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June 22, 2011 at 3:54 pm (General Life Updates)

All that build-up for our first house-guests, and the actual visit was quite anticlimactic. They didn’t get in until after the kids went to bed, about 9:30. K got home shortly before they got here, and they basically visited for a few minutes and then went to bed. D was pulling one of her stay-up-late stunts, so she went to bed about 10, and then K and I finished our Castle episode and went to bed ourselves – an early night for me and I had trouble getting to sleep. They left at about 6:30, which means our kids were up super-early and the day was quite long and drawn out after such an early summer day wake up call.

The weekend was nice, with a family grocery shopping trip on Friday and a drive to Estes Park on Saturday. The highlights of that were basically getting to see the elk on the golf course, pet a couple dogs (K2 isn’t shy about asking owners if he can pet their dogs), and getting to play at a big kids’ playpark for a while. It was windy and brisk for a summer day, with smatterings of rain, so P almost had a fear-of-thunder meltdown at one point. Estes Park is beautiful, and I wouldn’t mind going back with plans to walk the main strip with or without kids.

Sunday we got to go to church as a family for the first time in 2 months, and I had to sub in Primary so K and I were split up the 2nd and 3rd hour. But he had D, so it was a bit of a break for me. If our little classroom hadn’t been sweltering I would have enjoyed it a bit more. The four little boys in my CTR 4 class were cute and mostly well-behaved. One was quite a handful, but I think it helped that he didn’t know how strict I was so he was listening to me for the most part. If he were more familiar with me, he might not have paid so much attention. The afternoon was lazy and quiet – K2 was on TV restrictions so we mostly just hung out and K took a nap for his Father’s Day. Not that we did anything for Mother’s Day – K was working that day. I was on my own.

This week so far has been kinda lazy on my part. Monday morning I did some more tidying and cleaning as prep for MIL, SIL, and niece coming back from CA. They got here in the early afternoon, made a big mess in my clean kitchen making tacos (good thing they tasted good), stayed for an hour or so of visiting and then headed south. K got called in right before we sat down to eat so he ate and then had to leave for work. The visit was nice, but I was disappointed they didn’t stay longer. Understandable though since they were coming home from a trip that they’d be tired and want to get home. Nothing much else happened on Monday after they left.

Tuesday, K was sleeping for the morning, and then in the afternoon none of us did much. The kids played outside and I watched quite a few episodes of a TV show on Netfl1x. For dinner in a pinch, I used a recipe a friend gave me for cheese cakelets – crepe like pancakes whose main ingredient is cottage cheese. They were a hit and we ate them plain or with canned fruit on them.

Today we got up and got ready to go the weekly library summer-reading activity, which turned out to be a lady pretending to be Scottish and using her border collie and sock puppets “manned” by kids from the group to tell celtic and scottish tales. Mom and Dad were here, and after the activity, we went to Longmont for lunch and a baby gate (K2 broke our cheap wooden one a couple days ago).

I have dishes to do, laundry to put away, tidying of toys to do (not much point in that, since D will get them back out when she gets up and spread them around). The kids are outside eating ice cream, having just finished running through the sprinklers for a while. I have one book checked out, but I haven’t read a book since Monday. Should start dinner soon. Life is kinda monotonous and repetitive, but it is good. I get weighed down some days with the never-ending dishes, cleaning, laundry, etc. But my kids are happy and healthy (if a little tantrum-prone in K2’s case). They have friends and a safe neighborhood. P has been able to ride her bike without training wheels for about a week now, and it her proudest accomplishment in a while. Along with now choosing to read “chapter books” from the library and being so proud each time she starts new chapters.

I have things I want to start doing, things I want to improve. Chore and task charts for the kids. Dieting for me. We’ve cut down on TV time quite effortlessly because the kids have been outside a lot, but I’m sure they’ll ask on a rainy day or sometime to watch a bunch of TV and then it will be harder to enforce. But I’m determined to have them watching much less TV. I’m still watching a lot though, hypocrite that I am. 🙂 TV restriction has become the new punishment a la mode for K2 and his temper tantrums. Time out just isn’t proportionate to his rage when set off.

K is home from a 15 hour shift and will be going to bed soon. Gonna talk to him.


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