in it and messed it up and she had a meltdown.

I didn’t get out of bed until 10:20, because once again I was up in the middle of the night not able to sleep. I watched a show from about 1:45 until about 2:45. Last night, the problem was itching. Itching and a little restless legs, but the legs were secondary to the itching.

To recap some fun stuff since last Thursday: Friday night I went to dinner (Sconecutter, yum) and a movie (A-Team – surprisingly good and funny!) with my friend E. We had a good time, as always. Saturday, the kids and I killed time until E arrived around 2:00 to go swimming. We swam for a little over an hour and then came inside to talk about books and eventually decide to drive to the nearest library and get P and I our SL County library cards. I was ridiculously excited! So we got our libraries, and checked out 5 books on each card (first time checkout severely limited – next time, 30!), then headed back to the apartment. E graciously took us to Wendy’s for frosties because of the crazy heat, especially in her car. Then K2 passed out on the couch until 7 PM. E had to leave to go babysit for her sister, we waited for K to come home. He got home a little later than most Saturdays because he’d stopped at his friend J’s house. J and his family were going to follow him home for some hot dogs and an evening swim, but soon after K left, J’s wife wimped out and decided she wanted J to call and cancel because “she was tired.” Whatever. So we had hot dogs on our own. But we didn’t go swimming again since getting K2 to wake up was such a chore.

Sunday, we didn’t get up for church. I slept in a little too late to get us all up and ready in time, so we decided to go nowhere, do nothing. We ate and snacked all day. Hung out. Played. Relaxed. It was nice, but we dirtied almost every dish in the kitchen, which I then had to wash by hand on Monday.

Monday was K’s day off. I got up in the morning and left as everyone was waking up to go to my Medicaid class, which was surprisingly informative. It would probably be a good idea if CO did a class, too, even though they don’t have so many programs. Found out I could get free dental for my pregnancy. Just don’t know if I have time in the next 2 weeks to get in for a cleaning somewhere new.

Came home and did more dishes. Then we all went swimming – it is aggravating how different K2 acts when K is there with us. He becomes this whiny little limpet of a boy instead of the daring, happy boy he is when we swim without K there. He finally was acting a little more normal as we decided to get out after 10 huge kids arrived and started dominating the pool with cannon balls (they were BIG kids – not just older – BIG) and a vicious game of some kind of ball. P and I went to the store (after K made spaghetti for dinner) to get a couple groceries. I decided we won’t be going to that Walmart in the evening, or maybe at all, again. They are always out of the yogurt that I want! And their produce is awful.

Oh, on my way home from the Medicaid class I swung by P’s school and got the barest minimum of information from the one employee I could find inside. Registration is on August 1 and 2. Hopefully I won’t be in the hospital. I also made sure I know where my doc’s office is for my Thursday afternoon appt.

We’ll go swimming tomorrow since we didn’t go today. Thursday, E’s sister, C is going to watch the kids for me. Along with her 4. I feel horrible putting that burden on her, but I don’t really have any other resources here. K will be at work, and so will my SIL, who I was kind of counting on. I really need to connect with some of my gazillion cousins here so that I have more of a help network for this type of situation….

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Need to Write More Often, or something

July 15, 2010 at 4:59 pm (General Life Updates)

Cuz once again, this post will be long if I try to mention everything. So I’ll just try to highlight.

Sunday – First time in our ward

This was ok. We were late, which was a bummer. The ward isn’t very big, and there are few if any youth. The Primary is also small. Lots of young couples in apartments with no children, young babies, or perhaps their first baby on the way. Also a lot of older folks whose kids might be grown and gone if they had any. People were nice, but it is definitely a different type of ward. The Bishop was an older gentleman, maybe in his 60’s or 70’s, and his counselors were probably younger than K and I. Should be interesting getting to know people!

After church we spent a few hours at home relaxing and then went to my SIL’s for dinner. She was waiting on a couple of ingredients her mom was supposed to bring her, and we didn’t end up eating until after 8 PM. K and I watched a movie that we’d started there on July 3rd – Star Trek. We had a yummy chicken, spinach, artichoke white sauce lasagna. K went to clean his buildings while the kids and I stayed at L’s to hang out for a while. We got home around midnight – one more late night for the kids. Lots of those this summer. I always enjoy hanging out with L and chatting. She’s great company.

