Feeling Pretty Good this Friday Morning

February 26, 2010 at 10:55 am (General Life Updates)

Last night, K didn’t get home until 10:45. I was kind of bummed he was so late, since we had a lot to do. While I was waiting, I edged as much of the stairwell as I could reach, folded and put away about 3 loads of laundry, ate too much, watched a little TV, cleaned some doors and doorjams. I put the kids down somewhere in the middle of all that, in their rooms with the new clean carpet. 🙂 I put P’s new curtain rod in so her curtains are on a suspension rod in the window instead of on a broken suspension rod hung on two nails.

When he got home, we set right to work painting the stairwell. Which looks streaky in places this morning, so kinda bummed about that because we did our best to put 2 layers everywhere so it would be done. I think I can get to the streaky areas with a roller on my dad’s extension pole, so I’m not too freaked out. We finished painting a little after midnight and set to work emptying our room of the little that was left so that K could pull out the carpet. Then we settled in to watch Psych (I’d already watched it while waiting for him to get home) while the chemical that he put on the pad dried so we could put our bed back and go to sleep.

K woke me up in the chair at 2 AM saying he had the bed ready and we could go to bed. So I guess I got about 45 minutes more sleep than he did since I snoozed so well in the chair. But he slept in this morning about an hour longer than I did, so we’re even. I konked right after climbing into bed.

This morning, I got dressed and got P ready for school, took her to school, fed K2 and I some breakfast, and then vacuumed our room’s edges as K was working on pulling up the carpet on the stairs. Then I vacuumed those – they were so dirty around the edges that it was crazy! And all the dust and dirt that settled at the bottom of the steps when he pulled the carpet all out! Whoa. Anyway, I sucked it all up, right in time for E (carpet guy) to arrive and get started.

Also, K took off right as E got here to go get the checks, deposit them, run by the pawn shop, and get P from school. Then he has to high-tail it back here to meet the guy that’s letting him use his truck this morning shortly after 10 to take stuff to the dump – which is crazy expensive by the way!

After dump runs, he’s still got to pack and load up as much of his stuff as he can in his sister’s little car so that he and his mom can leave for UT. It is VERY real to me today that he is leaving us (not in the divorce or separation kind of way)  TODAY and we won’t have him here until the next long weekend he can get off of work to come home for a day. I will be on my own. If I want to go out, I’ll have to take both kids.

And there’s still so much to do. My dad is going to be super-irritated that I’m going to be asking for his help so much. For stuff K COULD have gotten done before he left if we’d kicked it into high gear a week earlier. Nothing I can do about it now, but my hands just WON’T caulk the whole kitchen counter – I have wimpy hands apparently.

This morning while I’ve been killing time while E installs carpet, I found a few more baseboards to scrape. I can’t get the nails out, though, so K is going to have to spend about 10 minutes doing that (could have been done months ago). When the carpet is in, I’ll vacuum up there, and K’s going to have to to help me put our bed back and the doors back on all the closets. He’s hoping to get out of here by 11, but I think he’s delusional. He won’t be back from getting P until 10:25 or so. Then load up, go to the dump, and possibly come back for second load (hopefully not – $$$$). Then pack, hang closet doors, put our bed back, pull nails from few baseboards, caulk our bathtub one more time (needs another layer on top of the one he put on Wed evening). I’m thinking, he’ll be lucky if he’s out of here by 1 or 2 PM.

Over and out.


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Day Almost Gone

February 25, 2010 at 7:14 pm (General Life Updates)

Today was almost as useless, but not quite.

The Good:

1) Carpet guy came and installed carpet in the kids’ rooms and the landing at the top of the stairs. He’s coming back in the morning at 8:30 to install our room and the stairs. Yippeee! It looks great, and even smells like new carpet after sitting in the garage for 2 years! Miracles!

2) I got the baseboards de-nailed and scraped of caulk (with some help from K). So now they just have to be painted and put back on. I’m going to call my dad and see if he can come on Saturday to help me put them back on. Hoping to be able to paint them tomorrow or Saturday morning.

3) Got some groceries, mainly some oatmeal since we were totally out and I can’t go without oatmeal!! Also got some fruit and yogurt and some cereal. Looked at the drapes and now I’m just deciding what color to go with.

