Remember this for later – Goal

May 8, 2010 at 12:57 pm (Plan)

There are a couple of things I think would be fun to instigate in my family, dietarily.

1) Meatless Mondays. I’ve debated whether this would be all of us going meat-free all day long, or if it would just mean that I’d make a meatless meal for dinner. Or if just I would go meat-free all day long and then the meatless meal for everyone at dinner. Hmmm.

2) Salad Saturday. To make sure I have at least one salad every Saturday. Still not sure about this one, but Saturdays are often nutritionally lacking with weekend stuff going on plus being tired of eating healthy during the week.

3) Pancake Sunday. There are so many protein pancake recipes I want to try, but I currently don’t have any protein powder.

4) Still trying to think of something for Wednesdays. Would be perfect if it started with “W”, but it doesn’t have to.

I just want to start some traditions that help me to keep my family progressing nutritionally. If could think of something to call it later in the week, I’d do another meatless day because I like the idea of having at least 2 dinners be meatless. But the “M’s” really work for Monday and no other days. Maybe I should say it like I’m German and say “Wegetarian Wednesday”. šŸ™‚

And ideas for other days or traditional meals?


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