February 15, 2011 at 7:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Almost. Things keep emerging from cupboards and closets that don’t “fit” with other things I’m boxing up. So they get stacked somewhere. So basically every horizontal surface is covered in stuff, and boxes are stacked everywhere. I like to think I’m almost done. At least done enough to be ready for the guys to start loading the truck in the morning. I still need to bag up bathroom stuff at last minute, and box up the last-minute kitchen stuff that I needed to leave out in order to feed myself and the children. Mom came and helped me after work yesterday, and that was a great help along with her help on Saturday. I have started moving boxes down the stairs, but there are quite a few more that need to come down. I also have to pack up the laundry that I did today – mostly into dresser drawers, that I then need to carry downstairs. The dressers will be loaded in the truck, and the drawers put back in them. That way I don’t have to unload the drawers into boxes.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Gotta pick up the truck, load it, go pick up my treadmill from the MIL’s, drive to Denver, pay rent to get keys and garage door openers, then drive to Platteville. I think it will be kinda crazy on the kids, especially D who is already showing signs of extra grouchiness for being surrounded by boxes. She doesn’t get what’s going on, but she knows something’s up.

We had leftover chili over brown rice tonight. I had frozen half of a batch of chili I made a couple weeks ago and I thawed it and we had it over the leftover brown rice from the other night. K is on his way home after his 7-days at work, and I have potatoes baking in the oven for him to have with his chili. Breakfast is gonna be sketchy because we’re out of almost everything, or it is packed. We have eggs, so I’m thinking scrambled eggs will have to be the deal for everyone.

Today was P’s last day at her school. She is sad to be leaving the friends that she basically just made. I feel horrible but I can’t do anything about it. I just keep reminding her she’s going to make new great friends in her new school. I hope to have her at school on Friday. If not, Tuesday after President’s Day school holiday.

Well, I better get off the computer and make use of the brief time before bedtime that I can be making noise upstairs. Probably the next time I write will be from Platteville!!


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