No Plan. Again.

December 7, 2011 at 11:59 am (General Life Updates)

Its a good thing I don’t consider myself a blogger. Cuz geez. But I’ve found myself saying a few times over the last few months that I’d have to refer to my journal (or blog) in order to remember when the kids did certain things in their development. So I better make a little bit of effort to document some of D’s development or I won’t know anything to compare if we have more or to remember her craziness.

She is 16 months old now and just as much trouble as she could possible be. She walks/runs everywhere. Climbs on everything. Goes for the computer mouse, the cell phones, the TV remotes whenever given a chance. She has a killer grip and screams her head off when you take away something if she decides to hang on. Otherwise, she runs away and drops the offending item on her way to try to head you off. She has her four teeth on top and bottom in the front, and then a molar on top and bottom both sides in the back. She makes some crazy faces and has a few words. Namely – Doh! (meaning boo), Uh-oh, Ma (which I don’t think is Ma, just more a demanding term), SSSS (meaning SH, and she puts her finger over her mouth classic shh style, sometimes sticking her finger under her upper lip. She loves to hold dolls and teddy bears and making smacking kissing noises. She is a beautiful slightly reddish blonde, but her hair’s not coming in very fast.

I started writing this post yesterday. Last night, D had an accident involving her mouth. Seems like my kids always hurt their mouths. She was sitting on her little kid couch (the unfolding kind) and she had a toothbrush she was playing with. Well, with wonderful luck, when she fell off the couch, she had the toothbrush in her mouth and managed to jab it into the back of her mouth right next to her throat. I didn’t realize she was bleeding until I’d been holding her while she screamed and she lifted her head & I saw the blood dripping all over both of us. So then I spent the next 20 minutes trying to pry open her mouth and shine a flashlight in it at the same time to make sure the bleeding stopped and it didn’t look like something I needed to take her in for. I finally got a glimpse of the wound, and I think it will heal on its own, but it was an awful 30 minutes. She woke up every 2 hours all night long, and it was harder than normal to get her back to sleep. Today she seems fine, thank goodness.

A couple weeks ago, P had a mouth accident. Getting up after being put to bed, she went to get some books to read with her flashlight and slipped going back to bed on the painted concrete floor in the playroom. Somehow, she managed to ONLY land on her upper front teeth/lip. We still can’t figure out how she didn’t hit her chin or put her hands out. Anyway, her screaming, blood-gushing arrival at the top of the stairs, cupping her hand under hurt bloody maw will forever be etched in my head. Her two new permanent teeth that were just peaking through & the two baby teeth on both sides were surrounded by a bloody swollen mass of gum, and we didn’t know if she’d damaged or moved the permanent teeth. The dentist said she was ok a couple days later after an x-ray, but her smile still isn’t the same. The two permanent teeth are much farther out, more than I think they’d be if she hadn’t smashed them. Her main concerns that night as she sobbed & sucked on a popsicle were that she wouldn’t be pretty anymore and that kids would make fun of her. We let her stay home on Tuesday (it happened Monday night), and Thursday I took her to the dentist, since they’d advised me that it might hurt less to wait a couple days.

This is all reminiscent of K2’s accident against the back of P’s head a couple years ago when her head bashed in his front teeth. Literally. I had to move them back into place since they were aimed back into his mouth. I think I wrote about that at the time. I should check and make sure.

Anyway, K2 is at story time this time. I was grateful that K got home from work at 2:30 AM so that I’d have a car this morning. Its been too cold and snowy to walk K2 to the library for story time, so he’s missed a few of them. Last night, we had to walk P to dance class down the street at the rec center, and it was a miserable walk. We all bundled up, and I pulled D in the wagon. We walked down the middle of the street since not all the sidewalks are shoveled, and my coat froze so that it made those crinkly noises every time I moved. On the happy side, I was worried that our walk down to pick her up would be just the wrong timing to burn the rice, but it turned out perfectly. I made split peas, sausage, carrots stew-like mixture which we had over brown rice. It was one of my better concoctions ever – I enjoyed it immensely and the kids seemed to as well. D even let me feed it to her, which was a blessing since she objects usually when she can’t eat dinner herself.

I am going stir-crazy with no car. And then when I do have a car at my disposal when K’s home, I can’t figure out where to go. Its a sad thing. I have been depressed and not doing well on my diet or exercise ever since Thanksgiving. I was so discouraged when the 10 pounds that I lost the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving – 5 of it came back in the 2 days we were in CS. I exercised both days, including T-day morning. And I still gained 5 pounds. Which took me back up over 200 pounds (I’d barely gotten under). That combined with seeing pictures of myself at my SIL’s wedding on Oct 14 really bummed me out. How come all the pictures taken of me are from below my chin – not a good look for someone trying to lose the DOUBLE chin. Anyway, I’ve been kind of a slug-eating-machine since then. I think I’m about where I was right after Thanksgiving weight-wise. I’m trying to re-motivate myself with a new goal and struggling to find one that inspires me. Monday night, I went to Zumba 20 minutes late because I felt guilty for leaving K right after he got home from work, and I didn’t feel like I “deserved” to go. I’d made dinner but I didn’t want any, and he’d have to feed the kids on his own. Anyway, he got off the phone with his mom at 6:45 (Z starts at 6:30) and convinced me to go. I got ready so fast, went to the last 35 minutes of class and then sped out of there cuz I didn’t want to talk to anyone, afraid I’d cry to practical strangers if anyone asked me what was wrong with me.

Yesterday I did a little better and managed to eat pretty well (circumspectly) and I did a full T-Tapp workout. I’ve managed to keep the kitchen clean through my blues, but the rest of the house has suffered. The bathrooms need to be scrubbed, the laundry has piled up, and everything is dusty. My room is a mess. Today, K is eligible for work at noon, so there’s a chance he’ll still be here and I can go to Zumba tonight, but there’s also a good chance he’ll be gone again by then and I’ll need to do some other exercise. But if I leave the other thing until tonight, I’ll be too tired. So I have to predict this afternoon what my chances of Zumba are and if I don’t think I’ll get to go I need to run or something. I’m wearing my wedding ring. It goes on, but it leaves a muffin top on my finger. But I figure if I’m wearing it and its a little uncomfortable it will remind me to drink water, not eat like a glutton, and work out. That’s the idea, anyway.

And Christmas? Yeah, not ready as usual. Once again, it is here and I don’t have a plan. EVERY YEAR, I swear next year I’m going to be prepared with a plan and not leave everything till the last minute willy-nilly. Riiiiighhht. We’ll hopefully acquire a tree next Monday or Tuesday on K’s next days off, so I probably won’t put out any decorations till then, though I have them out downstairs.

D is moaning and groaning at me. She’s bored without K2 here and with me typing on the computer. Her mouth probably hurts, but really she’s usually ornery, so its hard to tell.

Well, that’s the update, such as it is. I haven’t written anything about my brother’s wedding in the end of Sept, or my SIL’s wedding in October. I should do that.


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