Another Monday, still living here

May 10, 2010 at 10:52 am (General Life Updates)

The rest of Saturday went about like I guessed it would. Naps for everyone but P. The dinner I had cooked for Friday night. Then they were watching a movie while I was reading and P fell asleep sitting up on the couch. I had tried to tell her she was tired earlier when K2 and I were going to nap, but she wouldn’t believe me.

I had to wake her up to put them both in the bathtub. She complained for the most of it that she as tired, her back was cold, etc. But around the time they got out, she was awake again. So we had bedtime snacks and were watching the rest of the movie and she opted to go to bed at about 7:30. I let K2 stay up until his normal bedtime at 8, and then he seemed to forget how it works. He kept getting up, tried to get in bed with P, wanted to sleep in my bed, etc. Until I finally put him back in his bed and told him to stay there. I left his door open, a bunch of windows upstairs open, and hoped it cooled down enough for him to get to sleep. The heat was part of the problem. He finally did, and I covered him up and closed the windows and his door when I went up for bed.

Sunday he got up at 7. P got up around 7:40 I think (not sure). I gave up trying to “sleep” at 8. We had breakfast and then we got ready for church. I actually took the time to straighten my hair, and I’ve decided I don’t want to do that again until I have a fan in my bathroom that will blow cool air in my face the whole time I work on my hair. But it turned out nice, and I might be doing it more with this shorter hair.

Church was fine. Normal. Got to chat with a couple of people that I don’t normally talk with, and got an invitation to dinner for tonight from a sweet lady whose husband is off at an Army training. After church we had lunch and I tried to make K2 take a nap but gave up after putting him back in bed 3 times. We took some stuff over to my SILs that her daughter had left Saturday morning, and then went to Monument for dinner. Dinner was good, I always enjoy my parents’ company, and the kids had fun. We talked to my older brother (in Georgia) on Skype for his daughter’s 9th birthday.

Last night was normal – eating too much. Watched TV then went upstairs to read the rest of my book. Turned the lights off when I finished it shortly after 11.

And now today. Another Monday. Still no showings. Still stuck in this house. All I really felt like doing after taking P to school and getting everyone breakfast was go back to sleep and hide from my problems. But I did the dishes, swept the floors, cleaned all the toilets in the house (3), a couple sinks, and tidied up. Now at least I feel better about the readiness of the house. Just in case. Please. JUST. IN. CASE.

We’ll go get P in a bit. Don’t know how warm it is, but maybe we’ll stop at the park for a while. I haven’t gone for a walk since last Tuesday because of this cold, and I don’t know if I’m ready to start again. Still coughing a lot and pretty congested. This afternoon we might go to the library, even though I don’t think they have any books that I want. Or maybe we’ll go tomorrow. Dinner tonight and maybe a movie over at that lady’s house, at 4:00 so it will be an early dinner.

And that will be Monday. Here’s praying there is a showing somewhere in there.


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