4) After tomorrow, the carpet will be all done!! Yay again!

The Bad:

1) No painting. Since he was installing carpet this morning, and K doesn’t have a car to take to UT, he spent the afternoon at a dealership while we went grocery shopping. And it didn’t even work out! Right now, the plan is to go with his mom in his sister’s car, and then his mom will drive back his sister’s car and leave her car in UT for K to use. A temporary solution, so not ideal. But its all we got, and time’s up.

2) Aside from the carpet installation (which wasn’t done by me) and the scraping of the baseboards, nothing much was done on the house today. Its been snowing – we haven’t taken the stuff to the dump (old carpet, mattress, big slats of linoleum and wood).

3) There’s so much more to be done, and K is leaving sometime tomorrow. Just the things we need to get done tomorrow are kind of too much to get done and still leave him time to drive to UT. He has to pack, take stuff to a dump (only if he can find a truck to use), go to the JP office and get his check, cash it, deposit it, pay the carpet guy (who will be here at 8:30 and probably done and gone before we can get the checks done), and the painting in the stairwell. Then, there’s the stuff that K can’t get done but that I don’t know how to do. Like figure out how to fix the kitchen floor. K’s sister apparently has a sheet of linoleum, so we’re waiting to find out how big it is (we need 250 sq ft) to see if it will work for our kitchen. Then, we have to find someone to install it and make sure we can pay them.

3) [I had this in the OK section, and then I had to move it to the Bad. This is Bad.] I don’t want Cloud here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But K is taking me at my word literally that he has until the house is on the market to find her a home, so I’m stuck with her until the house is ready. Only, she makes it that much harder to get the house ready! Every time she pushes the curtains aside with her nose and sits to look out the window, she gets dirt on the corner of the curtains and dirt on the window, and WORSE, dirt on the corner of the wall right there where there’s new paint. Every time she decides to roll around on the carpet to itch her back is that much less new carpet smell that we’ll have, and that much more white hair stuck in the carpet.

The OK:

1) We’re going to paint when K gets home from work. Unfortunately, he’s decided to take his old two employees to his last night of work, have them help him get done quickly, and then take them to pizza in Canon City. So who knows how long he will be. To ameliorate this issue, I’ve decided to start without him. I can definitely edge some of it and put a double coat on all the areas I can reach that still need it. So after writing this, I’m going to go change my clothes and get some of it done before the kids go to bed, and a little after before K gets home. That should help us not have to stay up too late tonight.

2) There are a lot of things I need to be doing when I’m sitting on my butt. Like cleaning window tracks, doors, and door frames. This is something K probably wasn’t going to do even if he was here, so I need to take the time I have and just do it. After tomorrow, I’m going to have a lot of alone time with the kids – so I need to spend it with them and doing productive things instead of sitting on this computer wailing about how much needs to be done!

 3) There’s a lot of reorganizing to do. Stuff to move back upstairs, stuff to get rid of. Stacks to situate differently in the garage so that I can keep stacking boxes out there without it being a disaster. This might take some muscle and I’m strong enough to do it. But I’m not sure I should be lifting that much stuff pregnant. And I don’t think I’m going to convince K that its important enough to do tonight or tomorrow when there’s so much other stuff to do.

So I’m stressed out, as usual. That’s the status.

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Countdown to single mom

February 24, 2010 at 7:21 pm (General Life Updates)

More painting has occurred. Only thing left to paint is second coat on stairwell and our bathroom and then the baseboards for downstairs.

Carpet is supposed to go in tomorrow – it didn’t happen Monday because of a big snowstorm. I’m praying for no snow tomorrow so it can get done.

Today, I was about useless. I got up and took P to school, after a night of P waking up twice crying that her legs hurt and K2 waking up once to bawl for a while and then again at 6 AM to go downstairs and start whispering “Mom, Mom” in the dark. So I called him back upstairs and put him in bed with us and then he and K went back to sleep while I struggled until my alarm went off at 7. So after feeding K2 and myself breakfast, I sat in the easy chair and ended up sleeping until 11 when I had to get P from school. K left at 10 to go fix the truck, which was supposed to take 1.5 hours. He didn’t get home until after 2 PM. So while I waited for him, I cleaned a couple of dirty doors, baseboards, and doorjams. But I didn’t feel like much got done today. In K’s defense, he quickly filled the holes in in the backyard and scraped our bathtub for caulking tomorrow before he left for work.

