Thursday is finally here

May 13, 2010 at 12:13 pm (General Life Updates)

K gets here tonight! Yippee! I will be leaving here at about 7:45 to drive to the airport and pick him up while my MIL comes to watch the kids and hopefully put them to bed. Just want this day to go, go, go.

Took the 3-hour glucose test yesterday; have the four bruises from the blood draws on my arms to prove it. šŸ™‚ One of them is actually freakishly big and purple. It went relatively quickly. I had a book to read and each hour between draws passed pretty fast, intermingled with reading and getting up to go to the bathroom and blow my nose. Stupid cold won’t go away.

I was there by about 8:40 and got done with the last draw at 12:15. Chugging down the orange syrup drink was actually a little more difficult than normal and I had to slow down from my norm and take 2 minutes to drink it instead of 30 seconds. The first chugs hit my stomach and my stomach objected. I really didn’t want to puke it and have to start over another day, so I slowed down.

I haven’t heard anything yet, which I assume is good. I will continue to assume if I haven’t heard by about 5 PM tonight that the test was negative. My check-up tomorrow will be the for-sure notification, but I think they would notify me as soon as they knew I had it so I could start treatment. I think. Yesterday afternoon I got a reminder call and voicemail about my appointment on Friday, but for a few seconds I thought it was the clinic calling me to tell me I had gestational diabetes and my legs were weak and my heart raced. It was not a good moment.

Today I was dozing on the couch while K2 colored and watched TV when I got a call from P’s school. For a horrible second I thought I’d missed early release AGAIN and it was Friday and I was late picking her up. But then I realized it couldn’t be that, it was Thursday. Her teacher was calling to tell me P had tripped in music class and twisted/hurt her arm and had been crying for over 30 minutes and they didn’t know if this was normal or not. Well, it isn’t. So I went and got her early; she was still crying when I got there roughly 15 minutes later, sitting at her desk while she and her class had their spelling class. So her teacher came and explained what had happened (sounds like she tripped on some carpet and landed on her arm with her body and twisted it somehow. Its sore but I don’t think anything’s broken) and since she’d never seen P cry before she wasn’t sure if this was normal for when P gets hurt or what. I think it hurts bad, because she’s still complaining about it. I’ve given her some tylenol and we’ve put a cold washcloth around her forearm where it hurts the worst. But prodding it and rubbing it doesn’t seem to cause her undo pain, like it would I think if she’d broken anything, so I think she’s twisted it and probably bruised it a good one, but that she’ll be fine. It doesn’t help that she’s emotional about K getting here tonight and that she was so tired this morning that she objected pretty strongly to going to school today, something she hasn’t done in a long time.

I am still in the scrubs I put on when I got up this morning. I did put on a bra to go get P from school, and brushed my teeth. But I need to clean up the kitchen, get showered and ready (gotta see my man tonight!), and …. well I guess that’s about all I HAVE to do.

Each night I go to bed praying that tomorrow we’ll have a showing. But I honestly don’t think we’ll have one. After so many days of nothing, nothing, nothing, I HOPE we’ll have one, but I don’t really think its going to happen. Is that not showing faith? I worry that I’m not showing enough faith in the Lord to get us through this, but day after day with nothing is just customary now. Its hard to imagine something different. I’m trying not to despair and consider drastic measures (read: defaulting), but the desire I have to get out of this house, be with K, and not have to WORRY about this house anymore (which I’d have to do if we rented it), is HUGE. Overpowering, even.

I’ve pulled a muscle in my back – sort of side/back ribs on my left side. I don’t know how. But it bothered me for a couple days and then suddenly it was a full-blown pain. Coughing is really painful in that spot, and just sitting and laying hurts it a little. I’ve tried to stretch it out, but it just hurts. Not sure how I managed this, but I hope it heals quickly.

So that’s what’s up with me.


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