Don’t know what day consisted of what around here, but we’ve swam a 2 or 3 times this week, once with K yesterday on his afternoon off. He’s such a good dad – he didn’t feel like swimming but he did it anyway since it was what the kids wanted and they wouldn’t have been satisfied if he didn’t get in the water with them. K2 was a turd since it was late afternoon and he’d had no nap. But it was still enjoyable. The only other thing we really did yesterday on K’s day off was I took P to get her hair cut. We cut off about 3 or 4 inches so it is still long, but not so straggly and tangled all the time.

Got our medicaid approvals in the mail yesterday. I’ve spent a good portion of this afternoon trying to find a doctor that will take medicaid, and will take me just 3 weeks before my due date. After I don’t know how many calls, I found one about a mile away – good review online, glowing recommendation from scheduler for the doctor she could put me with. And they deliver at the hospital just a mile down the road. My first appointment is next Thursday. Also have to take a class on Monday morning to pick my Utah Medicaid plan. Not sure how I’m going to swing those both – one of them I might have to ask L to watch the kids, hoping K’s day off will fall on the other, Monday or Thursday.

Found out today, quite by accident, that we’re getting a new dishwasher to fix the leaking problem, and it has been ordered. I’ve been trying to get someone to call and tell me that since last Friday, but today the work-order guy rang our doorbell by mistake – he meant to get another apartment. But when we answered he told us about our dishwasher being ordered.

Pretty much all unpacked. Living room set up the way I want it. Hangings hung on the walls. Only thing left is a pile of book boxes that I’m not sure what to do with. Need bookshelves if I want to unpack them, but for now bookshelves aren’t in the budget.

We might have buyers for the house. They looked at it on Sunday, and their #1 choice right now is cheaper than ours but needs a lot of work. So our realtor has been authorized to even up the prices so that our already-fixed-up house will move to #1 from #2 choice. We hope to hear back today or tomorrow if it is going to work. I am so hopeful. It would be my biggest worry resolved. This is a bigger worry for me than the baby-coming-no-doctor situation.

K won’t be home until late tonight because he’s going straight to softball after work. We haven’t done much today. Went to the park around mid-day but the kids wimped out almost right away cuz it was already too hot. So we’ve been cooped up ever since because after swimming the last two days in a row, I have no desire to go down to the pool. Plus, I’ve spent a few hours on the phone, which tired me out mentally.

Going to do something with friend E on Saturday. Maybe take the kids to a park, go swimming, and then maybe she and I take in a movie when K gets home from work. I’m going to have less freedom here pretty soon, so I wanna do stuff with her while I can. Our options will be more limited soon. Also hope to go on a date with my husband next week, just to the two of us. First in ages. Gotta do it before the baby comes, because of course for a while our options will be limited again for a while once baby D or H gets here.

I think those are the highlights. I have been continuing to have trouble sleeping – whether it is because of my restless legs or because of the incessant itching ALL. OVER. MY. BODY. Either way, with the baby right on my bladder and how often I have to get up to pee once I finally DO get to sleep, I haven’t been feeling very well-rested. The heartburn is also very bad. But I’m not swollen, which continues to surprise me. I don’t know exactly how much I’ve gained, but my scale is saying that I’ve only gained about 5 pounds in the last month, which is very good for me. For the couple weeks of the move, I actually lost weight according to my scale. And it might just say I’ve gained 5 pounds right now because it is the afternoon and I’ve been eating a lot today. Tomorrow morning, I might be at about 2-3 pounds for the last month. Since I feel strongly that the baby is bigger, this means I might have lost weight myself. The swimming helps, I’m sure, since that is the only exercise I get other than the 3 flights of stairs to our apartment. I’ve had twinges and such that make me think they are maybe mild contractions where everything seems to get tight and I have pressure. But the fact that I’m not SURE they’re contractions makes me think they are definitely nothing to worry about. I’ve made dinner the last 3 nights, which I’m proud of. But my eating is getting worse the more settled in here we get. So gotta work on that.

P’s elementary school is about a mile away, and I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone there. I’m going to try and remember to call the district office tomorrow. It is almost 5 PM, so there will be no more calling about things for today. And I finally had to turn my new phone off to charge it. Can’t talk and charge this phone at the same time – it apparently overheats.

