School’s Out

May 27, 2010 at 4:15 pm (General Life Updates)

So. This week. Been crazy so far. But its passed quickly, and been eventful.

Weekend was VERY uneventful. The only thing that happened was we went to Chick-fil-A drive thru at about 4:30. The kids were still in their pjs and didn’t have shoes on. Yeah, it was a very lazy day on my part. Sunday was church, and more laziness. I felt sad and stressed all weekend.

Monday was normal school for P, so the week started out normally enough. Monday night the kids went across the street for about an hour to celebrate the neighbor boy’s birthday, and I hung out for about 15 minutes when I went to get them. Had some ice cream cake that I didn’t really want. The kids came home with a balloon. So easy to please.

Tuesday, K2 and I dropped P off at school and came home for a brief 35 minutes or so while I got my breakfast and got semi-presentable. Then we went back to observe the last 2 hours of her Field Day. A bunch of little mini-race stations where the kids did the same race over and over again until it was time to switch stations – no clear winners and a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle cheating. 🙂 They had fun, though. I felt a little guilty when P’s group got to the pre-purchased snack table. I hadn’t sent any money in for that last week, thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal. Well, it was a smorgasbord of yummy sugar goodies selling for cheap – each kid had an amount listed by their name as to how much they had to spend. And P was upset that she didn’t get any. Oh, well. She got over it when we went to the dollar store after it was over. I let her pick out whatever she wanted and she picked some candy jewelry.

Tuesday afternoon was quiet. I got ready for girls’ night and took the kids to MIL’s at 5 PM. I sat talking with my MIL and SIL about the house and ideas for staging and an open house for a few minutes, and then left to meet the girls at Panera Bread. There were 5 of us, and the girl whose birthday we were celebrating had to bring her 3 little boys. So it wasn’t exactly a party-hardy, but it was enjoyable to sit around and chat over sandwiches. And food there is always good.

Wednesday, zoo day. Field trip day. With gazillions of kindergarteners. And my 2 year old. I was dreading it, and trying to look forward to it at the same time. It turned out pretty well. I got my share of exercise pushing the stroller up the hills, with or without K2 in it. The kids ran and got excited about all the animals, and P even braved up and finally fed the giraffes for the first time ever on her own. I was excited about this enough that when she ran out of her school-rationed crackers, I bought her 3 more when she demanded it. Something I normally would just say no to. K2 wimped out when it came to crunch time with the feeding, but that’s ok.

We were done at the zoo by 11:30, so we went to Burger King for lunch (my last few dollars), and then home for nap-time. Last night was also bath-night. But other than that the zoo was the main event.

Today, K2 and I attended her morning assembly. Unintentionally as the literature sent home just said her party was from 8-9:45, not that the first hour of that would be an assembly in a hot gym room. Then, her party was mostly eating while the teacher presented them individually with their remembrance packet. K2 got to sit in an empty desk next to P and eat, too, or we would have had to leave. They didn’t really have it set up for parents and siblings to attend the party, so I’m left wondering if I misunderstood the literature they sent home. Doesn’t matter now; we stuck it out. And we were done by about 9:50.

So kindergarten for my oldest is over. Huge sigh of relief. And dread that now all day every day entertainment is up to me for 2 months. :{

Tonight sometime, my SIL is supposed to be coming by with some staging bedding and pictures for the kids’ rooms. I talked to the realtor today and we have two open houses scheduled, for the 5th and 12th of June. We are also going to lower the price again, if he can get a hold of K, talk him through the details of a short sale, and get his approval. I’m sick of being the go-between for these two gentlemen with K yelling at me about people coming after us when we come up short and trying to assure him that that’s not how a short sale works. I’d been looking forward to talking to K about plans and everything for a couple days, and then our conversation last night just turned into him chewing me out for things he really needs to be saying to the realtor. So I’m glad the realtor was so willing to call him and talk it over with him – something he said he should have done at the beginning. Duh.

We still don’t have a plan. School is out. We’re still here. The house hasn’t sold. We don’t have money for a moving truck, we don’t have money for a deposit and first month’s rent on top of our mortgage. And my due date is 2 months away. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll be having this baby here in CO without my husband at my side. I just don’t know the answers.

The fridge is woefully empty. We need some groceries in a pretty bad way. So at least he gets paid tonight and hopefully anything that doesn’t go to mortgage can be spent on some food. The other check should be in the mail any day, and that will hopefully catch us up on most bills. Our cable will be shut off on Monday, so that is something I need to prepare the kids and I for. It will be a shock to our systems for sure.

My headaches are still coming and going. Protein seems to help, but I haven’t been doing great every day on sugar. I dried a whole bunch of fruit and while that is preferable to candy, we (I) ate it way too fast and too much.

I have a prenatal check-up tomorrow morning at 8:45. Then, the morning stuff will be over for a few days. And next week stretches out with no school and no husband. And basically no money. Sometimes I’m just so tired of my life.


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