I made green eggs (brocolli) for dinner. I had mine in a tortilla with some spinach and cheese. I also made butternut squash soup today, which turned out pretty yummy.

The kids are in the bath now and then they’re going to watch a Netflix movie. I already mentally know that I won’t be working out. I just don’t have it in me these days as we’re getting ready for K to leave us. Day after tomorrow. Ugh.

Tomorrow, so much has to happen. Painting, carpet, and righ tnow K doesn’t have a car to take to Utah in 2 days. So he might be spending some time at a couple of dealerships tomorrow. Oh man. I’ll keep you posted.

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I’ll have chocolate on my oats if I want to….

February 21, 2010 at 10:31 am (General Life Updates)

Cuz its my birthday.

Was up for an hour during the night with some bad diarrhea. Awful. Too much information? Probably. I was up at 3 and basically didn’t get back to sleep until 4 with multiple trips to the bathroom. Didn’t think I was ever going to get back to sleep.

Kids woke up in P’s room from their second night of slumber partying on their mattresses on the floor at 7:20. I heard them go downstairs to watch TV at 7:30. No sleeping in for them. Thankfully, K2 didn’t come back upstairs to bug us about being hungry until about 8:45, when I promptly told him to buy K instead of me, thinking in my head “I better not have to tell him its my birthday and I shouldn’t have to get up!” He did get up, but I don’t think its because he remembered it was my birthday. He didn’t remember that until I reminded him after putting a whole bunch of white chocolate chips on my oatmeal. “Have some oats with your chocolate why don’t you?” he says. And I said, “I will. Its my birthday, and I will.” So then he started yelling happy birthday and singing. Doesn’t mean as much as if he’d started doing it without my saying anything. I really need to remember that on his birthday (though he won’t be here) and make sure I act right away upon getting up to make sure he knows I am celebrating him on that day. We were with his family all evening last night, and not one of them mentioned my birthday.

Yes, we had yunzies last night at K’s mom’s house. It was a fun gathering, but I overate and was uncomfortable for the last hour we were there with the brewing diarrhea. But we did have fun. K2 and P had fallen asleep in the chair while we took a shower to get ready to go, and K2 was so upset and emotional when we woke him up to go that he cried for almost an hour. He wanted K to hold him and when we got there he didn’t let K move from off the couch with K2 in his lap for about 30 minutes. When we finally got him to eat some dinner he perked up and went to play with all the cousins.

Today is church. The kids are taking baths right now. I’ll start getting ready soon. Get to tell people at church about moving today!!! I was worried during the night that the diarrhea was going to keep me home today, but though it hasn’t stopped it has let up so I think I’ll be fine.

I’m a little worried as to what is causing it. I haven’t eaten super-differently in the last week and this has been going on for about 3-4 days now. I think it might be all the fresh fruit we’ve had since we went shopping, so I’m going to pull back on that and focus on all the vegetables we got that have been neglected for all the yummy fruit.

Tonight we’re going to my parents’ for dinner. K’s last Sunday dinner there before he leaves. I don’t know what they’ll make for my b-day dinner, but it will be good whatever it is since it always is. It will probably be a typical Sunday dinner and not anything special. But like I said, its always good.

We also have to get the rest of the carpet pulled up today, and if we can possibly squeeze it in, one more room painted (our room). Just so its done before the new carpet goes in Monday. These aren’t really Sunday activities, but we’re crunched for time now and might have to do it anyway.

I’m going to go get some snacks ready for church and gather up the kids’ one toy and all the stuff I have to take. Over and out.

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Friday’s Recap

February 19, 2010 at 8:43 pm (General Life Updates)

Let’s see now. Today has been packed, again. I’m not complaining, just tired. But I haven’t really stopped so I haven’t really crashed yet, either.

I’ll list.