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The Week in Review – Pretty Busy

July 10, 2010 at 2:44 pm (General Life Updates)

Tuesday – the kids and I didn’t do much Tuesday during the day. When K got home, we headed out pretty quickly to see the futon, which we decided to accept, and then drove up a mountain in Draper to get to the birthday party for K’s cousin’s wife. It was in this gorgeous house overlooking the entire valley from way up the mountain in Draper. I didn’t even know there were houses up there. It was an amazing house, awkward party. I knew K’s cousins and the birthday girl, and that was it. The kids were the only kids there besides the birthday girl’s 6-month old, and a 2-week old infant. So obviously K2 was the most rambunctious and hard to control. We finally ate our burgers and hot dogs, cookies, and were getting ready to go when they decided to do the cake. So then I ended up with 2 pieces of cake on paper napkins, carrying one in each hand the entire way home. Not a good time for an itchy or runny nose, both of which I had. It was another late night for the kids after they ate cake (K2 ate cake, P opted for a cookie – I don’t blame her it was store-bought cake). They got to bed after 11 I think.

Wednesday – My brother, his wife, and two kids came to visit us during the day. They arrived at about 11:30. We chatted and visited for a while, about books, our financial situation, K’s job, my brother’s job, books, computers, etc. Then we went out and swam in the pool for about an hour with the four kids. My brother opted not to swim, but my SIL and I got in. Then we came back in and visited for a couple more hours. Before the pool, my brother went and got us all some Chick-fil-A for lunch. It was very nice to visit with them and just chat – I haven’t seen them in a couple years and last time I did see them I’m sure it was a bigger occasion with more people around and not as conducive to just catching up. They left around 4 to go to their other get-together with some old college friends.

I didn’t make dinner. Got the kids to bed a little after 9. I know we went out for food somewhere, but I don’t remember where. After that, we got some food at Iceberg, and walked around the Redwood Road Walmart where I think we found the table we want to get for the TV. Then we drove toward home, taking a little detour to locate our chapel for church this Sunday. It isn’t far at all. We also found the one that is even closer, and it has a softball field out behind it. Which excited K to no end.

Thursday, K took the day off. I left around 11 to go to the Dept of Workforce Services and submit all the paperwork. I was gone for about an hour and a half – during which I got the IDs and birth certificates authenticated (scanned into their system), and faxed from their fax station the rest of the paperwork they requested. Shortly after I arrived home, the cable guy arrived for the installation. He didn’t have the second cable box with him, but he set them both up so that the second one just has to be plugged in, supposedly. So the next couple hours were mainly K fiddling with the OnDemand options and watching an episode of Whale Wars.

In the late afternoon, we set out to take a couple last pieces of paperwork to the Dept of WfS, which took me about a half hour while the kids and K waited in the parking lot. After that, we drove to Draper where K’s softball game was taking place, stopping at Harmon’s quickly for a snack for the kids to tide them over until afterward. We tried to play at the park while he played softball, but P had to go potty, plus since the game was at 6 instead of 9 like the week before it was still HOT. We ended up getting some keys to the chapel from one of the players and going in to use the restroom (I needed to use it too), then hanging out and watching K play while tossing a ball around in the grass. And K2 drank all of the bottles of water – the kids was overheated big time.

After the game, we swung by the BIL’s house to pick up his car for K to work on on Friday at work. K went to get us pizza, and we went home. He followed closely behind with the pizza and we had some Big Daddy pizza and then watched some TV before bed.

Yesterday, I got a text around 9:30 in the morning (I was still asleep since I’d had horrible restless legs and itching the night before and hadn’t gotten to sleep until after 2 AM) from my SIL asking if she and her daughter could come visit us. I was delighted. They didn’t get there until about 1:30. She emptied my living room of boxes – DI and what I’m going to store in her basement. She said it was her butt workout for the day going up and down the stairs. I was just grateful to have the boxes gone. Then she helped me get some ideas of where to hang the framed art that I have, and helped me hang a couple pieces. By the time we got ready to go swimming, it started to rain. Even after it stopped, it was cloudy and windy so we disappointed the kids by deciding not to swim at all – raincheck for next week which I hope she follows through on. The kids played dress-ups and had fun in their room while L and I visited. They didn’t leave until after 5 – it was a very pleasant afternoon.

