Week almost over

July 2, 2010 at 10:52 am (General Life Updates)

Wednesday, we did go swimming with me SIL and her youngest, also kind of ‘with’ a friend of hers and her two kids. But considering I didn’t even get formally introduced to the woman (looked too young to have kids), I don’t really feel like we were “with” her.

It was fun. The pool was very shallow and once K2 got comfortable in his life jacket, he was floating around and “swimming” like a pro. Much braver than P ever was, and still isn’t. P also had fun floating with her little floaty mattress and ring, though after she’d been using the ring for about 30 minutes, a lifeguard came and told us that they don’t allow rings. Along with not allowing arm floaties unless the kid is also wearing a life jacket, this was kind of annoying. But oh well. Kimball like his life jacket, but P’s wouldn’t stay down and away from choking her. Probably because we couldn’t cinch it tight enough under her crotch since she wasn’t wearing a diaper like K2.

It was nice to be there with K, although I felt fat and huge next to all the gym bunny moms with their fake boobs, suntans and bikini bodies.

A cute little girl latched onto K2 and became his ‘friend’ whether he wanted it or not. She kept showing him ‘tricks’ like jumping off the side and going under or putting her legs up on the side of the pool. He always would say ‘Cool!’ right as she was  underwater and couldn’t hear him, so I think she thought her efforts were going unnoticed. She would also try and push him away from K or toward the deeper water, and he would put out his hands and gently tell her ‘no, no pushing, no pushing, no pushing.’ It was pretty hilarious to watch them interacting.

We were there for a couple hours, with intermittent sunshine and clouds, and even a bit of a sprinkle of rain during one of the everyone-out-of-pool breaks. When we left, we went to Walmart for K to buy a small hibachi grill for the balcony since he had it in his head he needed to grill some hot dogs for dinner. We got home around 4:30, the kids both asleep in the car. We brought them upstairs and they slept until after 7 PM. Which lead to them not getting to sleep until almost midnight. But it was nice, because K and I got to eat dinner alone and spend a few hours in the quiet, and even watch most of a movie together.

Yesterday was quiet. And lazy. I watched shows online almost all day – the kids watched movies and a Tom & Jerry DVD almost all day. I did a little laundry, took a shower, made some dinner, skyped my parents and brother in Japan. Burnt an entire head of brocolli that I was steaming on stove for dinner. Nothing too eventful. K was super-late getting home from work – about 7:30, so the kids and I had eaten when he got here so that we could leave immediately for softball. We drove the location of his softball game, and the kids and I walked across the street to the park for the kids to play. We were at the park for a little over an hour, during which time K2 played mostly in his diaper and shirt and shoes, since about 15 minutes after arriving he pooped through his diaper and shorts. Luckily, I had a diaper and wipes on-hand, but not an extra pair of shorts.

Anyway, it was great for the kids to run around and get some movement for the day since I hadn’t really gotten them any movement at home all day long. We then drove home, kind of the long way past a dealership so K could look at a couple of trucks that turned out to not be there like the flyer had indicated. Put the kids to bed a little before 10 PM, hung out a little restlessly with K for a while. He was on the computer, and since we have no channels, and only one chair in front of the TV, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Today, I have promised the kids to take them swimming at the complex pool. I’m not really looking forward to it. It is almost 11 AM, and I’m trying to decide if now would be better than later, and if its warm enough by now. I want to have them have a normal nap-time today, so I can’t wait much longer.

Then tonight I’m going to Eclips3 with a friend. Pretty excited to get away from the kids for a while. I’m just so tired of their constant needs/wants/whines, etc. If that makes me a bad mom, so be it. But I haven’t gotten away from them for any significant amount of time in weeks.

Still don’t have a doctor. Still don’t have medicaid. Still own a house we can’t pay for. Still living in a 2-bedroom apartment with a huge stack of boxes that I don’t think are going to fit in here. Still don’t have a couch.


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