Life as I know it

October 13, 2010 at 4:33 pm (General Life Updates)

D has got a cute new habit of wringing her chubby little hands right up under her chin. Its cute. Somtimes she tries to get a finger in her mouth, but she rarely  unfists her hands long enough to succeed. She also is getting  a little restless about the chair – it isn’t going to work for much longer to keep her happy almost all day. She has started to smile, but unpredictably and not in response to obvious outward signals. She just decides if she’s going to look amused at you or not and acts accordingly and there’s not much you can do to elicit a smile if she doesn’t want to give one. She’s starting to try and coo at us, but that’s still infrequent and lots of the time she just manages a gasp-screech like she’s held her breath for too long. She is wearing 3-6 month clothes that barely fit, and starting to break into 6 month clothes. She is 2 1/2 months old, almost.

Tomorrow morning, K has a second interview for a job with an oil company. His first was on Monday, in Colorado. He took the kids and made a quick cross-state trip. He has to be back in Denver for his 2nd interview tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. He’s flying tonight and flying back tomorrow afternoon. Much to my surprise, the flight cost less than he spent in gas this last weekend. He’s staying with my parents instead of going all the way south to his mom’s house. Hopefully, her feelings won’t be hurt.

If he gets this job, it will be in Brighton, CO. He will start in about 3 weeks. We will be moving back to our house in Colorado Springs, and he’ll have a nasty commute in store for him until we can sell it. But it will hopefully keep us out of foreclosure. And out of this apartment. And out of Utah. I don’t know what to think about all this. I want him so badly to get the job, but it seems surreal that we might be moving again, back to where we started. And I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but I think its too late and I’m going to be pretty devastated if he doesn’t get it. WHich is nothing compared to how bummed he’s going to be.

Hopefully, the waiting will only be until mid-morning tomorrow and then we’ll know one way or another. I hope this is part of the Lord’s plan for our family. This job has potential to become a CAREER, and a good one. Vigorous, kind of crazy hours will have him gone a lot, but we’ll be able to PAY. OUR. BILLS. Which would be HUGE.

Again, trying not to be too hopeful, while being optimistic at the same time. Its a delicate balance to achieve.


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Same old stuff

October 7, 2010 at 9:39 am (General Life Updates)

I am writing this post on a big flat screen TV that we switched in for our monitor last night. The better to watch Hulu and stuff since we cancelled our cable. Finally. 🙂 It makes for an interesting computer monitor, though, because for writing/reading stuff we had to blow up the size of the internet text to HUGE in order to read it. So basically someone across the room would be able to read this as I type it, and sitting here in front of the keyboard is a bit like sitting in the front row at a movie theater. If you ever typed in the front row of a movie theater. 🙂

Anyway, this means we have no TV in our room, which is ok I guess since we rarely got to use it with D’s crib being in there.

Life has settled into a pretty predictable pattern. K has work every day except one each week. He leaves while P is getting ready for work and I’m often feeding D. He gets home around between 6:30 and 7. Sometimes I have dinner ready when he gets here, sometimes I start it after he arrives and we eat late. K2 and D and I take P to school at 8:20 and pick her up at 3:20. In between, we watch some TV, read some books, have some snacks, and sometimes take naps (mostly D and K2, I rarely do anymore). After we pick up P, sometimes we go to the library – I have been reading almost nonstop these days. The last couple days I’ve been trying to be more circumspect and get something else done, and I’m feeling good about that effort. Anyway, if we don’t go to the library or run some other infrequent errand, we come home and the kids play until Dad gets home. On K’s day off, I sometimes go to the downtown library, which is amazing, or go grocery shopping.

I have yet to start exercising. I keep intending to start something small – some pushups, some situps or planks, some squats. And I keep putting it off. I just don’t feel like doing T-Tapp – even the 15 minute workout. I don’t know why. My inertia is overwhelming.

I have been trying to eat a little better – a little less – the last few days and that feels good. But my eating is still kind of lazy and too often. I want to be able to run again, but I don’t want to do the work it takes to get to that point. Stupid.

P had her first dentist appointment a couple weeks ago. She did great for her cleaning – not flinching once. She did have a huge cavity in one tooth that required a follow up appt a few days later to get a kiddie-crown. What we call her “robot tooth” because it is stainless steel. She also had her 6-year check-up and had to get a shot. Shots suck.

D had her 2-month checkup yesterday, where she weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs 8 oz! She weighs almost 3 lbs more than P did at that age, and 1.5 lbs more than K2 did. And we thought they were chunky!! She’s a big girl. She’s gotten her rolls on and her little gut, and she barely fits in the size 1 diapers or the 3 month clothes we’ve been putting on her. She also got 3 shots – poor girl – which she reacted to about 4 hours later by screaming anytime her one leg moved or was touched for about 2 hours. I had to hold her leg still with one hand and hold her with the other arm to get her to relax and rest in some fitful sleep. I was so relieved when she finally started feeling better and stopped crying in pain.

She’s sleeping pretty good at night. About a week ago, we stopped having her sleep her first shift at night in her little bouncy chair and started putting her straight in her crib after the 8-9-or 10:00 feeding. And she usually sleeps for much longer now – like up until 6 in the morning sometimes. Nice for me!! She starts making noises sometimes 2 hours before she actually needs to be fed again – so I get up and have to interpret the noises to see if she’s really still asleep or not. Kinda tricky sometimes.

K2 is still in diapers – and he turned 3 last weekend. I got him some underwear to try, but he’s just not ready. I’m trying to be patient with him but its hard when he won’t even voluntarily tell me when he’s poopy so that I can prevent it from getting everywhere like it sometimes does in spite of his diapers. He is learning to use the computer quite well, and talks great. He needs to be more active than he has opportunity for, and it sometimes comes out in form of attitude and disobedience because he’s so restless. I’m trying to work on this cuz its my fault.

P is doing great in school, and now that we’re practicing again her reading is coming along well. I worry that her school isn’t going to push her hard enough and that wherever she goes next year, she’ll be behind the other 2nd graders. But I guess we’ll jump that hurdle when we get to it.

K isn’t making enough money. We’re barely managing to hold on to our vehicle – the house is going to be foreclosed and auctioned in January unless we can figure out how to save it – or SELL it. We just can’t cover rent here and the mortgage there. K has a job interview in Denver this weekend for a company that pays their employees very well, but a job with them could send us anywhere from North Dakota to Pennsylvania. Which doesn’t help our house in Colorado. I don’t know what’s going to happen – we’re just trying to keep our heads above water and pay our bills – usually late and only partially. We refuse to borrow anymore money from my parents, but its hard to resist when I know they can help. But we’ve got to figure out how to stand on our own.

That’s about it from here. I need to update more often so that I can put in details about stuff – like birthdays and stuff the kids say. I guess I’m not that good of a journal keeper. 🙂 This definitely hasn’t been a journal about weight loss for a while. I hope to get to that place again soon where I’m ready to tackly my extra weight. I hate how I look and that none of my clothes fit except for grubs, but I must not hate it enough to do something about it yet, huh?

Over and out. Thanks Lori for saying hi the other day! It was good to hear from you….

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