And then I made dinner. So proud of myself. 🙂 It wasn’t fantastic. Just pan sauteed chicken, quinoa, and zuchinni. But it tasted pretty good. And I had it ready when K got home.

Oh, Friday morning someone came to look at the dishwasher, which had leaked a big puddle onto the floor on Thursday when I used it. He decided it was leaking from the motor, and he had to check if he was supposed to order a new one (not sure if he meant new motor or dishwasher) and that he might be back that day. He wasn’t. So I’ve been washing dishes by hand until I find out what’s going to happen.

Anyway so last night after I did the dishes, I left K with the kids and went to do some grocery shopping. Meant to just get a few things, and got a little carried away. But we’re well-stocked again on most things, so that feels good. It was also nice to be shopping by myself with no kids in tow causing mayhem or asking for things.

It is now Saturday afternoon. Today so far: some cleaning. E and her brother and his wife brought us the futon mid-morning. So awesome to have a couch, I just need to vacuum it. It is a black frame with blue mattress – we are going to try and get a cover for it, but I don’t know what color I want. After they left, the kids had a snack and then we headed down to the pool for an hour of swimming. Now they are both taking naps, K2 in bed and P on the couch (not sure she’s actually going to go to sleep), and I’m listening to Pandora and typing this post. We had lunch – I told them what was on the menu and didn’t give them any choices and there was surprisingly little objection. I had a quinoa, egg, brocoli scramble with cheese. I was going to put it in a tortilla shell, but then decided it would be just fine on a plate. And it was. But its only been about an hour and I’m hungry again.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of my afternoon, especially if P does go to sleep. I took the garbage out this morning. There aren’t many dishes waiting for cleaning. I could do laundry, but opening the blinds on the balcony door might wake P up. I can’t take a nap, though, because its too risky that it will prevent me from being able to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow, we’re going to our ward for the first time. Tonight, I don’t think there’s much of anything going on. We are going to dinner at L’s (SIL) Sunday evening. Then, Monday K’s back to work. And I have to call and check on the status of my Medicaid. I’ll be 37 weeks on Wednesday, and I really should see a doctor so that I’ve at least MET someone before they’re delivering my baby.

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Time is Flying

July 6, 2010 at 2:54 pm (General Life Updates)

I can’t believe how fast the days are passing. Its kind of crazy. Tonight at about midnight we will have been here for 2 full weeks already.

Unpacking and Getting Settled:

Going well. I’ve got everything sorted and almost everything I’m going to unpack is put in its place. I have 7 boxes of outgrown kids’ clothes I will definitely need to store elsewhere, and 7 boxes of books that I’m still deciding whether or not I want to store elsewhere or if I want to invest in some bookshelves and just unpack them. I have a stack of 8 boxes of stuff plus some miscellaneous items to load and take to Deseret Industries (also known as DI) for donation. K has about 4 boxes of stuff that he has to make some decisions about – 2 are full of nothing but cleaning cloths from his cleaning business, and 2 are semi-full of his memorabilia from childhood and past. I am hoping he can consolidate those 2 boxes to a max of one, and that he’ll decide to sell off the cloths.

That just leaves 2 boxes of framed pictures, many of which I’ll decide to hang as boxes disappear and I can get a better idea of what will look good. And once box full of K’s stereo equipment and his 2 speakers. I don’t think we have room anywhere to set up his stereo, so I’m not sure what we’ll do with that.

And, settled. I cleaned toilets, mopped floors, disinfected sinks, and swept the entire stairwell today. The stairwell was nasty – lots of cobwebs and tons of dust. Had to take my shower immediately after that chore. But hopefully getting to our third floor apartment will be a lot less ratty looking now, and not so cobweb dangerous for the kids who tend to stick to the sides and use the walls and banisters more than adults do. I’ll have to do it again pretty regularly. I’m curious to know if our neighbors that share the stairwell will notice, but I’ll probably never know. I’m not going to vacuum the apartment again until we have a few more boxes gone from here and I can really get it good.