  • Exercised. Yay for me!!
  • Ate a good breakfast, and a pretty good lunch. Pretty good dinner, too, and I remembered that dinner had to be done and thought of something in advance!
  • With help from MIL, edged the downstairs wall last time, another coat on the two short walls that had to be finished. Used paint from when the house was built to edge the ceiling to cover up those splotches of paint we accidentally got on the ceiling.
  • Painted K2’s room completely with the white paint. It looks great!
  • K moved everything out of K2’s room and out of P’s room and pulled up the carpet in those two rooms and in the landing.
  • K packed a bunch more stuff out of our room and took more furniture to the garage.
  • K also caulked the kids’ bathtub one more time to make sure it was very well caulked. We’ll give it a couple days to dry, and then we’ll scrape our tub and caulk it really well.
  • Went through P’s play drawers with her and consolidated. Made her pick the stuff she liked the most (for example, made her choose three erasers from the pile of about 30 erasers she’s brought home from school to keep and we tossed the rest). Cut out the front picture on all the little kids’ puzzles and put them in baggies with the picture so that we could put them all in a shoe box in one of her drawers. This exercise made it so that she is only using one drawer for her “stuff”, one drawer for their puzzles, and now K2 gets a drawer in the bottom of the little plastic drawer-set for his cars. He’s still working on the concept of having his own drawer.
  • Did the dishes.
  • Put the covers to all the outlets and light switches back on downstairs. Now all that needs to be done is to paint the baseboards and put them back on, and then paint the baseboards in the bathroom and little hallway and wash down the walls in the bathroom really well. Decided not to paint in there, but that may change depending on how well the walls wash. There were a lot of “w’s” in that sentence.
  • Made dinner.
  • Did the dishes again.

The biggest accomplishments from today are obviously all the walls we got painted, and starting to rip up the carpet. The pad is this weird pink color, and the kids are going to have to be careful of the staples for a couple days. They are also sleeping in the same room tonight, which might mean that I’m not going to get much sleep. They’ll both just be on their mattresses. Hmmm.

My mom will be here at 10 am tomorrow to help paint some more. Still to paint: P’s room, our room, our bathroom, the landing, the stairwell, the baseboards. I hope to get P’s room, our room, and the landing done tomorrow. If there is time for Mom and I to go out after painting for some shopping or something, that would be nice. It is my birthday Sunday, after all.

We decided today to look into how much it would be to buy a sheet of laminate and have Home Depot install it for us rather than use the linoleum tiles that K purchased and was going to install in the kitchen. If the price is reasonable, and right around the price of returning the tiles, that’s what we’ll do instead. Not looking forward to either option, but I hope we can afford to do it because I think it will turn out better and be more durable than our previous plan.

I might not get to pack the kitchen until after K leaves. There is so much to do still before he goes, and just not enough time. And as much as I’d love his help and input, packing the kitchen is something I can do alone. The garage is piled high and half-full of all our “packing”. I just think it would be better to store that stuff off-site for sell-ability of the house. A two car garage that is half storage just won’t be visually appealing, I don’t think. Some of the stuff will come back inside, like the kids’ toys that are out there right now. But most of it we can do without. All developing stuff that I just am not sure how its going to turn out.

I’m looking forward to Sunday so that I can finally start telling people about the move. I considered making an announcement on Facebook, but then people that aren’t on Facebook might not hear it from me, and I don’t like that idea. Plus, there are plenty of people on Facebook that I’m friends with that just don’t need to know that I’m moving. So I’m going to start telling people in person on Sunday, and it will be a huge relief.

That’s all.

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More down, more to go

February 19, 2010 at 11:45 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

I did work out Wednesday night, doing 15 minutes of T-Tapp and 15 minutes of walking on the treadmill. So yay.

Yesterday was very busy again. We spent the day packing, going to Good Will, trying to get the truck running (the one K’s mom is borrowing), and organizing the garage some more. The guy that is going to install the carpet on Monday (yay for scheduling stuff!!) came by to take a look at how much carpet we have and measure out the upstairs. We now have a huge stack (pretty organized) of boxes on one side of the garage that is only going to grow as I pack more and more stuff (haven’t started on the kitchen yet). The other side of the garage has the lawn mower, the rototiller (going back to its owner tomorrow) and two kids’ bikes. And the carpet semi-rolled out so the kinks can start to fall out from being rolled up for 2 years.

