Quiet Tuesday

July 20, 2010 at 6:17 pm (General Life Updates)

The kids are playing with clay at the table. Kinda bummed that they are doing this when I just vacuumed today, but they are having a good time, the TV is off, and they aren’t fighting. We haven’t done much today, but there’s been a lot of stuff done at the table. Earlier, it was scissors and paper mess. While K2 was sleeping, I helped P make a decorated heart to hang on her door. So we’ve been more crafty today than normal, but there’s been less TV.

This morning (not early, I didn’t get out of bed until 10:20), I cleaned. Sinks, toilets, bathtub, vacuumed. The kids cleaned their room quite efficiently in preparation for me to vacuum it, which I appreciated. But this caused a little grief because P made K2’s bed so nicely, and then he got in it and messed it up and she had a meltdown.

I didn’t get out of bed until 10:20, because once again I was up in the middle of the night not able to sleep. I watched a show from about 1:45 until about 2:45. Last night, the problem was itching. Itching and a little restless legs, but the legs were secondary to the itching.

To recap some fun stuff since last Thursday: Friday night I went to dinner (Sconecutter, yum) and a movie (A-Team – surprisingly good and funny!) with my friend E. We had a good time, as always. Saturday, the kids and I killed time until E arrived around 2:00 to go swimming. We swam for a little over an hour and then came inside to talk about books and eventually decide to drive to the nearest library and get P and I our SL County library cards. I was ridiculously excited! So we got our libraries, and checked out 5 books on each card (first time checkout severely limited – next time, 30!), then headed back to the apartment. E graciously took us to Wendy’s for frosties because of the crazy heat, especially in her car. Then K2 passed out on the couch until 7 PM. E had to leave to go babysit for her sister, we waited for K to come home. He got home a little later than most Saturdays because he’d stopped at his friend J’s house. J and his family were going to follow him home for some hot dogs and an evening swim, but soon after K left, J’s wife wimped out and decided she wanted J to call and cancel because “she was tired.” Whatever. So we had hot dogs on our own. But we didn’t go swimming again since getting K2 to wake up was such a chore.

Sunday, we didn’t get up for church. I slept in a little too late to get us all up and ready in time, so we decided to go nowhere, do nothing. We ate and snacked all day. Hung out. Played. Relaxed. It was nice, but we dirtied almost every dish in the kitchen, which I then had to wash by hand on Monday.

Monday was K’s day off. I got up in the morning and left as everyone was waking up to go to my Medicaid class, which was surprisingly informative. It would probably be a good idea if CO did a class, too, even though they don’t have so many programs. Found out I could get free dental for my pregnancy. Just don’t know if I have time in the next 2 weeks to get in for a cleaning somewhere new.

Came home and did more dishes. Then we all went swimming – it is aggravating how different K2 acts when K is there with us. He becomes this whiny little limpet of a boy instead of the daring, happy boy he is when we swim without K there. He finally was acting a little more normal as we decided to get out after 10 huge kids arrived and started dominating the pool with cannon balls (they were BIG kids – not just older – BIG) and a vicious game of some kind of ball. P and I went to the store (after K made spaghetti for dinner) to get a couple groceries. I decided we won’t be going to that Walmart in the evening, or maybe at all, again. They are always out of the yogurt that I want! And their produce is awful.

Oh, on my way home from the Medicaid class I swung by P’s school and got the barest minimum of information from the one employee I could find inside. Registration is on August 1 and 2. Hopefully I won’t be in the hospital. I also made sure I know where my doc’s office is for my Thursday afternoon appt.

We’ll go swimming tomorrow since we didn’t go today. Thursday, E’s sister, C is going to watch the kids for me. Along with her 4. I feel horrible putting that burden on her, but I don’t really have any other resources here. K will be at work, and so will my SIL, who I was kind of counting on. I really need to connect with some of my gazillion cousins here so that I have more of a help network for this type of situation….


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