7 Days

June 13, 2010 at 10:39 am (General Life Updates)

Till K gets here.

Friday’s doc appointment went as usual. Peed in a cup, got weighed (only gained 2 pounds, not bad), blood pressure taken (110 over 62), and belly measured. Listened to the baby’s heartbeat – nice and strong.

We came home after the appt, I paid some bills and went over our money availability. Then got to work on cleaning the house. It wasn’t too hard since it was still pretty clean from last week. I wiped down bathrooms – tubs, toilets, sinks, floors. Vacuumed upstairs after the kids cleaned their rooms. Vacuumed the stairs. Did the dishes, wiped down the kitchen. And then took a nap on the couch. I wasn’t going to sweep and mop until after the kids went to bed. The nap turned out to be a mistake.

About 4:20, my mom and a good friend stopped by to drop off new drip pans for our stove – they look so shiny! They were here for about 15 minutes or so. Then we waited for K2 to wake up from his nap to have some mac&cheese w/ hamburger pieces in it and steamed brocoli for dinner. After the kids went to bed I swept, mopped, finished cleaning the kitchen and the counters.

Saturday morning I got up and made all the beds pristinely, tied back curtains, put away all the stuff on the bathroom counters that I’d had to use. Picked up any dirty clothes or toys. Came downstairs, unloaded the dishwasher, got the kids ready to go. We left the house at about 9:45, went to the bank, then Panera for a yummy late breakfast (the kids had had a gogurt before I got up).

After Panera, we drove over to Walmart and picked out a small gift for my niece’s birthday party. We tried to find the lobster tank (the only thing K2 wants to see in Walmart), but they didn’t have one at that store. Then we drove to the library where we returned all our books and the kids hung out in the kids’ library for a while. Then it was time to head to the birthday party.

The birthday party was enjoyable. Mostly the kids running around playing while the adults talked. Then lunch, then cake & singing, then presents, then eating the cake. Party favors for the kids. More kids running around. We left after 3 PM to come home. The kids watched a movie, during which P fell asleep. MIL came over to see the house and the staging and stayed for an hour or so chatting.

After she left, the kids and I got out the 4 bags and 1 box of baby clothing that my SIL has given me and started to sort through it. Shortly after, I was overwhelmed with how much was there. So much clothes! I have a full big box of 0-6 month clothes that I’m going to take with us to Utah. I have another big box of 9 mth – 4T. The 4T are mostly pajamas, but there are some cute 12-18 month clothes. I’ll bring those out to Utah later when the baby gets bigger.

The MIL and I have a plan for tomorrow – we’re going to start at the storage unit and sort through it for anything we need to take to Utah with us this time around. Then we’ll come back here to the house and start packing here. She wants to start on the kitchen, but I think maybe we should start in the crawl space. I mean, I still have to use the kitchen all this week. I think I’m going to have to pull out some of my clothes from the storage unit, and also some blankets. Perhaps some sheets and things like that. K’s bike. Boxes of CDs. Most of the crawl space stuff is going to be able to go in storage – we can get our Christmas decorations at Thanksgiving (we’re already planning to come here).

I’m excited to get started. She suggested that I just pack in boxes all the paperwork in the filing cabinet and sort through it when we get to Utah rather than try to get that big task done this week. She suggested leaving it for long Utah winter days, but I know I’ll want to do it before the baby gets here.

Open house yesterday had one potential interested party. Maybe. I’m not really sold on open houses after these last two. Realtor is excited to have the house empty, thinks it will show even better.

I have a very long list of stuff to do this week, including all the packing. But I’m hoping the week goes quickly. I’m so anxious to see our new place that K signed the lease on yesterday and got the keys for. I’m anxious to see him and live with him again. And have him take care of me a little. We’ve been apart for almost 4 months of this pregnancy and I need a little TLC. Of course, he probably does too. I’m excited to get this new chapter going.

We’re not going to church today because of all the coughing P did last night and all the nose-blowing she’s doing today. Kind of a weak excuse, but that’s what I decided. I didn’t get good sleep, again. Friday I didn’t get to sleep until almost 3 AM, so I am still very tired. Going to parents’ later today for second-to-last Sunday dinner in a while. We’ll have one next week with K after picking him up at the airport I hope. Hard to fathom exactly how this will change our lives – lots of little things that will change that I kind of take for granted.



  1. Lori said,

    I am getting excited, happy, nervous… for you all!!!
    We need a short and sweet update! Please, don’t tell me you no longer have internet!

  2. farebear said,

    Thanks Lori! Still have internet until Sunday. Will try and put together a lucid update, if only to kill time. 🙂

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