Inside the house, there are empty boxes everywhere, and everywhere else is a mess. Ugh. Our closet is half-empty with all the clothes we’ve packed up, and our dresser is half-empty also. The kids’ closets are empty except for their clothes – where before I had stuff stored. The alcove in the stairs that I’ve used for storage for 3 years now is almost empty. Some of the stacks I mentioned on Wednesday are gone (Good Will), and some have just grown (MIL and Mom’s).

I hit a wall last night and ate too much after having fast food for dinner. I was so exhausted I felt like I could barely move, yet I managed to make multiple trips to the kitchen. What’s that about? I went to bed at 10:24 and couldn’t get to sleep for a while. But I feel more rested today, if still a little mentally tired with it all.

Today, I have already worked out. I did 15 minutes of T-Tapp again and then walked for 25 minutes on the treadmill and worked up a good heart rate and sweat. Then I made K2 breakfast (he slept until 10 today) and now I’m waiting for K to get back with P. He picked her up from school, came home to get another Good Will stack and took off again without dropping P off. 🙂 I have to take a shower, which I will do quickly as soon as I finish typing this.

After the Good Will run that K’s on and my shower, we are working on painting and ripping up carpet today. K’s mom is coming over to help me paint, but I’m just not sure where to start. I’d like to get the upstairs painted before Monday, but I know we probably can’t get the whole thing done, so I’m tempted to start downstairs and FINISH the downstairs just so SOMETHING is DONE. Know what I mean?

Ok, off to take a shower and psych myself up for a busy day. I’m so glad I worked out already because I know I’m going to be wiped again tonight. I also HAVE to make a healthy dinner for my family tonight; we’ve had way too much fast food over the past couple of weeks.

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Trying to get ‘er done

February 17, 2010 at 8:35 pm (General Life Updates)

Feeling better about today’s accomplishments. Don’t want to work out tonight, but I know I should, especially since I binged last night.

Today, I packed a bunch of boxes, spent almost 2 hours in the garage with K filling up the garbage can and organizing the chaos out there so that we have a place to stack the boxes I’m packing. I think I packed about twelve or thirteen boxes today. Most of the linens, games, stuff from the kids’ closets that aren’t their clothes. I sold a bassinet and two nightstands on craigslist and made 45 dollars. Plus went through a cupboard that had old paperwork, CDs, cords, and more CDs blank and with computer stuff burned on them. In going through the mail in there, I tore through an envelope that I thought was junk mail, only to find that I’d torn through a 10 dollar bill that had been sent me in response to some survey that I’d taken online. I taped it back together. 🙂 So by packing and selling things on craigslist, I made $55 today! Yippee! In the cupboard below the junk cupboard were two more cupboards where we kept the DVDs, so I packed those into a couple book boxes. So that little white cupboard is now empty. I went through the cupboards over the washer and dryer, and got them paired down in a big way. A lot of it was junk – old boxes for old cell phones and stuff like that. So that looks a lot better now, because I emptied them enough that the stuff I haven’t packed fit all in the cupboards instead of inside and lining the top up by the ceiling.

The house is full of empty boxes stacked up that we brought in from the garage to make room for organizing out there. After I’ve packed everything I can think of everywhere else, I’m going to start packing the kitchen, leaving just the stuff we use on a daily and few-times-a-week basis. With all this stacked in the garage, I think the house is going to be downright blissful with space. Too bad I can’t just toss it all. 🙂

I communicated with work today that I wasn’t going to get one of the tasks done that they had wanted me to do, but that I REALLY didn’t want to do. So that has left me free to finish the task I DO want to finish, so I think I might work on that a little tonight and get some hours in. I have a lot of documents to upload to the website; it isn’t complicated but it is time-consuming waiting for the computer to upload each batch and then labeling all the documents and checking them in. So I should get some hours over the next week and a half doing that – and any funds coming in are always needed. 🙂

K got some parts for the truck today and also had the garage fix some stuff that he can’t do here at the house. So he is fixing up to have a vehicle to take to Utah and commute with while he’s there, which is a huge relief. We got an extension on our registration on the H3 until the end of the month, so we shouldn’t be getting pulled over and fined for expired temporary tags. Which is also a relief. K finally gave notice at his last account today, telling them the last night he’d clean it is next Thursday – his last night here. I’m kind of bummed he’s not going to stop sooner – but again the money will be used and it doesn’t take too long. So its a relief that he has given them notice and that is for sure now. K got a hold of the guy that he grew up with that installs carpet, and he is coming tomorrow to measure off the area and tell us how much he’d charge. Relief. I arranged with my mother to paint for a couple hours with her Saturday morning, and then go do something. Relief. A lot of relief items going on today.

