Extreme Makeover – Family cheap edition

June 3, 2010 at 10:26 pm (General Life Updates)

Well, today, both my SILs came over and went Extreme Makeover on my house. I totally don’t mind because they did all the work and they seem to be having fun. Plus I enjoy their company and they both have very good taste. I don’t know if it will help at all, but they are very excited about their changes. I think its kind of funny, because the unspoken implied message is that my general taste (VERY simple) wasn’t good enough and switching everything out for different is going to help sell my house better than what I was living with. Some of the changes I completely agreed, with such as putting more stuff away (paperwork off the computer table, putting cups of pens out of site, clearing off the fridge, just generally decluttering as much as possible, etc.), and I was going to do it anyway in preparation for the open house when I cleaned tomorrow.

But they brought over different couches. They’ve got corkboards that they are prepping with cute renditions of the first letters of my kids’ names. They got a new bedspread for my bed and are very excited for me to get to keep it. Again, don’t get me wrong – it is very pretty and it was a great deal. But I feel bad that they spent the money. I had simple green drapes in my room with a GORGEOUS homemade quilt we received for our wedding with greens, browns, creams, and oranges – sounds 70s, but it totally wasn’t. Anyway, that is now been cleared away for some fancier green/cream/flowered curtains, white bedspread, and a picture over the bed (again, we hadn’t put back up any of our artwork after painting). They are going to put 2 green throw pillows on the bed tomorrow. I really like the bedspread. But I really like my quilt, too. Oh, well. They decorated the indent in the staircase with a big crazy silk flower thingy – pretty but definitely not my taste. I don’t know where my small silk flower arrangement left over from my wedding colors went (I wasn’t here this evening for a lot of the drastic touches) that was in the stairwell.

Tomorrow they are slated to help me move the computer out of here, just for the day. It is down here in the main living area and they think it is too much of a distraction from someone really appreciating the space. Ok. As long as I don’t have to go without my computer all week. SIL 1 says she’ll help me move it in and out for this open house and the next one.

The white couches are ok, but they aren’t a that much of  step up from my old ugly couch that was in here until 2 hours ago. But ok. My royal blue pot has vanished, but my green one was deigned good enough for the decor and has been moved to the kitchen windowsill. I love royal blue and green together, but blue wasn’t in the plans. My downstairs drapes (about 1.5 months old) are getting switched out tomorrow I think.

Its all good. I like the changes (mostly), but I just don’t think its necessarily BETTER than what I had in here before. The only changes I would have made even without their help are the decluttering changes.

Regardless, I’m SO grateful for their helpful presence, their enthusiasm, and their positive attitudes about all that they are doing influencing the sale of our house. I hope they are right.

I have a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow. For me, the most important things I see when I look at a potential residence are 1) how clean can I get it? I look at the edges of sinks, the corners of floors, the floorboards, the edges of the counter where it meets the wall. I look at the bottom of toilets, the taps, the bathtub shine. So those are the things I usually focus on when I am getting ready for a showing. I want them to know they can get and keep this house CLEAN, not just tidy with pretty decorations…. and 2) …… how clean can I get it? Maybe that’s why my decorations weren’t up to par – I’m focusing on the area that’s important to ME and that’s not necessarily how everyone thinks.

So, cleaning AND tidying tomorrow. SILs can scurry around me and put finishing touches on decorations. I’ll be scrubbing toilets, floors, sinks, and bathtubs. Dusting. Vacuuming. Sweeping. Mopping. Yippeee.

RS activity tonight was good. I can’t decide if I’m glad or dismayed that I have quite a few brownies left. K2 has a blister on his little foot from wearing his crocs for the first time (a little too big still). Poor baby boy. So tired, no nap, and I didn’t get them to bed until almost 10. P is up there coughing, which means this cold of hers is escalating past a sore throat. You never know with her if a sore throat is a consequence of thinking too hard about what hurts or if it actually is a sore throat. Appears it is.

Guess I better get to bed myself. In my new bedspread-ed, curtained room.

Oh, can’t forget to mention that all decorating aside, my SIL 1 has done an AMAZING job of tilling, raking, and cleaning the backyard. Putting down seed, and just generally making the yard look much more like a work-in-progress than its previous, we’ve-almost-given-up-here ambiance. I am so grateful for her LITERAL sweat off her brow – she worked very hard back there almost single-handedly. Cheerfully, which is even more impressive and LOVING of her.


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