In her swing

February 23, 2011 at 5:25 pm (Uncategorized)

And I think D has her thumb stuck in a binky that she is playing with. She put her thumb in it to chew on it & her thumb, and now I believe she doesn’t know how to get it off. She also looks super tired. Blinking really slow with her red-rimmed eyes. Whadya wanna bet if I put her in her crib she’d still find the energy to scream for 30 minutes before giving in to it?

The kids are running around in their post-P’s-arrival-home-from-school craze. They are shooting a nerf gun at the walls and fighting over whose turn it is to go next.

I have spent the afternoon organizing. Moving kids’ clothes from chest of drawers to chest of drawers. I think I have them all in the right piece of furniture now. Moved D’s clothes upstairs so it will be easier to change her now when she explodes yellow mustard poo all over the place like she did last night. K2’s clothes are in the dresser in the bottom 3 drawers that he can reach, but it is still in the main room until I vacuum his room out. P’s clothes are in the built-in drawers in her closet. Most of K’s and my clothes are hung up/put away in our closet. Coats are hung in D’s closet since they don’t all fit in the coat closet by the front door. Some boxes are stored in D’s closet, some in K2’s closet, and some in P’s closet. Book boxes are stacked next to D’s crib. Not attractive, but I don’t know where else to put them. If I put them in the laundry room/storage room there is a risk of flooding if something breaks or leaks. Everything I’ve stored in there is off the floor on the built-in shelves or I’ve put the rubbermaid containers on the floor with more vulnerable stuff on top.

So, left to do. Hmmmm. The garage. There are some things I need to bring in from there, mostly to store in the laundry room. Cleaning supplies (of which, we have a LOT) will stay in the garage, but the shelves out there need to be cleaned so I’ll have to rearrange and clean as I go. There are various other things out there that need to be put here or there inside the house. Not too much of any one thing, though. I am not looking forward to cleaning out there. It is going to be a messy, dirty job.

Well, D has decided she’s had enough of her swing. I will try and feed her and see if I can get her to take another nap in her crib. Wish me luck.


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