I have stacks everywhere – stacks for my MIL, stacks for my mom, stacks for Good Will, stacks for free stuff I have posted on craigslist. I will be excited each time a stack disappears.

This weekend is my birthday. I’ll be 34 on Sunday. Not too thrilled with that number, but whatever. I don’t feel that old – most of the time. 🙂 So I’ll spend some time with Mom on Saturday, maybe go bowling with K’s family Saturday night. Or on a date with K if we can afford it; we were going to go to Phantom Canyon restaurant for my birthday but we’ll see. Sunday might be a family dinner with my Mom and Dad or K’s. Then next week is K’s last week here. Crazy.

We decided today to start telling people in our ward. So that will probably start happening this weekend at church, or perhaps sooner if I get emailing someone and decide to announce it. I have a feeling no matter who I tell first, word will get around fast. But someone is probably going to be offended that I didn’t tell them personally, or first, or whatever. People are so silly! So hopefully that won’t happen. Anyway, I’m relieved about that, too. Its been hard not to talk to my friends (not BEST friends, but still friends) about this as I’ve been so stressed about it all over the last few weeks.

We found out yesterday that we’ll have benefits through K’s work as of June 1. So I’ll have about 2 months of doctor’s care before my due date. I’m a little worried that June 1 is about 2 weeks after my 28 week mark, when the gestational diabetes test is supposed to happen. So I might have to “save up” (yeah right) and go get it done at a lab on my own. We shall see. If I can just manage to eat reasonably instead of binging every other night, I don’t think it would be a problem, but I guess you never know. Now, that’s assuming that we’re in Utah with K by June 1, and I just don’t know. Our house would have to sell like wild-fire for that to happen. But I have hope.

This has been a long post. There’s been a lot going on. So I’ll stop now.

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Trying to convince myself

February 16, 2010 at 7:27 pm (General Life Updates)

So P started puking about 45 minutes ago. And she definitely didn’t make it to the toilet. She had to take a bath, and so did the chair and much of the floor. And she still feels yucky. So I’m thinking she’s got it worse than K2 had it yesterday, and she’s probably not going to be ready for school tomorrow. Wow. She’s missed a lot of school in the last month. I keep telling myself its only kindergarten, but I worry that she’ll miss something important! The last time she went back after missing 3 days, she was told it was her little best buddy’s last day before moving to Texas. So she was pretty upset that day and I felt bad that she hadn’t had those 3 previous days to spend more time with her little friend.

Other than P’s come-and-go stomach troubles today, it hasn’t been nearly as productive as I’d hoped for. And now I’m in a mood to eat a lot of food that I don’t need and not work out. I’m hoping I can talk myself into better behavior, but I honestly can’t predict the outcome right now. K2 refused to eat his dinner, at all, so I’m going to have to feed him something else soon now that he’s hungry and K is gone to work. P hasn’t eaten anything in a couple hours, but I’m worried she needs to get something into her system, especially now that she’s puked out everything from about noon on. I made dinner – chicken bits in balsamic vinegar, quinoa, and roasted asparagus and cauliflower. I had this with a salad, and I thought my dinner was really good. K seemed to enjoy it, too. But like I said, K2 refused it outright, which he only got away with because his sister wasn’t at the table with us. And shortly after dinner is when she started puking.

I’d like to have worked out tonight – a short run and some pushups or something. But like I said, I’m wanting to eat, and eat, and eat. I’m frustrated that all I got done today was packing some books and all our games, picking up some book boxes from my MIL that I’m going to have to transfer almost everything I’ve packed into because they’re smaller and more heftable, and doing some dishes, and cleaning up puke. And making dinner. But it doesn’t seem like a lot at all compared to what we NEEd to be getting done. I’m so worried I can barely see straight.

