Monday night

April 20, 2010 at 9:34 am (General Life Updates)

I played with P at her designated activity – her doll princess sticker books. Kinda boring, but I did my best to sit there and do it for a while so we could chat. Mostly she chatted and I listened.

Started some potatoes baking and then P spent a while agonizing over when K2 would wake up because I’d told her we could go to the park when he did. Finally, I let her go upstairs and open his door, which obviously resulted in him getting up. So we headed to the park, even though K2 was still kind of emotional from being woken up. He finally figured it out after we’d been at the park for a few minutes, that crying and pouting wasn’t going to be nearly as much fun as playing, climbing, and sliding. We stayed at the park for about 20 minutes, and then I figured we needed to get home to our baked potatoes, plus I was cold. The wind was kind of chilly as the sun neared the mountains.

Baked potatoes and some frozen leftover ground turkey and creamy sauce with cheese and brocoli. It was a yummy dinner. Then we settled in for Family Home Evening, most of which I’m sure K2 didn’t hear. We had a song, a prayer, and a short lesson about being a child of God, then we sang more songs and had a closing prayer. Then, while P was reading K2 a book that he didn’t listen to at all, they had their treat, a little bit of candy that I’d let P pick out at the store.

They played with the couch cushions after FHE (wonder when that’s going to get old?) and played upstairs for a while chasing each other while I talked to my mom for a bit and put some clean laundry away. Then it was time for one cartoon before bed (I left the TV off from 10:30 on!! Yay me!!), and then pjs, teeth, bedtime story, prayers, kisses, hugs (which turns into wrestling), and drinks of water. And finally, bed.

I had done a quick BWO+ while they were watching their cartoon, so I already had 15 minutes of my intended workout finished. When I came back down, I had already set up the treadmill as well, so I got right to work at walking. I walked for 28 minutes, and phew it was hard. After my workout, I texted K a bunch, watched part of a movie I’d recorded on Saturday on the DVR, had a little bit of ice cream and a homemade granola bar, and a lot of water.

At 9:45 I turned off the TV!!!!! and headed upstairs to shower and read until sleepy time. Ended up turning out the light at 10:45. K2 woke everyone up at 6:40 this morning when he punched P in the eye, probably because she wouldn’t do whatever he wanted (get up early??). So he got a time out and I laid in bed for a couple minutes more before giving up. P was getting dressed in her room so I got up and did the same. And she had time to relax and watch a little cartoon before school.

Leaving in a few minutes to meet my MK director. Taking K2 with me, and we’ll leave from there to get P from school. I’m all dressed up! Wearing jeans, a cute shirt, have my hair braided in a side ponytail (new endeavor), and I have jewelry and a little bit of makeup on! Crazy! I’ll just have to change out of it later if I decide to do some cleaning and later still when I work out. But it feels good to look presentable at 9:30 on a Tuesday morning.

Oh, down from 230 a few days ago to 228 today. That isn’t much, but considering I’d like to stop gaining weight now (which means I have to lose a little while the baby gains to maintain my current weight), I’m happy with that. I ate plenty, healthily, I haven’t binged in two nights, and I worked out last night and have gone to bed earlier for two nights in a row. I’m going to need to go to the library soon since I’m on my last book and that helps me want to go upstairs earlier rather than watch TV until late.

I’m off!


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