Tuesday smoojday

April 27, 2010 at 1:33 pm (General Life Updates)

Dumb title I know.

Saturday we ended up going to Sam’s Club and then King Soopers for some groceries that I feel are already disappearing. Saturday evening we ended up spending at my MIL and SIL’s house chatting while the kids played. It was quite a pleasant evening.

Sunday was church and dinner at my parents’ house. Again, pleasant and not much out of the ordinary.

Yesterday, we played at the park after school. I cleaned the upstairs while P was at school, including vacuuming the stairs, the bedrooms, wiping down the bathroom floors, the toilets and the sinks. Tidying bedrooms, and improvising a nightstand for myself with an upside down laundry basket covered in a pillow case. šŸ™‚

In the afternoon after K2’s nap, we went out front and I weeded the rocks while the kids played. The weeding wasn’t too bad, but it was unpleasant for me with all the bending over – my heartburn was pretty bad by the time I finished. But we were out there for almost 2 hours so the kids enjoyed it and I’m glad I’ve got a headstart on keeping the weeds under control. Anything that helps the curb appeal, right? No showings.

Today, K2 and I went for a walk for about 20 minutes before picking P up from school. I decided I need to get out there as much as possible to walk since I haven’t been making myself work out inside and I’m gaining weight too rapidly again. After picking her up, we went straight to the park where they played for about 30 minutes before we had to come home for P to go potty.

They are playing with blocks now after a very random lunch for all of us. I am on hold with the Department of Revenue, a call I meant to make yesterday but couldn’t seem to make myself dial. The recording warned me that my wait would be an hour. I sincerely hope that is not the case. I’ve been on hold for about 25 minutes already.

Mom is coming this afternoon to watch the kids while I go to Peak Vista and register for a doctor’s appointment. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. After I register, I don’t know how long it will be before they schedule an appointment for me, but I hope it is only about a week because I’d really like to have someone official tell me that my blood pressure is ok and that the baby is looking good (at least sounding good).

Next big hurdle is getting the short sale application paperwork sent off, which I hope to have done by end of the week at the latest. Getting K to fax the signature page is proving much more difficult than I would like – apparently he has a hard time finding openings to use the fax machine since it is also the credit card machine at work. It is one page for crying out loud!!! At least he finally sent his paystubs yesterday since I need those to go to Peak Vista.

No showings yet today. I am praying every morning that we will just have a showing. K is talking about putting the house up for rent, but the idea of having renters and still being responsible for these two mortgagesĀ (that we couldn’t make through rent), and ultimately still responsible for the house,Ā just fills me with dread. I’m trying to be patient. But if lowering the price 10,000 still isn’t getting us viewings….. !!! ??? How low is it going to have to go? And it makes me question my realtor’s advertising – how well is it getting represented? I don’t have a reason to doubt him, really. Just this process making me insane.

Over and out. 32 minutes on hold. Hopefully it won’t be another 30 because I need to take a shower and get presentable for going to the clinic.


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