Have most of the paperwork gathered. Plan to go to the Department of Workforce Services to turn the paperwork in on Thursday or Friday, depending on when my medical records arrive in the mail. Requested them to be mailed today. K has to fill out some paperwork at work tomorrow for me to take. And then I should have most everything. I will have to take K to work so that we have a car, and then we’ll have to pick him up. But I have to get this taken care of.


Still haven’t gotten a hold of Piper’s school. Maybe I should do that this afternoon. Figure out the registration process for her and when school starts.


We had a pretty fun weekend. Friday night K was home by 6:30, and I left almost immediately with my friend E for our movie. We went to see Eclipse, which was entertaining. But I certainly don’t understand the fanaticism that these movies and books have engendered. Anyway, we hit up a Yogurtland right next to the theater after we parted ways from her sister and niece and continued to chat. Its weird that we’ve spent so much of the time we’ve known each other apart, but we can pick up right where we left off each time.

I got home around 11 to find the kids still up watching a movie with their dad. Typical. But ok.

Saturday, we all slept in – K went to work. He got home around 4:30 and we made the fruit salad for the BBQ at his brother’s house and took off. We spent the evening hanging out there while the kids played. Had a yummy dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, fruit salad (by FAR my favorite part), veggies with dip (also good), brocoli salad (had too many onions and dressing and I passed) and then cherry pie and pudding cake. We watched part of Star Trek and then went to watch the fireworks from a patch of grass in a Target parking lot. When we got back to their house, the kids did some sparklers and pop-its out in the driveway. Then it was time to go home. We didn’t get to bed until about midnight, including the kids.

So we decided that next Sunday is soon enough to make our debut at our new ward, since it meets in the morning. Not very devout, but we were all so tired. Sunday was mellow and low-key until about 3 when we left to go to dinner at my friend E’s parents’ house (she lives with them right now). We spent about 3 hours there chatting and visiting with all her family, the kids playing with her nieces and nephews. The big hit of that party was a little air rocket launcher that you had to step on a cushion to push the air and launch the light little missiles.

After we left there, K decided to wait until Monday to do his weekend cleaning and we went home and chilled until another late bedtime. I think I did some unpacking – I’m not so good at chilling when there is stuff to be done to make my surroundings more organized. Nesting instinct is in overdrive.

Monday, we did a whole lot of nothing in the morning. Around 2 we got our act together to go to the pool and realized we didn’t have any swimmer diapers for K2. So we went to Walmart first, where K went in and took way too long getting milk and swimmer diapers. Of course, he came out with a few extra items. No shock there.

We were in the pool by shortly after 3 and we stayed out there for over an hour. The kids had a blast, I actually did a little swimming this time since they were getting braver and needed escorts into the deep end. We had a very good time. Getting K2 to get out was major trauma and drama. He kept running away from K after K scooped him out and jumping back in with his ring and arm wings.

When we came in, the kids settled on K’s lap to watch a movie, and then K and K2 fell asleep. Later, K and P played a game of chess. We never did have a regular dinner. I put the kids to bed about 9:30 – K having been gone for about an hour and a half doing his cleaning. I went on a little sprint-unpacking session and got everything to the point I mentioned earlier in this post. When K got home at 11:30, I had just finished moving stuff around and getting it all sorted out and most of it organized. I also did 2 trips up and down the stairs to take most of the garbage out so that K wouldn’t have to do it.

He and I settled into bed at about midnight but I couldn’t get to sleep until almost 2. Which was very frustrating since I was tired. And then I slept in until almost 10 after a restless night and early morning. Luckily, K2 wasn’t up much before me, and P was still in bed when I got up.

The kids haven’t done much today. We will go swimming tomorrow when my brother that lives in Georgia, A, comes to visit us. He’s in SLC for a couple days on his way from Idaho to Colorado on their summer vacation. So I told them to bring their suits when they come to visit us tomorrow morning. Tonight, we are going to see a futon that E’s brother is offering us since their getting rid of it – apparently virtually unused. Then we’re going to a birthday party for K’s cousin’s wife. So at least I don’t have to make dinner, or feel guilty about NOT making dinner. 🙂

Then, Thursday we have to go do insurance paperwork, and in the afternoon the cable guy is coming to hook up our Comcast cable. I hope to get a truck either Wednedsay or Thursday night to take the boxes to DI, other boxes to my BIL’s house, and to pick up the futon if we decide to accept it. So I hope by the end of this week to have the place looking kinda normal – sans boxes.

