April 24, 2010 at 10:30 am (General Life Updates)

Things went downhill after Tuesday. Wednesday was gloomy and rainy, and my mood matched. And I couldn’t seem to get cheerful again until Friday. Wednesday and Thursday were spent mostly inside with not-too-much TV on Thursday but way-too-much on Wednesday. Kids were cooped up, I was bummed about the whole house-not-selling-husband-gone-uncomfortable-with-pregnancy thing. I tried a recipe Thursday night that was a disaster and wasted a bunch of food because I wasn’t going to eat it and neither were the kids. Wed night was pancakes.

I haven’t worked out since Tuesday.

I felt pretty good yesterday. We got P from school and the kids played for a couple hours before my realtor came over with some revised fliers and the new listing agreement with a lowered price that we’re hoping will glean us some showings on the house. Then we headed off in the rain and wind to the library where we checked out a huge stack of kids’ books, 3 books for me, and a movie. The rest of the day was nap and homework and playing, and then we headed to the bank when our JP check came early in the mail. Deposited it and got us some easy fast food that wasn’t too good for us, but was easy and fast and tasted good. I pride myself on not giving my kids fast food on too-regular a basis, but I’ve probably resorted to it a little too much since K left.

As we were finishing our food at home, my SIL called and asked if she and MIL and SIL’s daughter could stop by for a visit. This is pretty unusual, and of course I said they could. They were here chatting while the kids played for about an hour, and then they left a little after 7 to go run a couple of errands before they went home.

The kids and I watched Monsters vs. Aliens that we’d checked out from the library, and then they went to bed at about 8:40. Of course, the later bedtime did not cause K2 to sleep in on a Saturday. Oh, no. He got up at 7 and went in and bothered P for a while before she told him firmly to go away and he came to me to ask for TV. So I set him up downstairs with a cartoon and went back to bed. I didn’t really ever get back to sleep; I heard P go down at about 7:40 and I heard them downstairs. I heard them coming up the stairs at about 8:30 asking for breakfast when I told them where to find some food that P could get to.

I got up at about 9 after laying in bed for a while awake. We had breakfast, I cleaned up the crumbs from their snack (a graham cracker – they always get crumbs everywhere), and now we’re just sitting around. They are still watching cartoons and alternating between playing together and fighting. I am in my bathrobe, trying to decide if I want to bother getting us all dressed to go to the store or not. We need a couple things and we haven’t been to Sam’s Club in ages since our membership had expired, but K renewed it a week or so ago.

So, I don’t know if we’ll go or not. No other plans, possible or otherwise, for today.

I want to write a post about my feelings and impressions while reading my journal back from 2005 on Thursday and looking at the pictures on the computer from back then, too. But not today.


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