Keeping Active, unintentionally

April 24, 2009 at 7:19 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

The last two days have been quite busy. Late Wednesday night, my SIL called and invited the kids and I to go with them (my two SILs and their two kids) to Pump It Up, a local business full of bouncy castles, slides, and obstacle courses. It is for little kids, but the adults can go on everything. Once a week they have a 10:00 to 11:30 time frame when it is only $6 per child over 2 and the adults are free. So I only had to pay for P, K2 was de graca just like me. We had an hour and a half of pure, unadulterated fun. Once P got over the semi-loud music playing over the sound system, and K2 figured out that all these small doors led to fun, bouncy places and … SLIDES, they got into it. By the time we were done, K2 was almost able to do the obstacle courses by himself, if not for the steep climbs and not being tall enough to get over some of the hills. He was having a blast. Since I had to carry him through lots of parts, I got a mega-workout and was sweating almost as much as I sweat when I run. We had a grand ol’ time, and I’d love to go back now that I know about it and how inexpensive it is. P got a little tired toward the end and stuff that wasn’t bothering her before started freaking her out. But all in all, we enjoyed ourselves almost the whole time.

After time was up, we decided to all go to Chili’s for lunch. I got a yummy salad and the kids split a burger, fries, and some mandarin orange slices. I had a gift card that had been partially used, but I figured it would help. Well, as I was getting to the bottom of my salad all the sudden I saw a little black, leggy, winged, bean. Wait, that’s not a black bean. That’s a fly!! Needless to say, I didn’t eat anymore, and we called the manager over and discreetly showed her the problem. She apologized profusely and asked if she could get me anything else, but I was so unprepared for the whole episode that I didn’t want anything. After all, I’d eaten most of the salad and was quite full. 🙂 It ended up that I took a dessert (free) home to K (which he didn’t like) and my meal was free. So my gift card easily covered the kids’ meal and the tip! Yay! Basically, a free lunch. And at least I didn’t EAT the fly, right? Unless there was another fly in there somewhere, like they were invading my salad by the colony. Do flies live in colonies?

The rest of the day was unremarkable. I went to the store quickly for a couple of things, but I still need to go shopping for real for more vegetables and fruit. Last night I worked out not quite as hard as normal, since I’d worked so hard climbing and carrying K2 around at the bouncy place. I ran for 25 minutes straight at a good comfortable pace, and walked for 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after. Then I did some arm weights.

Today, I had planned to work on the yard. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it helped that a friend was going to come help me and keep me company. Well, turned out she wasn’t able to come. I’d been working out there for about 2 hours when I finally checked my phone and I had a message from her saying she wasn’t coming. It wasn’t her fault, but it would have been nice to have her here. Regardless, I worked for a couple hours before K2’s nap, and about an hour after he went down to get one side of the yard well-raked up into piles. I shoveled as much as I could fit into a trash can and wheelbarrow, but since K decided to trade the truck in today, I didn’t have anywhere to dump it so I had to settle for making piles after those two receptacles were full. It was a hard workout for my back, arms, and hands, and some for my legs while picking up and bagging the 6-8 bags worth (I didn’t count) of plastic bottles and caps that were piled on the side of the house and scattered over the yard.

I’m dirty and dusty, but I don’t want to shower until after I work out. Lazy, I know. Hopefully it won’t make my current acne breakout too much worse to wait. Well, duh, I guess I could wash my face now and shower later after I run. Duh. Sometimes I surprise myself at how thick I can be.

Down to 205 this morning – that’s 25 pounds lost!! I’ve been pretty on-point the last couple of days with the eats, though I’m worried that today is a little low in calories. Tomorrow I have another busy day, although not so physical.

In the morning, I will either be working on bagging and loading up the piles in the backyard, or grocery shopping. At 2, I have a baby shower to go to – oh and I have to go through all my baby stuff and figure out what I can give as a gift since I can’t afford to buy anything right now.

Just spoke to my mom and it looks like I’ll be bagging up mulchy, poopy, dirt piles in the morning, so now I’ve revised my schedule to include that. But since I really need to get some groceries and if I can’t get them tomorrow I’ll have to wait until Monday (I don’t shop on Sundays), so I think if K gets home early enough tonight that after I work out I’ll take an hour and go to one of these open 24-hour joints like King Soopers or Walmart and do some night-time grocery shopping. Something I used to do EVERY time I shopped, and now with 2 kids I never do.

Well, better go dig out a present for the baby shower. I’m hoping I have some still-nice blankets or tiny clothes that I can give.


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