Time is Flying

July 6, 2010 at 2:54 pm (General Life Updates)

I can’t believe how fast the days are passing. Its kind of crazy. Tonight at about midnight we will have been here for 2 full weeks already.

Unpacking and Getting Settled:

Going well. I’ve got everything sorted and almost everything I’m going to unpack is put in its place. I have 7 boxes of outgrown kids’ clothes I will definitely need to store elsewhere, and 7 boxes of books that I’m still deciding whether or not I want to store elsewhere or if I want to invest in some bookshelves and just unpack them. I have a stack of 8 boxes of stuff plus some miscellaneous items to load and take to Deseret Industries (also known as DI) for donation. K has about 4 boxes of stuff that he has to make some decisions about – 2 are full of nothing but cleaning cloths from his cleaning business, and 2 are semi-full of his memorabilia from childhood and past. I am hoping he can consolidate those 2 boxes to a max of one, and that he’ll decide to sell off the cloths.

That just leaves 2 boxes of framed pictures, many of which I’ll decide to hang as boxes disappear and I can get a better idea of what will look good. And once box full of K’s stereo equipment and his 2 speakers. I don’t think we have room anywhere to set up his stereo, so I’m not sure what we’ll do with that.

And, settled. I cleaned toilets, mopped floors, disinfected sinks, and swept the entire stairwell today. The stairwell was nasty – lots of cobwebs and tons of dust. Had to take my shower immediately after that chore. But hopefully getting to our third floor apartment will be a lot less ratty looking now, and not so cobweb dangerous for the kids who tend to stick to the sides and use the walls and banisters more than adults do. I’ll have to do it again pretty regularly. I’m curious to know if our neighbors that share the stairwell will notice, but I’ll probably never know. I’m not going to vacuum the apartment again until we have a few more boxes gone from here and I can really get it good.


Have most of the paperwork gathered. Plan to go to the Department of Workforce Services to turn the paperwork in on Thursday or Friday, depending on when my medical records arrive in the mail. Requested them to be mailed today. K has to fill out some paperwork at work tomorrow for me to take. And then I should have most everything. I will have to take K to work so that we have a car, and then we’ll have to pick him up. But I have to get this taken care of.


Still haven’t gotten a hold of Piper’s school. Maybe I should do that this afternoon. Figure out the registration process for her and when school starts.


We had a pretty fun weekend. Friday night K was home by 6:30, and I left almost immediately with my friend E for our movie. We went to see Eclipse, which was entertaining. But I certainly don’t understand the fanaticism that these movies and books have engendered. Anyway, we hit up a Yogurtland right next to the theater after we parted ways from her sister and niece and continued to chat. Its weird that we’ve spent so much of the time we’ve known each other apart, but we can pick up right where we left off each time.

I got home around 11 to find the kids still up watching a movie with their dad. Typical. But ok.

Saturday, we all slept in – K went to work. He got home around 4:30 and we made the fruit salad for the BBQ at his brother’s house and took off. We spent the evening hanging out there while the kids played. Had a yummy dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, fruit salad (by FAR my favorite part), veggies with dip (also good), brocoli salad (had too many onions and dressing and I passed) and then cherry pie and pudding cake. We watched part of Star Trek and then went to watch the fireworks from a patch of grass in a Target parking lot. When we got back to their house, the kids did some sparklers and pop-its out in the driveway. Then it was time to go home. We didn’t get to bed until about midnight, including the kids.

So we decided that next Sunday is soon enough to make our debut at our new ward, since it meets in the morning. Not very devout, but we were all so tired. Sunday was mellow and low-key until about 3 when we left to go to dinner at my friend E’s parents’ house (she lives with them right now). We spent about 3 hours there chatting and visiting with all her family, the kids playing with her nieces and nephews. The big hit of that party was a little air rocket launcher that you had to step on a cushion to push the air and launch the light little missiles.

After we left there, K decided to wait until Monday to do his weekend cleaning and we went home and chilled until another late bedtime. I think I did some unpacking – I’m not so good at chilling when there is stuff to be done to make my surroundings more organized. Nesting instinct is in overdrive.

Monday, we did a whole lot of nothing in the morning. Around 2 we got our act together to go to the pool and realized we didn’t have any swimmer diapers for K2. So we went to Walmart first, where K went in and took way too long getting milk and swimmer diapers. Of course, he came out with a few extra items. No shock there.

We were in the pool by shortly after 3 and we stayed out there for over an hour. The kids had a blast, I actually did a little swimming this time since they were getting braver and needed escorts into the deep end. We had a very good time. Getting K2 to get out was major trauma and drama. He kept running away from K after K scooped him out and jumping back in with his ring and arm wings.

When we came in, the kids settled on K’s lap to watch a movie, and then K and K2 fell asleep. Later, K and P played a game of chess. We never did have a regular dinner. I put the kids to bed about 9:30 – K having been gone for about an hour and a half doing his cleaning. I went on a little sprint-unpacking session and got everything to the point I mentioned earlier in this post. When K got home at 11:30, I had just finished moving stuff around and getting it all sorted out and most of it organized. I also did 2 trips up and down the stairs to take most of the garbage out so that K wouldn’t have to do it.

He and I settled into bed at about midnight but I couldn’t get to sleep until almost 2. Which was very frustrating since I was tired. And then I slept in until almost 10 after a restless night and early morning. Luckily, K2 wasn’t up much before me, and P was still in bed when I got up.

The kids haven’t done much today. We will go swimming tomorrow when my brother that lives in Georgia, A, comes to visit us. He’s in SLC for a couple days on his way from Idaho to Colorado on their summer vacation. So I told them to bring their suits when they come to visit us tomorrow morning. Tonight, we are going to see a futon that E’s brother is offering us since their getting rid of it – apparently virtually unused. Then we’re going to a birthday party for K’s cousin’s wife. So at least I don’t have to make dinner, or feel guilty about NOT making dinner. 🙂

Then, Thursday we have to go do insurance paperwork, and in the afternoon the cable guy is coming to hook up our Comcast cable. I hope to get a truck either Wednedsay or Thursday night to take the boxes to DI, other boxes to my BIL’s house, and to pick up the futon if we decide to accept it. So I hope by the end of this week to have the place looking kinda normal – sans boxes.

That’s the update. Nothing too exciting. My home scale says I haven’t really gained any weight over the last 3 weeks, which means if the baby is still gaining that I’ve actually lost a little weight with all this activity, being sick, moving, etc.


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