So much, so much

June 29, 2010 at 5:47 pm (General Life Updates)

Oh my gosh, there’s no way I can fill in all the details from the past almost-2 weeks. There’s just way too much. So here I go to try and sum up.

Crazy week of packing. Crazy weekend of packing. Crazy 2 days with K in town packing, getting a truck that ended up holding everything, including from the storage unit and the 2 dressers my parents gave us. Getting pink eye. Going to the Immediate Care Clinic and being sent to the ER in case it was glaucoma. Getting antibacterial drops for my eye, but knowing I couldn’t drive to the airport to pick K up.

Pink eye hurts. Sucks. Bad. I got it so much worse than K2 had gotten it. Thanks, tired immune system.

Got little-to-no sleep Monday night at my MILs. Heat, restless legs, pink eye, and a vicious cold – the worst I’ve ever hard. Tuesday we finished emptying the house into the truck and garage and headed to Monument by 11 AM to pick up dressers and my mom, who had offered to drive with me to help with the kids. We weren’t on the road until a little after noon.

We (the kids and I) dropped Mom off in Kaysville about 11:15 PM Tuesday night. The drive wasn’t too bed – just a little painful on my butt and I went through a lot of tissue with the cold. Eye was feeling better by that time, and looked almost normal.

Got to the apartment for our first glimpse of it at midnight. Not sure if I was impressed or freaked out. K slept on the queen air mattress with the kids, and I slept on the twin that he’d been sleeping on. Or I tried to. My cold, dehydration induced leg cramps, heat (the AC wasn’t working right) conspired against me. It was another awful night.

Wednesday morning dawned pretty early for me. I went for a walk around the complex to get a feel for it – pretty nice. Lots of old gorgeous trees. The lake with the ducks, the pool looked clean. It was nice and cool that early in the morning, but it wasn’t to stay that way. By mid-morning K and his cousin were deep into unloading the truck up 3 flights of stairs in some pretty wicked heat. They were done by 1 PM, impressively enough. And we had an apartment full of boxes – and I didn’t know which ones were originally going to come or go to storage. In other words, a disaster.

My mom arrived around noon and helped me to start sorting boxes and unpacking some essential stuff. We got quite a lot done, working until late evening, when I took her back to Kaysville while K took the kids to the pool. Wed night we all had beds, though we didn’t have working AC. Luckily, Mom had also taken P and I to the store to buy some fridge groceries and … a fan. Which I trained on myself, selfishly, all night. It was a rough night, but a little better. This cold has been the most mucous-y cold I’ve ever had – crazy amounts of mucous.

Thursday, we took the rental truck back and picked up the rest of K’s stuff from his brother’s house where he’s been living. There was more than I expected. When we got home and K unloaded it, I got to work unpacking some more. I don’t remember now what I did which day. Just tried to make a dent.

Friday was our first day without K, since he went back to work. I got a lot unpacked, and was exhausted by the time K got home. I don’t remember Friday evening, but I know K made dinner. Saturday was more of the same. Unpacking, organizing, trying to keep the kids happy. Saturday night K made dinner again, and then we went out for some ice cream – pretty late, but worth it.

Sunday, we got up and got ready for church. K’s cousin had come home from his 2-year mission in New Jersey on Wednesday evening and was speaking at church with all his family in town. It was an excellent meeting, very emotional. He gave a great talk and between his weepiness and K’s, I couldn’t keep it together and ended up going through every tissue I had plus some (reuse!!). It is NOT a good idea to get weepy while you’re suffering from the mucous cold from He77.

After the sacrament meeting, we left to one of K’s cousins mother-in-law’s where he lives with his wife. For awesome food, great company, and a great time sitting around talking about missions and conversions to the gospel. More weepiness, unfortunately. The kids had a great time in their backyard, and I ate WAY TOO MUCH food. But everything was so good!!

We got home around 6 and K had to leave around 7:30 to go clean the two stores. He was gone for about 4 hours, and I used that time to watch a few of my shows online. It was relaxing, but I wish we had cable. 🙂 And a DVR.

The last two days have been unpacking and trying to keep the kids happy. I did K’s and my clothes on Monday – tackling our bedroom and closet. Got quite a lot done. Today, I attacked the two boxes for our filing cabinet. Lots of paper to throw away. Also made a mess of the computer table next to me with stuff I haven’t organized yet. Got a hold of the medicaid guy finally and had my phone interview. He is sending a packet to me of paperwork I need to bring to the nearest office to get authenticated by a worker – by July 14. So I hope the packet comes soon so that I can get it there and get an appointment July 14 puts me 2 weeks from my due date. Argh. Trying not to worry.

I made dinner last night. Probably won’t tonight. It is 5:37, and I’m going to leave it to K to figure something out when he gets home. I know I shouldn’t, since he won’t get home until 6:30 or so, but I just get so tired.

The apartment is nice. It is small for a family with 2 kids, one on the way. I have unpacking almost everything except the pile of boxes that were meant for storage. I’m eventually going to have to deal with that stack, especially since I’d like to get a couch in here and right now that’s not possible with the boxes lining the wall by the front door. Got computer set up in the best place for it (I think), and got internet on Friday. The kids seem to be adjusting. The balcony is nice – a contained little outdoors area for them. But it will be better when we’re not using so much of it for storage.

There is still a lot to do. A lot to worry about. I’m trying not to think about it until I can actually do something about it. Which means there’s a lot I’m trying not to think about, and it makes me grouchy and absent-minded.

Tomorrow is K’s day off. We might go swimming with my SIL at her gym with the kids in the afternoon. We’ll also go grocery shopping tonight to get a few more things to stock our freezer.

Right now, we are stranded here during the day since K’s alternate vehicle’s temporary tags expired on Friday. We’re waiting for the title to come, but in the meantime he has to take the H3 to work. Makes it a little hard to go out and find our way around. Plus its been so hot, I haven’t really wanted to go outside.

Ok, I think that about catches me up. I hope I didn’t leave out any detail that I’m going to want to remember later. Oh, well. We are here.


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