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Tummy Troubles and Finger Nail Polish

February 16, 2010 at 10:16 am (General Life Updates)

Yesterday, we spent most of the day grocery shopping. We went to Sam’s, came home and unloaded. Went to Walmart, came home and unloaded. Then I went to King Soopers by myself so K2 could take a nap. We have a well-stocked fridge and cupboard for the first time in a few weeks. Lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grain cereals, good snacks.

K2 was so emotional yesterday we could barely handle him. He only wanted K, never me, and cried – no, sobbed – at the slightest provocation. He puked once in the morning, but we thought it was just phlegm catching and didn’t think much of it. But it was obvious that he didn’t feel good from his emotional response to every little thing. He seemed to feel better yesterday evening, though he didn’t eat much at dinner at K’s mom’s. Anyway, this morning while I was getting P ready for school, she started crying that her tummy was hurting, and we decided after some discussion together that she wasn’t going to go to school. And now it is 9:15 and I’m wondering if that was the right decision because she seems to be feeling quite a bit better. Sheesh.

Other than grocery shopping, not much got done yesterday. I did some dishes and K sanded down the door jam where he’d put some wood filler a couple days ago. But no real progress in the home renovations. I’m hoping today will be more productive. Last night, we went to Keith’s mom’s for dinner again; roast and potatoes and veggies and rolls. It was pretty good, and we came home around 7:10 since it was a school night (or so I thought).

Last night, I did T-Tapp tempo and it kicked my butt. Right about the same time I got finished, K got home and we watched Ghost Town after I took a quick shower. While we watched the movie, I painted my toenails, and then spontaneously my fingernails as well. They are short, but they look cute for today. And having to let the polish dry kept me out of the kitchen except for a few blackberries and a yummy hard-boiled egg. But it probably isn’t practical to paint my nails every night as a way to avoid giving in to the munchies, right?

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Valentine’s Day Weekend

February 14, 2010 at 8:49 pm (General Life Updates)

The most Valentine’s-y thing about my weekend has been all the smarties hearts I’ve eaten. K wanted to go last night and get the kids and I each a little V-day basket, but I basically talked him out of it. The kids have a pretty much endless supply of candy anyway for whatever reason, and I don’t need one more little teddy bear to clutter up the house. I told him how much I appreciated the thought, but that it wasn’t necessary. Is that bad of me?

Anyway, yesterday I got some dishes done, swept the first floor, cleaned the bathtub really well, and worked out for 40 minutes. Then last night we went to K’s mom’s house for dinner and chatting about the ending of his mom’s 2-year marriage, which is pretty devastating for various reasons (she just moved back here from Utah this week as it ended). It was an emotional evening.

We had baked potatoes, fried chicken and a great green salad for dinner, and when we got home I went and got myself a spoonbender. Yum. Fattening, but yum. Its been a weekend of horrendous eating, partially because of the limited options in the house (NEED to go grocery shopping) and partially out of laziness on my part to stick to an eating schedule.

Today, we had church after K made pancakes for breakfast and we got the kids bathed. My sharing time didn’t go too badly, and I’m glad its over until the second Sunday of March – my next turn. This afternoon has been an afternoon of hanging out – K made oatmeal cookies, we played Go Fish, Red Light Green Light, and Duck Duck Goose with the kids. We sang some church primary songs and had a bible story as a kind of mini-Family-Home-Evening. K made a weird dinner, which we’ve eaten in shifts as we’ve gotten hungry.

Its almost time to put the kids to bed, and then I’m sure we won’t be up for too much longer. Tomorrow P doesn’t have school, but K will have to work at 6 PM as usual. He gives his notice for this last account tomorrow night, though, so that will be one more step to him being gone. We’re also that much closer to needing to tell people we’re leaving. Not sure what we’re going to do tomorow other than grocery shop – perhaps a little bit of painting, some cleaning, some packing, or maybe we can work on organizing and tossing the garage (bundled up if tonight’s temperature is any indication of tomorrow’s weather).

I also have a goal to work out. I’ve decided this baby is going to let me sleep much more soundly when I work out – Friday night after not working out for 2 days was pretty miserable sleep.

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