Settling in in the country

February 19, 2011 at 12:27 am (General Life Updates)

This place is rural. I registered P for school yesterday. The school seems nice. On the way out we met the principal – he saw us walking and knew we were new and stopped to introduce himself. Rural. 🙂 In a good way. Then we bopped across the street to the General Dollar, the local convenience store. Tiny little grocery store with a little bit of everything, all just a little more expensive than it should be. But not ridiculously priced. We drove past the park, which is about .25 mile from our house, and the library, which is a .5 mile away. If it hadn’t been so windy that day, we might have stopped and wandered a little more. Town Hall is a few blocks from us.

Amidst the exploring, I unpacked as much as I could yesterday. My morning was consumed with vacuuming the stairs with the hose, trying as hard as I could to get the animal hair our of them. Unsuccessfully. I did wash the baseboards in the stairwell with a little more success and the baseboard downstairs in the main room. I wiped out all the kitchen cupboards and bleached the heck out of the downstairs shower and wiped it down in order to be able to make myself use it. I am so picky about where I live. Once I’ve cleaned it all and sanitized it, I might let it get kind of messy occasionally. But the deep clean I do when I move in is extensive and a little OCD, and I don’t feel comfortable until its done. The carpets in this place are causing me some distress because they are still kinda gross and were supposedly professionally cleaned. So I might have to have them done again myself if the landlord won’t do it. My baby girl is going to be learning to crawl on this floor, and she will be putting everything she finds in her mouth, including her hands and feet. That prospect is unacceptable right now with the carpets as they are. I know they can be gotten cleaner than this.

Anyway, after the cleaning I got done, we all got ready and took the truck back to U-Haul down in Ft Lupton and then went to Brighton for a cheap meal at Del Taco. We drove around Platteville some more on our way home and it really is a nice little place, with some really nice houses and neighborhoods. And dirt roads and fields mixed in. When we got home, K and I combined efforts to clear some space in the front room in order to set up the computer (hence my typing now), printer, and TV for a monitor. The couch and chair have been set in their place, and we used the long sideboard table to run under the front window in between the two. It will be quite cozy when I get the rest of the boxes out of here and stuff put away. And the carpets cleaned. Right now, I can’t bring myself to walk around barefoot. Except maybe in the kitchen after today.

Because today, I went to town on the kitchen. Unpacked, organized, and CLEANED. I scrubbed and disinfected like crazy – the sinks, the counters, the stove, the fronts of the cupboards, and then the floor when all the boxes were out. And man, the floor was NASTY. I can’t believe they can say that it was “cleaned”. Cuz I went through 4 rags that turned icky dark, and then when I got it all clean with some POWERFUL chemical (didn’t dilute it as far as I should have, I wanted it potent), I went over it with a clean rag with just water to make sure to get the chemical up and that it was clean. Sure enough, that last rag just had a tiny bit of dirt on it compared to the first set with the chemical. Eeeewwwww. But now, the kitchen is my favorite room since it is the cleanest and most organized.

I stll have a long list of cleaning. I mean, scrubbing on hands and knees, wiping down walls, scouring baseboards cleaning. But eventually, I will declare it clean and start enjoying the fruits of my labors. I sent an email to my property manager this evening listing the 5 items I need action on. There are a lot of things I will list on the ‘It-was-like-this-when-I-moved-in-list’, but these items actually need to be fixed. A garbage disposal that doesn’t work and a clogged sink to boot, a tub that won’t plug, a garage door opener that just quit today, a back yard FULL of animal poop, and the carpets that can’t have been professionally cleaned. If a professional did them, he shouldn’t call himself a professional.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get the bathroom walls and floor clean, the baseboards in the kids’ rooms, and hopefully the main room downstairs mopped/scrubbed. Thank goodness for leftover JP chemicals from when K had his cleaning business. Cuz I’m using them like crazy.

Other than cleaning and having tons to do to unpack, I think this house is going to be great. There is tons of storage in the laundry room downstairs, a built-in cupboard in the living room that will be great for books and games and music and movies. The kitchen is woefully short on cupboard space, but my brilliant husband suggested a little white cupboard that has always been one of the kids’ “dresser” and it is working perfectly for more counter and cupboard space. Now I just have to rearrange my plan for which piece of storage furniture will be D’s dresser. Not that she cares. 🙂 Her room is huge – so lots of stuff will be stored in there, too. Her crib doesn’t take up much room, and that’s really all she needs or wants at this point.

I’m excited to get the room downstairs set up as a fun, bright play space for the kids. It will probably be kinda far down on the organizing/cleaning schedule though. I have to get this place clean before I can worry about that. But I’ll probably do it before I worry about my room or D’s room. The kids deserve to have their space fixed up and not last on the list. I am not looking forward to mopping that floor. But it has to be done – hands and knees with lots of clean water and chemical. Even if the carpets aren’t clean, the other floors certainly will be soon. Once I’ve done a deep clean that way once, I can mop it in an easier fashion from then on. But I have to get the funk of the previous tenants expunged. They were dirty, dirty people.

Well, this is a very boring post about all my cleaning/unpacking exploits. Tomorrow, I have to make a trip to the grocery store and try not to get carried away. Money is still tight, and we’re still not caught up on bills. But I see us getting caught up in the near future. Maybe by the end of March?

K is on his way home from the shift he got called in to at 1:30 this afternoon, his first shift after his Wed & Thurs days off. I’m glad he’s coming home to us now and not some distant relative. He tried to stop and get me a shake at BK, but they were closed down in Ft Lupton. Rural. 🙂 He was trying to “reward” me for all my hard work today. He hasn’t even seen the finishing product. When he left at 1:30 I was only about halfway done.

My birthday is Monday. We aren’t doing anything as far as I’m aware. I will be 35. Not too happy about that number. I wish I could indulge a little. Buy myself some stuff or go out with my hubby or friends. But I have no friends here yet, and he will be working, and we don’t have enough money for me to be selfish like that. Maybe I’ll buy myself the thing I really want in a few months and call it my late-birthday. A Vitamix.


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