June 15, 2011 at 4:48 pm (General Life Updates)

So tonight my mil & sil are visiting overnight b4 they catch a plane in the morning to disneyworld. In our 8 yrs of marriage, we’ve only had nieces & my mother stay over (when I had babies). I’m kinda nervous about it. My mil has only seen our house in PLVL once when she helped us move in, & my sil never has. In honor of this auspicious occasion, I have done the following today: dishes, cleaned kitchen, made kids clean their rooms, some laundry (still have 2 put 2 loads away), cleaned D’s room (is been messy 4 a while from me transitioning her clothes), vacuumed, dusted, cleaned toilets, tidied general surfaces. I’m not done yet, but the rest has 2wait til D wakes up (vacuuming downstairs & the stairs).

In addition, I’ve walked 2 the library 4 the summer reading activity (they colored neat little paper telescopes), chatted w/ some moms 4 quite a while, gone over 2 a friend’s house & chatted 4 a couple hrs. She was @ the library picking something up & offered 2 take D while I was @ the activity, then when I went 2 get D we stayed 2 play & talk & she fed us lunch.

It has been a full day. It is 5. I have no idea what 2 feed the kids 4 dinner. Zumba is in an hr & a half & I don’t think I’ll get 2 go.

Sigh. I am typing this on my phone. Neato burrito.


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