Saturday already, I guess that’s good

May 8, 2010 at 11:59 am (General Life Updates)

Its been kind of a busy week, but somehow I feel like I haven’t done enough. Oh well.

Tuesday’s appointment went smoothly, even if it took forever. I was there for 3 hours in a stiflingly hot room with a bunch of other women, most of whom weren’t even showing yet. I got the luck of the draw to be the last woman called back for individual weigh-ins and interviews, so I was there the longest, as all the other women slowly cleared the room. First we all filled out paperwork. When I finally got my interview it went very quickly – they gave me paperwork to take with me to the lab to get my gestational diabetes 1-hour glucose test, told me I’d be called within 2 days to get my ultrasound scheduled, and scheduled my first regular check-up/physical for the 14th. Things happen quickly when you’re almost in your third trimester before you go to the doctor. 🙂

I had a killer headache by the time I’d been there an hour and a half, and it only got worse. When I finally left at about 4:30 to get the kids I was in a lot of pain, and I was hungry. I stopped for chocolate (not the best – probably the worst nutritional decision) on my way to picking them up. My friend R watched them – first time I’ve ever been to her house. I felt bad that I left them there so much longer than I’d expected to, but she was fine with it. The kids had a good time. There was no way I was making dinner after getting home after 5, so we had cold cereal for dinner. Classy. I believe that was the evening we also met my SIL and her daughter A at the park after dinner for a brief play-session.

Wednesday was largely uneventful. I did get the call in the afternoon (thought maybe it was a call for a showing, but no luck) to schedule the ultrasound – for the 20th. Other than that, I took a nap and did the normal kid things, and made the dinner I’d intended to make Tuesday night. Chicken sausage, peanut butter parsnip fries, brown rice, and steamed brocolli. I enjoyed it immensely and ate way too many fries. They were cooked to perfection on the stone this time – YUM! As we were finishing dinner, my SIL called and asked if she could come by for a visit while the kids played. I was all for it. She and her daughter ended up staying until almost 8:30, so the kids had another tired night, but they had fun. And she and I had a nice long chat about a myriad of topics.

Thursday, K2 and I headed over to the lab as soon as we got ready after dropping P off at school. Got there at 9:15 and had to wait a little bit to drink the orange glucose juice. Then while I waited to have my blood drawn, I put K2 in the little day care center where he had an utter blast. There were so many fun toys in there and he was just beside himself, not knowing what to focus on, bouncing from one toy to another. I watched him through the window quite a lot in between games of Tetris on my phone in the waiting area. After I got poked and a bunch of vials of blood taken, I gathered up the boy and we headed to get P from school. We were quite early and K2 got to climb around in the car as we waited.

Once we were all together, we headed up to my mom’s work to do a bunch of scanning to PDF of the documents I had to send to CitiM for the short sale pre-approval. K had faxed some stuff to her work on Wed on his day off and she was holding on to it for me. So we were there for over an hour while I got everything scanned, then we went for our typical walk around the school grounds. And then we had mom take a lunch break and we headed to Burger King for a lunch. We got home just in time for nap time for K2, and P ended up taking one as well. It was a nice quiet afternoon for me after I got the email with all the PDFs ready and sent off to CitiM.

I spoke to the realtor on Wednesday, and we lowered the price again. He came by yesterday to put more fliers out and to pick up the new signed listing agreement he’d emailed to me. I asked him to text or call me about once a week to let me know what’s happening, even if its nothing. He said he would. I asked him to post it on craigslist, though its a long shot it is free and it can’t hurt. He did. I hope against hope that things will start to move now that it is May, school is getting closer to being out, and our price is a steal/deal. Ugh.

Yesterday we did school drop off and pick up and then we went home for P to change so we could go get some groceries. We’d been out of milk for 2 days already. We hit Sam’s first, where I discovered that the Pampers box they sell at Walmart is actually cheaper per diaper, even though it doesn’t have as many in it. We ran into my friend from the ward D who was out shopping with her three boys, the youngest only a few months old in his carrier. After buying our groceries, I let the kids talk me into getting lunch at the concession stand, which I’ve never done before. We got a hot dog combo – a huge hot dog and huge fountain drink for $1.50!! Such a deal! I got one combo and an extra hot dog and they shared the soda. They also did pretty good justice to their hot dogs. D was getting her boys soft pretzels, so P was coveting those. I told her next time we can get pretzels if we have enough money- I hadn’t known they had those or if they were good. Plus she’d said she wanted a hot dog and so had K2.

Walmart was next. Pretty quick trip, including buying some new Sunday shoes for P and some new sneaks for K2. And diapers. And yogurt. And a few other things. We spent more than I’d intended, as happens every time I don’t have a specific list and budget.

Nap time was a huge fail when we got home. K2 got up three times before I gave up on making him stay in there and go to sleep. I regretted it later.

A was coming over for a sleepover and we’d also been invited for pizza at my friend’s house (they have homemade pizza every Friday). But they were having the missionaries and her oldest daughter was already having a sleepover (they’re 13), and it seemed like too much to ask of her to bring the three of us plus an extra. So I’d emailed her that we weren’t coming, she’d emailed that we could still come it was no big deal, and I’d emailed her to make sure and it was ok if it was too much, and to let me know if she was sure. I knew she might not be on the computer again before 6 PM, and at 5:30 when A was here and the kids were hungry I had debated calling her and finally decided to just make dinner and assume we weren’t going. Just as I was serving the dinner I’d made onto plates, she called me and we decided to go over there. So I put the food away to eat today and we loaded up.

We were over there until a little after 8:00, the kids playing and eating pizza and dessert, and the adults talking upstairs. After the missionaries left, my friend’s husband wanted me to watch the episode of “Community” that he had recorded so we watched that. It was pretty funny, if ridiculous.

Then back home, where I set up a bed on the floor of K2’s room for the three kids. Teeth brushed, story read, and prayers said, and then I left them in there. But K2 couldn’t calmdown enough to stop thumping around, jumping on thr girls, and generally preventing any sleep for anyone. So I moved the girls to P’s floor and put K2 in his bed. I watched TV until about 10:45 and then went to bed myself, but K2 was so exhausted (this is normal) that he kept waking up. First at 11;15, when he calmed down pretty quickly. Then at 11:40 – took me longer this time to get him to stop crying. Quite a while actually. So I finally got him to stop crying and go back to sleep and then I went back to bed.

The girls woke up this morning at 6:00. Are they crazy?? Between K2 getting up at 6:30 and the kids going downstairs to watch TV, I managed a little more dozing but no more real sleep. I gave up at 8:00 and got up to go get them some breakfast. I was going to offer pancakes, but they said they wanted oatmeal so they each had a bowl of oatmeal. Soon after that I turned off the TV and they played upstairs. I took a shower around 9:15, and was still undressed in my room when A’s father came by for her. I saw whose car it was and let P open the door and A left without me even going downstairs to make sure she’d gathered all her stuff.

Since then, I’ve put away some laundry, done some dishes, and we tried to play outside for a while. But the bright sunshine was misleading – its not very warm out there, so we came back in and the kids are wathing a movie. They are now eating some lunch and I’ll probably eat some lunch shortly as well.

Nothing else planned for today, except probably naps for everyone this afternoon, including me. Bathnight tonight to get ready for Sunday, plus its just much-needed, they’re dirty.

Wow, that was long. Guess I shouldn’t wait a whole week next time.

K will be here in 5 days!!


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