An OK Monday

May 3, 2010 at 7:50 pm (General Life Updates)

Let’s see. Saturday: easy morning, ready to go, took the kids to Mom’s. Went to get my haircut. Like it – short. Went home and debated what to do with my child-free afternoon. Ended up watching a netflix movie, snacking, going for a walk, doing a T-Tapp workout. Then got ready for stake conference adult session and went to that. Kids got home after I did at about 9:30. I went to Arby’s when I realized they weren’t going to be home when I got there. It was a nice afternoon spent mostly with myself. A walk without pushing a stroller! Novelty! A movie in the middle of the day as loud as I wanted without anyone asking me for anything or bugging me about anything.

Sunday I almost decided to not go to stake conference. I had coughed bad all night and the idea of wrestling with K2 through a 2 hour meeting where he had to be quiet was daunting. In the end (and with no time to spare) I decided to go and barely got us ready and there in time. MIL had saved us a seat, no extra room though. So it wasn’t too bad the first hour, and the second hour was not fun at all. I almost got up and left early, but MIL kept saying ‘you’re going to make it” when she saw me looking at the clock in desperation as I wrestled with a very restless, bored, grouchy K2.

After church we came home and had lunch, K2 went to bed (thank goodness), and I took a nap while P watched movie on TV. Then we headed over to SIL and MIL residence for dinner and chatting and the kid-play-time. I ended spilling my guts to my SIL and MIL about the issues K and I have been having since he’s been gone. I still don’t know if it was wrong. But I haven’t had anyone else to talk to about it and it was just burning me up from the inside. They understood better than I could have imagined and also agreed with the stance I’ve taken, even though it is causing strife between K and I. I just have to stick to my guns until he comes to understand or at least to terms. Enough about that.

Today, I’ve done some laundry, some dishes, some sweeping. K2 and I went for a walk this morning for about 30 minutes, and the kids got to go to the park after we picked P up from school for about 40 minutes. I took a nap this afternoon, and it was a little more restful than most naps are. I’m not sleeping well with this stupid cough plus the baby getting bigger. Also, last night K and I discussed the issues and ended up both frustrated and him slightly angry. So I couldn’t get to sleep after that and then slept more restlessly than normal with the worry about him/us.

He will be home in 9 days. Hopefully it will be a good weekend that brings us through some of these changes to our relationship. Right now I think he’s not talking/texting me on purpose. I almost don’t care right now. Almost.

The kids and I had dinner and then we had bathtime. Then we had a quick FHE – don’t know how it went, but we did it. I don’t think K2 heard a word, but I know P enjoyed it. We just had a quick lesson about Heavenly Father having a plan for each of us and a couple of components of that plan, then we had a coloring activity and a treat.

I will be putting them to bed soon. And then we start over tomorrow. Still nothing on the house. Argh.

I also have my intake appointment for doctor care tomorrow. Weight, pee in a cup, probably blood pressure, maybe blood work. Group intake, so me and a bunch of women that aren’t even showing yet, most of whom will probably speak Spanish as their first language. Oh well.


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