Resolved, and deadline fast approaching

June 10, 2010 at 10:37 pm (General Life Updates)

Wednesday, K made a call to the other account that would make or break his decision to come back to CO and take up his old job. And it was a no-go. So, we are still going to Utah in a little over a week.

This is a huge relief. To have the decision once again made. And also a huge stressor, since coming back to CO would have solved some of our problems, while leaving others. I guess there always have to be problems, eh?

So, this week is drawing to a close. Tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning and then I have to find the energy (sadly lacking this entire week) to clean the house to ready it for the open house on Saturday.

Saturday, we’ll have to be out of the house from 10-3. We have a birthday party for a niece to go to at noon that should take a couple hours. But I don’t know what we’ll do for the rest of the time. Gotta figure that out tomorrow, because I’ll need to pack whatever supplies I need Friday night.

Sunday, church.

Next week:

Packing, cleaning, storage unit reorganizing, more packing, likely more cleaning. This will involve getting everything out of our crawl space, something I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to do alone. I don’t know if I can bend over that long – not even sure I’ll make it down the ladder into the cramped space. I’m really not good at being 32 weeks pregnant.

Gotta pack kitchen, clothes, bathrooms, furniture, kitchen. Computer, TV. Garage. Clean it all to leave it immaculate and only collecting dust for showings while we’re gone.

Next Sunday, K will be flying in. We’ll be driving out Tuesday, or maybe Monday night if we can swing it.

I also SHOULD try and fit in some vaccinations at the Dept of Health for the kids. I think they are behind on a couple. Sad that I’m not sure. Gotta get K2’s birth certificate to take with me – yes, he’s two and I’ve never gone and got a copy. I didn’t get a copy of P’s until she entered preschool.

Amidst all the packing, gotta decide what we’re taking to Utah and what we’re not taking.

I’m also really excited for all of us. The excitement is tempered by the stress of all there is to do. But I’m really excited. So excited to be living with my husband again. Starting this new chapter of our lives.


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