So much to say

May 6, 2012 at 3:57 pm (General Life Updates)

I have so much to say. And I have a rambling problem. So in the interest of remembering all the stuff I need to record because of my 4 month lapse in posting, I will make a list of things I”d like to write down so I remember them.

**Freeze Your Buns Off 5K – Feb 11, 2012 in Castle Rock, CO. Time spent with parents and kids, and a snow storm, but good running weather. Healthy Living Expo. Time (after no real prep at all) 43:29.

**Winning a giveaway for free treatment at a Naturopath doctor’s office in Castle Rock as a result of raffle at Expo. Appointment March 15, 2012. And a wonderful Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday morning spent on my own with my mom and NO KIDS. A mini-vacation.

April Conference trip to Utah. Visited with L, went to dinner with her. It was so fun. First time she and I have ever shared intimate talk about our relationships with our spouses. It was fun to get her input and opinion about some of the issues K and I have sometimes and her ideas to help me. Visited a lot with my bfE – its always so great to spend time with her. We briefly visited her sister and had lunch with my other friend Elz, whom neither of us had seen in years, though I’d seen her more recently than bfE had. We went to Elz’s new house (its beautiful), met her toddler and hung out with her and her hubby. It was a grand time. So much laughing. Got to see my brother T and his wife J, whom I hadn’t seen since their wedding in September.

**D’s growth. The words she has now at 21 months: Mama, Dada, bowl (sounds like bow), apple (abba), No, cheese/teeth/please are all said “eees”, move sounds like “moooo”, she does animal sounds for goat, elephant, lion, dog, cat, cow, owl, pig, and maybe more.

K2’s black eye – given graciously by D on Friday May 4. Bloody noses ensued. Poor boy.

**May Day 5K on May 5, 2012 in Ft. Lupton. Time: 37:21. Parents visited from Friday night on to go to race with us (kids and I) and then help me plant my first garden ever.

The garden, plans for the yard’s improvements. Made a map cuz we used sticks stuck in the ground to mark the mounds and beginnings and ends of rows. Planted corn, watermelon, zucchini, summer squash, cantaloupe, carrots, spinach, green beans, tomatoes. So exciting!! Gotta make sure I do the work.

K’s schedule these days – 15 on/6 off. Hoping to go to 12-hour shifts soon. Plans for getting out of debt.

Enrollment of preschool for K2. My Friends and Me – have to fill out application and get it in this coming week. School’s out May 24.

Planning to go camping with my parents in June down south in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

Editing work for friend DP. Finished Part 1 of the book and have done multiple transcription projects. He’s paying me $15/hour. Wish he had friends that could use the same help. Have a transcription waiting for me now that is 33 pages long. It will be a long one.

Weight loss progress and hopes/plans. 192 right now. Goal: 155. Hope to buy an incentive reward when I get under 190, 180, etc. Kindle Fire when I reach goal (or other notepad)

Friends – A goes to Zumba with me, lets my kids play at her house with her kids a LOT, has watched the kids for our dates, and is fun to talk to. J takes walks with me, and her kids play with mine sometimes. Talked to H at church today, got to know her a little better, we might go rollerblading sometime soon. I hope that actually pans out cuz it would be awesome. She’s also the only person I’ve ever met that runs about a 12 minute mile like me, though she goes for a lot longer distances than I do. Have met some more people at church – feeling a little more outgoing now that I’m matching up some names with some faces.

Cooked dinner for the C’s here in Platteville a couple times. Was fun, if stressful to make two meals, because I experimented both times and both time they loved the meals (NOT LASAGNA) that I brought them. Its fun when I make stuff up and it turns out yummy. Makes me feel like a real cook. Got a Ninja about 3 weeks ago. Love it for smoothies. Made banana ice cream awesomely. Also did pretty good on green pancakes, think with some adjustments in method, will do better next time.

Went swimming April 20 with A and her kids. D was so scared at first – after about 40 minutes she finally started to enjoy herself. K2 and P had a blast, especially once they realized vests would hold them up. Went to Carbon Valley Rec Center. Loved the lazy river. Hope to go again on K’s 6-day or sooner.

I probably won’t expound on some of these things. Only a few warrant their own posts. But I wanted to get it down since so much has happened in the last four months and I haven’t been recording it. I’m sure that’s something I’ll regret one day. More details about D’s emerging personality, especially since I haven’t been taking many pictures at all. And she’s so beautiful. I’m thinking if I could just guarantee that it would be another boy to balance us out, I MIGHT consider having another baby. I just can’t decide though since the gender decision isn’t up to me.

Anyway, I’ve put a star by the ones I want to write posts about before I forget. We’ll see if I actually do it.


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