The Week in Review – Pretty Busy

July 10, 2010 at 2:44 pm (General Life Updates)

Tuesday – the kids and I didn’t do much Tuesday during the day. When K got home, we headed out pretty quickly to see the futon, which we decided to accept, and then drove up a mountain in Draper to get to the birthday party for K’s cousin’s wife. It was in this gorgeous house overlooking the entire valley from way up the mountain in Draper. I didn’t even know there were houses up there. It was an amazing house, awkward party. I knew K’s cousins and the birthday girl, and that was it. The kids were the only kids there besides the birthday girl’s 6-month old, and a 2-week old infant. So obviously K2 was the most rambunctious and hard to control. We finally ate our burgers and hot dogs, cookies, and were getting ready to go when they decided to do the cake. So then I ended up with 2 pieces of cake on paper napkins, carrying one in each hand the entire way home. Not a good time for an itchy or runny nose, both of which I had. It was another late night for the kids after they ate cake (K2 ate cake, P opted for a cookie – I don’t blame her it was store-bought cake). They got to bed after 11 I think.

Wednesday – My brother, his wife, and two kids came to visit us during the day. They arrived at about 11:30. We chatted and visited for a while, about books, our financial situation, K’s job, my brother’s job, books, computers, etc. Then we went out and swam in the pool for about an hour with the four kids. My brother opted not to swim, but my SIL and I got in. Then we came back in and visited for a couple more hours. Before the pool, my brother went and got us all some Chick-fil-A for lunch. It was very nice to visit with them and just chat – I haven’t seen them in a couple years and last time I did see them I’m sure it was a bigger occasion with more people around and not as conducive to just catching up. They left around 4 to go to their other get-together with some old college friends.

I didn’t make dinner. Got the kids to bed a little after 9. I know we went out for food somewhere, but I don’t remember where. After that, we got some food at Iceberg, and walked around the Redwood Road Walmart where I think we found the table we want to get for the TV. Then we drove toward home, taking a little detour to locate our chapel for church this Sunday. It isn’t far at all. We also found the one that is even closer, and it has a softball field out behind it. Which excited K to no end.

Thursday, K took the day off. I left around 11 to go to the Dept of Workforce Services and submit all the paperwork. I was gone for about an hour and a half – during which I got the IDs and birth certificates authenticated (scanned into their system), and faxed from their fax station the rest of the paperwork they requested. Shortly after I arrived home, the cable guy arrived for the installation. He didn’t have the second cable box with him, but he set them both up so that the second one just has to be plugged in, supposedly. So the next couple hours were mainly K fiddling with the OnDemand options and watching an episode of Whale Wars.

In the late afternoon, we set out to take a couple last pieces of paperwork to the Dept of WfS, which took me about a half hour while the kids and K waited in the parking lot. After that, we drove to Draper where K’s softball game was taking place, stopping at Harmon’s quickly for a snack for the kids to tide them over until afterward. We tried to play at the park while he played softball, but P had to go potty, plus since the game was at 6 instead of 9 like the week before it was still HOT. We ended up getting some keys to the chapel from one of the players and going in to use the restroom (I needed to use it too), then hanging out and watching K play while tossing a ball around in the grass. And K2 drank all of the bottles of water – the kids was overheated big time.

After the game, we swung by the BIL’s house to pick up his car for K to work on on Friday at work. K went to get us pizza, and we went home. He followed closely behind with the pizza and we had some Big Daddy pizza and then watched some TV before bed.

Yesterday, I got a text around 9:30 in the morning (I was still asleep since I’d had horrible restless legs and itching the night before and hadn’t gotten to sleep until after 2 AM) from my SIL asking if she and her daughter could come visit us. I was delighted. They didn’t get there until about 1:30. She emptied my living room of boxes – DI and what I’m going to store in her basement. She said it was her butt workout for the day going up and down the stairs. I was just grateful to have the boxes gone. Then she helped me get some ideas of where to hang the framed art that I have, and helped me hang a couple pieces. By the time we got ready to go swimming, it started to rain. Even after it stopped, it was cloudy and windy so we disappointed the kids by deciding not to swim at all – raincheck for next week which I hope she follows through on. The kids played dress-ups and had fun in their room while L and I visited. They didn’t leave until after 5 – it was a very pleasant afternoon.

And then I made dinner. So proud of myself. 🙂 It wasn’t fantastic. Just pan sauteed chicken, quinoa, and zuchinni. But it tasted pretty good. And I had it ready when K got home.

Oh, Friday morning someone came to look at the dishwasher, which had leaked a big puddle onto the floor on Thursday when I used it. He decided it was leaking from the motor, and he had to check if he was supposed to order a new one (not sure if he meant new motor or dishwasher) and that he might be back that day. He wasn’t. So I’ve been washing dishes by hand until I find out what’s going to happen.

Anyway so last night after I did the dishes, I left K with the kids and went to do some grocery shopping. Meant to just get a few things, and got a little carried away. But we’re well-stocked again on most things, so that feels good. It was also nice to be shopping by myself with no kids in tow causing mayhem or asking for things.

It is now Saturday afternoon. Today so far: some cleaning. E and her brother and his wife brought us the futon mid-morning. So awesome to have a couch, I just need to vacuum it. It is a black frame with blue mattress – we are going to try and get a cover for it, but I don’t know what color I want. After they left, the kids had a snack and then we headed down to the pool for an hour of swimming. Now they are both taking naps, K2 in bed and P on the couch (not sure she’s actually going to go to sleep), and I’m listening to Pandora and typing this post. We had lunch – I told them what was on the menu and didn’t give them any choices and there was surprisingly little objection. I had a quinoa, egg, brocoli scramble with cheese. I was going to put it in a tortilla shell, but then decided it would be just fine on a plate. And it was. But its only been about an hour and I’m hungry again.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of my afternoon, especially if P does go to sleep. I took the garbage out this morning. There aren’t many dishes waiting for cleaning. I could do laundry, but opening the blinds on the balcony door might wake P up. I can’t take a nap, though, because its too risky that it will prevent me from being able to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow, we’re going to our ward for the first time. Tonight, I don’t think there’s much of anything going on. We are going to dinner at L’s (SIL) Sunday evening. Then, Monday K’s back to work. And I have to call and check on the status of my Medicaid. I’ll be 37 weeks on Wednesday, and I really should see a doctor so that I’ve at least MET someone before they’re delivering my baby.


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