Getting there, I guess

June 16, 2010 at 4:39 pm (General Life Updates)

I got 2 hours of sleep, not last night, but early this morning. More and more, my legs are getting this restless quality that prevents me from sleeping. Last night was really bad. I got up around 1:30 to try and find something to make me fall asleep. Went back to bed about 20 minutes later, got up again at 4. I didn’t get more than a fitful doze all night until about 5 AM, when I finally slept until a little after 7. My sinuses hurt, my body was uncomfortable, my head hurt. It was a horrible night. So, today has been all through the fog that getting next to no sleep caused.

Monday – packing. Got a lot of the kitchen packed and the storage unit sorted into “‘definitely staying” and “maybe taking, have to look at it first”. MIL was a huge help, and did most of the work, especially the lifting.

Tuesday – lunch with the ladies from work downtown. Walk to office. Said hi to a couple more people. Walked back to car. All more walking than the kids are used to. Got home around 2:30 and slept for about an hour on the couch without meaning to. When both K2 and I finally woke up, I was too tired to walk the kids to the park, so we drove (sad). They played for almost an hour and then we headed home for a weird evening of snacking instead of having dinner, which I felt unequipped to prepare.

Today – Up at 7:40 after sort of finally sleeping for a couple hours. K2 had been in bed with me since 5:00, but blessedly he slept (or pretended to) until about 7:20. Got the kids breakfast and had an apple myself on the way to the Dept of Health for K2’s vaccination appointment where he was to get 2 shots. I tried to tell him what was going to happen but he was all cheerful and excited about it until the needle jabbed him and then jabbed him again. Poor boy. Crying and snot ensued, but he calmed down by the time we got the lollipop in his mouth. At least he’s up-to-date until preschool or kindergarten now, which won’t be for another 2 years probably.

The we walked next door to procure his birth certificate. 17.75 for the first copy!! Sheesh! He got more and more cheerful and was excited to show anyone that would look his Spiderman bandaids.

We then drove to P’s old doctor’s office (don’t go there anymore since I haven’t had insurance) and got her little shot card record updated – I had forgotten to take it with me the last time she got shots there back in 2008. So they stamped and marked it appropriately and we were on our way again.

We stopped at a different and not as familiar park where they played for about 30 minutes before K2 got poopy. When he stopped to get changed in the car, his leg immediately stiffened up and he started fussing and wanted to go home. I tried to get him to take a warm bath when we got home but he threw a major fit and didn’t want to. So I let him continue to stiffen up on the couch because MIL arrived, and shortly after that my mom.

So despite my no-sleep, getting a cold, sinus headache, brain foggy self we got to work. Almost all the kitchen cupboards are now empty. The crawl space is empty. More stuff has been moved to the storage unit, and I have the rest of the empty boxes from the storage unit. My kitchen counter is completely covered in miscellaneous stuff that I have to sort through, and HOPEFULLY throw a lot of it away. I still have 2 junk drawers to go through. There is more to be packed, but good headway has been made. Nothing has been done upstairs yet, but I think the upstairs is going to be easier than down here.

I’m not going to do anymore today. I’m just too exhausted. By the time we got done at the storage unit, my MIL borrowed our H3 to run and errand with my SIL, and my mom took me and the kids to Chickfila for a late, late lunch, we didn’t get back to the house until after 3:30. The kids are in the bathtub now, where I am hoping K2’s bandaids will soak off without any pulling. He’s kind of being a wuss about them. And he’s been limping all day, poor little booger. Kind of tentative to move his leg too much, and extra fussy.

Tomorrow, I will sort through miscellaneous stuff on counters and in drawers and try and bring some semblance of order to the kitchen so that I’m not afraid to go in there. Still gotta feed my kids here for 5 more days. Not to speak of feeding myself. Then perhaps Friday I will be able to start packing upstairs.

Tonight, we are all going to bed at 7 PM. I just hope that tonight, I can actually get to sleep. Maybe a bath would be in order for me, too. I can’t remember the last time I took a bath – its been years. I don’t exactly fit nicely in my bathtub – I’m huge and the bathtub is not. But maybe it would feel good to be immersed in warm water for a while and it might help me sleep.

Countdown to K’s arrival – less than 4 days. Countdown to leaving Colorado – less than 6 days.


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  1. Lori said,

    Looks like someone was asking about you!

    I am still thinking of you and your family and wishing you well with the move and upcoming birth. The house will sell, or whatever happens will happen. But to bring the family together again and feel loved, cuddled and cared for, wow! You deserve it, but if your DH is like most men, if you ask for it you’ll get it, if your don’t you might get some, but not what you dreamt of! Speak up!!
    And know that you *could* still go to your library and keep us up to date for a few more days and even after you settle down with a move!
    I hope you will try to enjoy a bath, I bet you would sleep like a dream!

    *Sniff* *Sniff* *Sniff* I will miss you! Take care! And please don’t leave us hanging!

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