Came and went – and NEWS

May 20, 2010 at 7:06 pm (General Life Updates)

Well, the weekend and most of this week has come and gone. Let me see if I can sum up without making this post too long.

K was here from Thursday night until Tues morning. I took him to the airport for his flight Monday night and he was 5 minutes too late – they had given his seat away at 30 minutes till the flight. He got there 25 minutes till. Ugh. So we had to go home, and drive back Tues morning for his mid-day flight. That was exhausting. But while he was here we:

Had a spaghetti dinner with his family at our house

Went to see How to Train Your Dragon with the kids (LOVED!)

Went grocery shopping

Had a lunch at Sam’s Club

Had a lunch at Noodles & Company

Had a yunzie dinner at his family’s house Sunday evening

Went to church

Hung out at the house

Generally enjoyed spending time together

Those are the highlights.

Since he left Tuesday, we haven’t done much. One trip to the park on Wednesday after school. A few naps. Some really simple dinners since I’m feeling LAZY. And today, the highlight – my ultrasound!! My mother got the afternoon off from work and came with me to control the kids so that they could be there (P was excited to see “pictures” of the baby, K2 not so much). We picked P up from school and drove over to the medical plaza where I was scheduled. I had to pee so bad due to the ‘full bladder’ rules of 32 oz 60 minutes before and .. HOLD. Ugh. Made it a lot less enjoyable.

Anyway, we got in there, she took all her measurements and stuff and then told us ……… GIRL!!!! She showed me her evidence (seemed pretty obvious). P is so happy that her wish came true! I was somehow expecting a boy so it took me a while to shuffle my expectations, but I’m ecstatic, too. Though it is a bummer that I sold almost all of P’s baby clothes in a garage sale a year or two ago. Dumb, dumb, dumb-dumb. Oh, well. Baby girl clothes are so much more fun for me than boy clothes anyway – so much cuter IMO. Not that K2 isn’t fun to dress and make look dashing – but it isn’t the same.

So, there we have it. 2.5 months from the due date and I finally know what I’m having! Now I get to concentrate on just one list of names, and there is already a frontrunner. But we’ll see if it fits when she comes out. She measured big for her due date, but measurements are sometimes less accurate when taken so late in the pregnancy, so we’ll see. She measured as being due July 20 instead of August 4, but the tech said that if I’m sure of my last period, August 4 is probably more correct. It would be cool to have being pregnant over with by July 20, but I’m not counting on it. Especially since I’m always late anyway. And of course, that gives me even less time to figure out this whole moving-to-Utah-have-to-reapply-for-Medicaid-and-find-a-doctor-clinic situation. Oh well.

After the ultrasound, we went to the park across the street – Memorial Park. It was a thrill for the kids because the equipment is bigger and there’s more of it than our regular park. Then we went to Panera for lunch and then came home and took a walk.

My back is still wigging out. The pulled muscle area is spasming and making me have a great deal of pain. Coughing is painful, laying down is painful (the process, and changing positions, once I’m still it slowly relaxes and lets me be pain-free), and the spasms are something else. I just hope it gets better soon because its making it hard to do stuff for the kids. Like lean down, hug them, help them with shoes, get K2 dressed, etc. I am trying not to pick him up at all, and he doesn’t really like that. Heartburn is also pretty bad. But I haven’t started swelling yet, which I think is a huge victory considering I remember being pretty swollen by now with both other pregnancies.



  1. Kelli said,

    CONGRATS! and Yay! 🙂 More frillies and bows and pink! :):)

  2. farebear said,

    Thanks Kelli!

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