Countdown is going quickly

June 7, 2010 at 4:04 pm (General Life Updates)

Let’s see. The open house took all my energy and thoughts and concentration for days. And then it came and went on Saturday with no fruit. The realtor that filled in for our realtor said it showed beautifully, we had a bunch of curious neighbors, and some other people – none of whom thought our house was a match for them. ARGH.

In the meantime, the kids and I went to Panera for breakfast (this was before OH, I just couldn’t face dirtying anything in the house) where I had an egg souffle pastry and the kids shared a bagel with cream cheese. After we waited for the realtor to show up and showed her the house (she was impressed with the staging – said it looked like a model home), we headed for Monument. Once to the grandparents’ house we had some pancakes and then got into our swim suits and headed to the nearest public pool, Wilson Ranch. Pricey. But I guess we had fun. K2 whined and cried almost the entire time. P had a blast, but got blisters on her toes from pushing her way around the channel river so many times on tiptoe. We were there for about an hour. Long enough for K2 to get water up his nose twice, the second time bad enough to make him gag and puke some mucus on me. Lovely.

After our pool experience, we headed back to Monument. The kids PASSED OUT almost as soon as we started rolling. We stopped on base for gas, and got to Mom’s house and put them in bed where they PASSED OUT again. I had to wake P up at 5:20, after sort of waking K2 up at 5. We left there around 5:40 – I should have slept while the kids did, but it didn’t occur to me. We went home and had a quiet evening – K called BlackJack pizza from Utah and paid for some delivery pizza for us.

Sunday we got up and I reluctantly got us ready for church. I didn’t really want to go but I knew that I’d feel guilty if we didn’t go for no good reason. Church was church. K2 calls the nursery leader dad “Daddy”. I hadn’t realized this. It was kind of sad and cute at the same time. He yells Daddy and runs up to tackle his legs.

When we got home, I had a message from my SIL to call her. She sounded like her “sick” self so I was nervous. Sure enough, she’d gotten herself so sunburnt at WaterWorld that she’s in excruciating pain and can hardly move. She wanted me to come get her daughter A for the afternoon and night. She was supposed to come get her this morning, but she “couldn’t” so we were asked to take her to daycare. I am trying to be sympathetic, but I just can’t fathom being quite that stupid at her age. I thought you were supposed to outgrow spending the entire day in the sun almost naked at high altitudes with NO SUNSCREEN in your teens or early 20’s. No? Anyway, it wasn’t smart. So we had A all last night, which means all the kids were up at 6 AM. Yay. Even though I went to bed earlier than I usually do, that sucked. Especially since the restorative nap I was hoping for yesterday afternoon wasn’t going to happen with an extra kid in the house.

K2 fell asleep on the couch for a couple hours pretty late yesterday. When I woke him up around 6, his eye had developed a goopy mess and redness that I was worried was pink eye. He was fussy and after eating a big hunk of cheese (the only thing I could entice him with), he REQUESTED to go to bed. So strange and out of character, especially with his little cousin here. So it was no wonder HE was up before 6 this morning since he’d gone to bed so early. He woke me up at midnight wanting a drink of water, but calmly went right back to bed afterward.

Today, we got dressed and took A to daycare, stopped at a different park we saw from the road on the way back, and then got my SIL’s debit card so we could withdraw the cash K deposited in her account for us in Utah. That reminds me, I need to take her card back but I’m kind of afraid of her asking me to take A for another night. How horrible am I? Sympathy, sympathy….

After coming home for a brief moment, we then headed out to find a Wells Fargo and withdraw the cash and get some groceries, most importantly diapers. I spent way too much at Sam’s Club, as usual. There is no doubt we’re going to HAVE to try and potty train K2 when this new baby comes. I don’t think we can maintain buying two sizes of diapers. We got a soft pretzel to share at Sam’s Club and then headed to King Soopers for some fresh produce – and both kids fell asleep on the way there. So I got parked, realized they weren’t gonna wake up, and then we went home without going in. So we still need to go to King Soopers tomorrow.

They both took naps this afternoon as we got home, so after I’d had some lunch and puttered around a bit, I took one too. Not sure how restful it was, but I’ve been wanting a nap and I guess I got one.

We might have french toast for dinner. I might give K2 a haircut on the back patio this evening (buzz cut). That’s about all we have planned for the rest of today.

This week we need to pack. Maybe make some lists of “needed” and “not-needed” items to take to Utah with us in 2 weeks. Also have to clean to get ready for the 2nd open house this coming Saturday. Oh, and I have a doctor’s appointment Friday morning, a 2-week check-up. No other concrete plans.


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