That’s the update. Nothing too exciting. My home scale says I haven’t really gained any weight over the last 3 weeks, which means if the baby is still gaining that I’ve actually lost a little weight with all this activity, being sick, moving, etc.

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Week almost over

July 2, 2010 at 10:52 am (General Life Updates)

Wednesday, we did go swimming with me SIL and her youngest, also kind of ‘with’ a friend of hers and her two kids. But considering I didn’t even get formally introduced to the woman (looked too young to have kids), I don’t really feel like we were “with” her.

It was fun. The pool was very shallow and once K2 got comfortable in his life jacket, he was floating around and “swimming” like a pro. Much braver than P ever was, and still isn’t. P also had fun floating with her little floaty mattress and ring, though after she’d been using the ring for about 30 minutes, a lifeguard came and told us that they don’t allow rings. Along with not allowing arm floaties unless the kid is also wearing a life jacket, this was kind of annoying. But oh well. Kimball like his life jacket, but P’s wouldn’t stay down and away from choking her. Probably because we couldn’t cinch it tight enough under her crotch since she wasn’t wearing a diaper like K2.

It was nice to be there with K, although I felt fat and huge next to all the gym bunny moms with their fake boobs, suntans and bikini bodies.

A cute little girl latched onto K2 and became his ‘friend’ whether he wanted it or not. She kept showing him ‘tricks’ like jumping off the side and going under or putting her legs up on the side of the pool. He always would say ‘Cool!’ right as she was  underwater and couldn’t hear him, so I think she thought her efforts were going unnoticed. She would also try and push him away from K or toward the deeper water, and he would put out his hands and gently tell her ‘no, no pushing, no pushing, no pushing.’ It was pretty hilarious to watch them interacting.

We were there for a couple hours, with intermittent sunshine and clouds, and even a bit of a sprinkle of rain during one of the everyone-out-of-pool breaks. When we left, we went to Walmart for K to buy a small hibachi grill for the balcony since he had it in his head he needed to grill some hot dogs for dinner. We got home around 4:30, the kids both asleep in the car. We brought them upstairs and they slept until after 7 PM. Which lead to them not getting to sleep until almost midnight. But it was nice, because K and I got to eat dinner alone and spend a few hours in the quiet, and even watch most of a movie together.

Yesterday was quiet. And lazy. I watched shows online almost all day – the kids watched movies and a Tom & Jerry DVD almost all day. I did a little laundry, took a shower, made some dinner, skyped my parents and brother in Japan. Burnt an entire head of brocolli that I was steaming on stove for dinner. Nothing too eventful. K was super-late getting home from work – about 7:30, so the kids and I had eaten when he got here so that we could leave immediately for softball. We drove the location of his softball game, and the kids and I walked across the street to the park for the kids to play. We were at the park for a little over an hour, during which time K2 played mostly in his diaper and shirt and shoes, since about 15 minutes after arriving he pooped through his diaper and shorts. Luckily, I had a diaper and wipes on-hand, but not an extra pair of shorts.

Anyway, it was great for the kids to run around and get some movement for the day since I hadn’t really gotten them any movement at home all day long. We then drove home, kind of the long way past a dealership so K could look at a couple of trucks that turned out to not be there like the flyer had indicated. Put the kids to bed a little before 10 PM, hung out a little restlessly with K for a while. He was on the computer, and since we have no channels, and only one chair in front of the TV, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Today, I have promised the kids to take them swimming at the complex pool. I’m not really looking forward to it. It is almost 11 AM, and I’m trying to decide if now would be better than later, and if its warm enough by now. I want to have them have a normal nap-time today, so I can’t wait much longer.

Then tonight I’m going to Eclips3 with a friend. Pretty excited to get away from the kids for a while. I’m just so tired of their constant needs/wants/whines, etc. If that makes me a bad mom, so be it. But I haven’t gotten away from them for any significant amount of time in weeks.

Still don’t have a doctor. Still don’t have medicaid. Still own a house we can’t pay for. Still living in a 2-bedroom apartment with a huge stack of boxes that I don’t think are going to fit in here. Still don’t have a couch.

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