Friday showing

May 21, 2010 at 5:41 pm (General Life Updates)

I got a call around 9:50 this morning to schedule a showing this afternoon between 2 and 3. As a result, today has been my most productive day in a long time.

  • Picked up P from school & went to the park where I walked the perimeter for 30 minutes, circling around where the kids played on the equipment. We were there for almost an hour in total – P is sunburnt.
  • Came home and got the house in shape for the showing. Nothing was really dirty, but I cleaned almost all of it anyway. Cleaned the toilets, sinks, bathtubs, mirrors. Put 2 loads of laundry away. Tidied the bathrooms. The kids did a good job of putting their toys away and making their beds (or rather, P did a good job, and K2 sort of helped a little). Then I came downstairs, swept, did the dishes (there weren’t many), cleaned the counters after clearing them off. Did more bathroom duty. Soaked the stoveplates in bleach to see how shiny I could get them (did a pretty good job). Tidied the garage a bit. Last minute sweep.
  • Made mac&cheese for the kids and myself for lunch (I hadn’t eaten since my green smoothie and pb toast for breakfast).
  • Cleaned that up.
  • Left for a friend’s house for the showing.

We got back a little before 4. The kids played outside and upstairs while I made chicken nuggets & applesauce for dinner. I had my nuggets on a huge salad with sugar snap peas, brocolli, and cheese. And now it is 5:30. Dinner is cleared off and the kids are playing with the couch cushions. P is in time out for giving me one-too-many attitudes. I’m surprised they haven’t been bugging me for TV, but I’m glad they haven’t.

Its been a good day. I’ve only eaten 4 times (smoothie/pb/honey/sandwich thin, mac&cheese, yogurt/berries/granola, & my dinner salad w/ my chicken nuggets. I guess keeping busy is good for staying out of the cupboards, eh? DUH.

My back hasn’t spasmed today (yet). I’ve put it through a lot so I hope that means its getting better. I will put a hot washcloth on it again tonight at bedtime, which is what I had to do last night in order to lay down without pain. I mean, the actual process of laying down still hurts, but once I’m down and on my side it didn’t hurt too bad after I used the heat. I’m glad I walked today, and I hope to walk again tomorrow. The weather the last two days has been gorgeous, bordering on summer weather! There’s a nice breeze, which I’m trying to utilize to cool down the bedrooms upstairs since I don’t want to turn on the AC yet.

My next checkup for the baby is the coming Friday. I had to reschedule it from Thursday. This coming week is much busier than I’m used to, but it is the last week of P’s school.

  • Monday – normal school
  • Tuesday – field day (think I’m supposed to go to this???). Potentially a dinner with some girlfriends that night if I can swing some money and a sitter.
  • Wednesday – Field trip to the zoo (K2 and I will meet them at the zoo)
  • Thursday – class party – LAST day.
  • Friday – doctor’s appointment

Sheesh. But it will probably pass quickly. And this means I have to be more on it for keeping the house spic&span for any showings that I don’t have hours to prepare for.


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