Ultimatum & a Deadline

June 2, 2010 at 2:00 pm (General Life Updates)

Last night, I had a long conversation/fight/discussion with my husband. Without going into all the details of he-said, she-said, he basically gave me an ultimatum. Either I set a date, relatively soon, when the kids and I were going to pack up and come to Utah, or he was going to quit his job and come back to Colorado and start working JP again. He said all my reasons were just excuses, and something had to be forced to change or this wasn’t going to work.

So, keeping in mind that we’re having an open house this Saturday (5th) and next (12th), I said 3 weeks. We will be on our way on or before the 21st of June. So while I’m busy setting up for the 2 open houses, seeing how much of our stuff I can fit in the storage unit, and packing everything else to take with us, he is supposed to find us a place. He says he’s going to find a 2-bedroom apartment, which I actually had nightmares about last night. Imagining all soon-to-be 3 of our kids sharing a room and all of us living in a small living room and dining area that’s sure to accompany the 2 bedrooms is a daunting idea. But his plan is for us to live there for 6 months to save money and then we’ll move into something bigger. Another move. Fantastic. He is also supposed to try and find a clinic that will accept Medicaid-pending so that I can apply for Utah Medicaid as soon as I get there and then be treated in the meantime since by then I’ll be just 5 weeks from my due date.

He is also supposed to come up with a plan for continuing to pay our mortgage here while we pay rent there. One of my “useless” excuses for not coming out there yet.

Yesterday, my SIL and her kids were here for a few hours while she roto-tilled the backyard after helping me weed the front. She also brought me a bunch of stuff for staging the kids’ rooms, which I put out late yesterday afternoon. The rooms look good, though I don’t know that they look much better. Just different. But its fun for the kids. Today, I bought some stuff to help hang up her decorations and also a TV tray table for a nightstand in my room since I’ve been using an upside-down laundry basket.

Today, I spent way too much time and money getting K’s buffer out of the pawn shop and then shipping it to him. Way too much money.

Tonight, I’m going to drop the kids off at Mom’s house and go to the temple by myself. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m kind of nervous. Its been a really long time, and an even longer time since I’ve gone alone.

Tomorrow, I have to make some brownies and then tomorrow night is a Relief Society activity at church – I signed up for a dessert, hence the brownies. During the day, SIL is supposed to come back and finish working on the back yard, rototilling one more time and taking care of the rest of the piles of weeds and then putting down clover seed. She’s also going to help me decorate, but I’ve kind of already done it. Sometime before Saturday I have to get some scented something-or-other to make the house smell good for the open house.

We don’t have cable anymore. The kids and I are adjusting.

That’s about it I guess.



  1. Lori said,

    Boiling water on the stove, with cinnamon works very well for making a house smell homey, I just keep a pan on the back of the stove and turn it on from time to time. If you have some orange peel to toss in, yay! Just don’t boil it dry, LOL!

    I would totally *not* stress over decorating. If a person doesn’t have enough imagination to envision their own version of a bedside table, then, sheesh, LOL!

    I’m sure everything will work out, it just must be really scary right now. Glad you’ve got a SIL willing to help you out!

    Just know that some of us are still out here thinking of you!

  2. farebear said,

    Hey Lori – when I said I’d decorated, I already put out most of what she brought. Different drapes for my daughter’s room, different bedspread, bedskirt (in my opinion, bedskirts are more trouble than they’re worth, so I’ve never bothered before), and a lamp. I put out the tractor bedspread and valance in my son’s room. I still needed to hang the two wall decorations she’d brought for my daughter’s room.
    We hadn’t put back up any of the wall decorations we’d been living with for 6 years after we painted – I loved the look of the new paint so much I just wanted it to continue looking that clean and simple.

    Well, today, both my SILs came over and went Extreme Makeover on my house. šŸ™‚ I totally don’t mind because they did all the work and they seem to be having fun. I don’t know if it will help at all, but they are very excited about their changes. I think its kind of funny, because the unspoken implied message is that my general taste (VERY simple) wasn’t good enough and switching everything out for different is going to help sell my house better than what I was living with. Some of the changes I completely agreed with such as putting more stuff away (paperwork off the computer table, putting cups of pens out of site, etc.), and I was going to do that anyway in preparation for the open house when I cleaned tomorrow.

    Anyway, its been an interesting day. I can’t help but feel a little bad that they’re going to so much trouble, but it can’t hurt I guess, and who knows? Maybe it WILL help.

    They are coming back tomorrow for some finishing touches.

    Thanks for the cinnamon idea! I might just do that! And thanks for thinking of me!

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