Rewards List

I can’t remember all the rewards I’ve gotten myself so far, for 225, 220, 215, 210. I know there was a purse, book, earrings, and shoes. Here are subsequent rewards that I intend to give myself for goals obtained.

205 – I have to re-earn this one, but it will be heavier dumbbells
200 – ring
195 – bathrobe never got bathrobe. Or Crest Whitestrips.
190 – black high heels, preferable wedges of some sort
185 – haircut
already rewarded, but I’m bouncing around above this number (10/12/2009)
180 – check wishlist – just not sure what I’ll want when I get here. Might be a while if I get pregnant soon.
170 –
165 –
160 – Pedicure
155 – Goal Weight Massage


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