Need to Write More Often, or something

July 15, 2010 at 4:59 pm (General Life Updates)

Cuz once again, this post will be long if I try to mention everything. So I’ll just try to highlight.

Sunday – First time in our ward

This was ok. We were late, which was a bummer. The ward isn’t very big, and there are few if any youth. The Primary is also small. Lots of young couples in apartments with no children, young babies, or perhaps their first baby on the way. Also a lot of older folks whose kids might be grown and gone if they had any. People were nice, but it is definitely a different type of ward. The Bishop was an older gentleman, maybe in his 60’s or 70’s, and his counselors were probably younger than K and I. Should be interesting getting to know people!

After church we spent a few hours at home relaxing and then went to my SIL’s for dinner. She was waiting on a couple of ingredients her mom was supposed to bring her, and we didn’t end up eating until after 8 PM. K and I watched a movie that we’d started there on July 3rd – Star Trek. We had a yummy chicken, spinach, artichoke white sauce lasagna. K went to clean his buildings while the kids and I stayed at L’s to hang out for a while. We got home around midnight – one more late night for the kids. Lots of those this summer. I always enjoy hanging out with L and chatting. She’s great company.

Don’t know what day consisted of what around here, but we’ve swam a 2 or 3 times this week, once with K yesterday on his afternoon off. He’s such a good dad – he didn’t feel like swimming but he did it anyway since it was what the kids wanted and they wouldn’t have been satisfied if he didn’t get in the water with them. K2 was a turd since it was late afternoon and he’d had no nap. But it was still enjoyable. The only other thing we really did yesterday on K’s day off was I took P to get her hair cut. We cut off about 3 or 4 inches so it is still long, but not so straggly and tangled all the time.

Got our medicaid approvals in the mail yesterday. I’ve spent a good portion of this afternoon trying to find a doctor that will take medicaid, and will take me just 3 weeks before my due date. After I don’t know how many calls, I found one about a mile away – good review online, glowing recommendation from scheduler for the doctor she could put me with. And they deliver at the hospital just a mile down the road. My first appointment is next Thursday. Also have to take a class on Monday morning to pick my Utah Medicaid plan. Not sure how I’m going to swing those both – one of them I might have to ask L to watch the kids, hoping K’s day off will fall on the other, Monday or Thursday.

Found out today, quite by accident, that we’re getting a new dishwasher to fix the leaking problem, and it has been ordered. I’ve been trying to get someone to call and tell me that since last Friday, but today the work-order guy rang our doorbell by mistake – he meant to get another apartment. But when we answered he told us about our dishwasher being ordered.

Pretty much all unpacked. Living room set up the way I want it. Hangings hung on the walls. Only thing left is a pile of book boxes that I’m not sure what to do with. Need bookshelves if I want to unpack them, but for now bookshelves aren’t in the budget.

We might have buyers for the house. They looked at it on Sunday, and their #1 choice right now is cheaper than ours but needs a lot of work. So our realtor has been authorized to even up the prices so that our already-fixed-up house will move to #1 from #2 choice. We hope to hear back today or tomorrow if it is going to work. I am so hopeful. It would be my biggest worry resolved. This is a bigger worry for me than the baby-coming-no-doctor situation.

K won’t be home until late tonight because he’s going straight to softball after work. We haven’t done much today. Went to the park around mid-day but the kids wimped out almost right away cuz it was already too hot. So we’ve been cooped up ever since because after swimming the last two days in a row, I have no desire to go down to the pool. Plus, I’ve spent a few hours on the phone, which tired me out mentally.

Going to do something with friend E on Saturday. Maybe take the kids to a park, go swimming, and then maybe she and I take in a movie when K gets home from work. I’m going to have less freedom here pretty soon, so I wanna do stuff with her while I can. Our options will be more limited soon. Also hope to go on a date with my husband next week, just to the two of us. First in ages. Gotta do it before the baby comes, because of course for a while our options will be limited again for a while once baby D or H gets here.

I think those are the highlights. I have been continuing to have trouble sleeping – whether it is because of my restless legs or because of the incessant itching ALL. OVER. MY. BODY. Either way, with the baby right on my bladder and how often I have to get up to pee once I finally DO get to sleep, I haven’t been feeling very well-rested. The heartburn is also very bad. But I’m not swollen, which continues to surprise me. I don’t know exactly how much I’ve gained, but my scale is saying that I’ve only gained about 5 pounds in the last month, which is very good for me. For the couple weeks of the move, I actually lost weight according to my scale. And it might just say I’ve gained 5 pounds right now because it is the afternoon and I’ve been eating a lot today. Tomorrow morning, I might be at about 2-3 pounds for the last month. Since I feel strongly that the baby is bigger, this means I might have lost weight myself. The swimming helps, I’m sure, since that is the only exercise I get other than the 3 flights of stairs to our apartment. I’ve had twinges and such that make me think they are maybe mild contractions where everything seems to get tight and I have pressure. But the fact that I’m not SURE they’re contractions makes me think they are definitely nothing to worry about. I’ve made dinner the last 3 nights, which I’m proud of. But my eating is getting worse the more settled in here we get. So gotta work on that.

P’s elementary school is about a mile away, and I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone there. I’m going to try and remember to call the district office tomorrow. It is almost 5 PM, so there will be no more calling about things for today. And I finally had to turn my new phone off to charge it. Can’t talk and charge this phone at the same time – it apparently overheats.


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